This is my first fanfic so please don't hate it

Disclaimer: I do not own maximum ride or twilight but I wish I did.


The flock has destroyed Itex completely. Fang and max are going out (finally) and the flock is headed towards forks. The story takes place after breaking dawn. Max, Fang and Iggy are 17,Ella is 16, Nudge is 14, Gazzy is 11, Angel is 9.


The flock and I were headed to forks. Mom () got a job here as a vet and were living with her. When we got to the house and every one claimed rooms the fist thing I did was go to my room read night world book 2 while cuddling with fang(I know so not like me) when my mom knocked on the door. She had a huge grin on her face and it looked like it was gonna rip her cheeks off.

"after you guys unpack, I'm taking you shopping because your going to school. It's called forks high look it up if you would like. Nudge is skipping a year so she will be a freshman. Gazzy is going to forks middle. Angel is going to forks elementary. No uniforms but we have to get you guys some new clothes."

I really didn't have great people skills so I didn't want to go. When ever we go to school we are always the center of attention. And now that were rich it's gonna be worse. I will never be able to tell the difference between real friends and fake I didn't want to argue so I said"Okay. We don't have much to unpack so lets go now." When she left I groned. I really hate malls. Fang must of read me or something because he said

"It'll be okay. Just let the kids and Ella get your stuff and we could go hang out and walk around. I have a surprise for you" he said and with that I got up told the kids and we were on our way to the nearest mall.