Series 3: Code Geass R3

Episode 1: The Mystery Man

"Right Lelouch?"C.C leaned over the wheat wagon to see the driver that had a grain hat and cloth to cover his face, C.C had clothes that made her look like she came from a farm."Yes, C.C, Brittania was foolish to believe in my death, but in all this, I believe Suzaku will may a great hero, Zero""It was fun while it lasted, am I right Lelouch?""Yes". Lelouch had hidden himself as then wagon driver, if you looked closely, you could see his black hair, and purple eyes."You know, I love a mysterious man who plays many roles and has dark intentions? "Lelouch couldn't help but give a short soft laugh, "The only reason I'm alive is because of my Geass and my father, and mostly you C.C""Hmm, how's that?" C.C asked as she brushed her green hair with her hand, her yellow eyes stared into the sky, C.C's back was getting itchy because of the wheat on top of the wagon."Because, this Geass has saved me from certain deaths, and because I killed my father, I obtained the second Geass and 'Code', I am now immortal, and the only reason I had gotten Geass was because of you, C.C"C.C blushed a little, "And because of you, I've learned to…" C.C didn't have the guts to say what she had wanted to say."I've learned to…love"Lelouch smiled, "Oh C.C""Since I am now immortal, I guess I will be seeing all who I have loved, die, except for one, you C.C…And the only person I can love is you C.C, because we are both immortal, we can be together forever"The Wagon had stopped at an Orange Farm, C.C hopped off; her skirt fluttered in the air, Lelouch took off his hat and took off his big cloth covering his body. He wore black pants with a black shirt."Where exactly are we?" C.C asked in a strong wonder.

"Jeremiah and Anya's Farm""Oh""Lelouch, since you've never granted my wish…And we are together now, will you, kiss me one more time?""Of course"Lelouch and C.C. leaned over and their lips met, they stayed like that for a few minutes, then C.C. slowly leaned back. Then Lelouch, then C.C looked straight and saw a figure, shortly it waved."Hey Lelouch, and C.C! It is glad to see the knight, Zero, again"Jeremiah still had greenish bluish hair and had the orange mask plate over his left eye, also he wore a white t-shirt and black pants all the time so he wouldn't get dirty in his farm. Anya soon appeared, she had her pink hair in pony-tails as usual, and she was still short and had a casual set of a top and a skirt. Even though Jeremiah and Anya both lived on the farm together, they weren't in love with each other."Hey, um, Jeremiah, can C.C. and I have a place to stay, we'll be glad to help in the farm""Sure, no problem, Zero"

But once Jeremiah had left to take a little break, he came back to tell them to see the news channel in his room.

"News Report: Lelouch, A True Mystery" A male voice head been heard saying."It seems that Lelouch's coffin holds nothing, local authorities found this out because a friend of his wanted to put in a memorial gift but found no body. People believe that he was robbed, stolen, and some even say, alive. That is all from Britannia's News's Channel"Lelouch looked down and skipped a beat, if all knew that he was alive. Then Brittania's peace wouldn't last very long, but how long would that be?

"Lelouch, we will have to find you a place where you can rest, where no one will find you"

"I know but maybe they aren't searching for me'

Soon a quaking rumble rippled over the Orange Farm, it was one of the Britannian Fleets, looking for Lelouch.


"You will have to stay in the house for the time being, Zero"

"I know Jeremiah"

"I'll go wake up Anya and C.C can you come with me so we can get some oranges?"

"Sure, Jeremiah"

Lelouch stood there, impatient. Doing nothing all day, he thought and thought and thought, but nothing in his genius mind would pop that would help him in the situation he was in right now. He walked to Jeremiah's room, he turned on the T.V.

"N-No…It can't happen"

Lelouch banged the drawer, the T.V. showed the new Emperor Xai I Britannia, had shot Zero (Suzaku) in the head. But why?

"Britannia, this is the new era, of XAI! In this era, the world must survive on its self, and if you don't listen to me and you help each other and stay peaceful, I will send nuclear bombs all over Brittania" Xai cackled over the whole Brittania.

Lelouch knew that Xai was only doing this because he wanted to toy with them, and Lelouch wondered, why haven't I ever heard of my relative, Xai? Lelouch wondered if his father had left some details out, maybe Lelouch had a step-mom?

Lelouch was pissed like crazy, Lelouch had an idea, he would form a new group with a new identity. He ordered a suit but then erased the shirt designer's memory from knowing him. Lelouch wore it, it was all white, covering his body to neck, but with black line designs and marks. And his mask was a mask similar to Zero but white and black lines and designs and a black circle than purple. Also it came with a long black sword with white line path that went in all directions on the sword to the tip. Lelouch started off his group with C.C., his first member. His group was known as the 'The Ark Knights', Lelouch had gotten people, including Anya and Jeremiah, Jeremiah had his regular knight gown and Anya had her casual every-day clothes. But Lelouch was now called 'Necro'. It was as if Lelouch had started his whole life again, Britannia had become a war arena. It was all burnt and shriveled and people killed each other for food and money, but the government even killed each other. Brittania became so uncivilized now and it's all because of Xai. Is this what will happen to the world?

Lelouch would have to do different actions to stay unknown to people. Lelouch trickled a tear, as he remembered Suzaku, his best friend. He died a hero, as the knight and Zero. But if Lelouch wanted to keep this clan, he would have to secretly take out Brittania so he could get close enough to kill Xai. Necro and the others were going in an air balloon to visit Brittania, as they hovered over the ashy city. The Balloon's silver body shined and glimmered from the fire's light, not everything was destroyed. But something struck Lelouch. If Lelouch, his Mother, and his Father, had Geass, was there a chance that Xai had Geass? If so, what was its ability, was it the 'past' Geass? 'speed', 'live', 'manipulation' Geass? Lelouch believed that it may have been the Manipulation, maybe Xai wasn't his brother. But a Geass holder that wanted to become the Emperor of Britannia and then toy with them and send knights and warriors to kill them?

Xai was a stealthy person, but Lelouch had brains, brains is better than anything because if you know a weakness of a stronger opponent, there's a high chance that you will win. But first Lelouch will have to make himself noticed, he would go to Sector 1, defeat those Knights and then each day, destroy a couple of sectors, Lelouch would destroy all 16 sectors. Then he would form civilization and peace once again, kill Xai and to finish that all, live with Nunally. But there was a high chance that this plan would backfire. Lelouch came out of his air seat and to see Jeremiah and C.C, he told them the plan, Anya could hear his plans because of the speakers, Anya was piloting the big steel ball. Jeremiah put his sword on his lap, Anya would go in the Knightmare in the garage of the Air Balloon and destroy knights in Knightmares, Lelouch, Jeremiah, and C.C. would kill the other weapon knights.

We landed in sector 1, there were knights, they were searching for survivors, exploding buildings to find them, killing people out on streets. Before they got off, Lelouch handed the others, white full body garments with black designs just like Lelouch's. But they said 'Ark Knights' on the bottom back part.

"Anya go and prepare the Knightmare and get them, we'll go ahead and get to the knights" Jeremiah commanded.

"Not just knights but guards" C.C. corrected.

Lelouch and the other two ran out and sped off, they hid in corners of alleys, people

would put their hands on Lelouch's suit and ask for help.

"Necro, we must hurry and find those guards" Jeremiah pleaded impatiently.

"Necro?" the people on the streets wondered.

"Necro, please, save us, save Brittania" a old man said weakly.

Lelouch nodded his head, with the big metal helmet, that was being used as a mask.

"Let's head out!" Lelouch said in a echoing voice, because of the helmet.

They ran to a crossing, the crossed, to see that a few guards spotted them. One appeared behind Lelouch, Lelouch easily stabbed the guards heart before he could shoot either one of them. Lelouch picked up the gun and felt it with his white gloves, he tossed it to C.C.

"It still has a ammo, the whole thing is full"

C.C. nodded, Jeremiah blocked the bullets with his sword. Lelouch opened the helmet's left eye area, to show Lelouch's Geass eye.

"I command you to find the other guards and kill them, and after that, kill yourself" Lelouch commanded with a demanding echoing voice.

"Yes Sir!" the guards saluted.

Only to hear a few minutes after, there were gun shots and then the gun shots that meant that the guards committed suicide already. It was up to Anya to finish up the Knightmares.

Anya move the right control panel up, making the Knightmare punch off the Britannian Knightmares head off, its blue body fell as the head went flying. The knight ejected but soon to see he ejected from the blue head into another Britannia Knightmare, leaving two destroyed Knightmares. Anya moved the left control panel to the left and not turning, just a straight left, making the black Knightmare stick its blazing red sword in the head of another Britannian Knightmare. Two more Knightmare came from the back, Anya's Knightmare's extra body defense plates were blood red, and glimmered. Anya spun the middle control, and spun the left control too, making her Knightmare spin slash the two Britannian Knightmares in half, then exploding from crashing in the ground. And the lower bodies fell back, smashing the top part of the Britannian Knightmare.

Anya had just finished when she noticed a knight, Anya started to sweat a bit, the Knightmare became stickier and more humid. Anya gave a breath and got prepared to attack. Anya locked the knight and prepared to press the rocket buttons, the red ones, and if she needed to, she would press the green button on the square control panel, to fly and get him, if he could fly.

"Anya Alstreim, the Knight of Six, dare battle her own side?" the Knight's voice echoed, coming from the speaker.

Since most knights were killed in the past wars, they selected new knights. This knight was a new one, as Anya could see.

"Shut up, you say your side but only the government is happy, you just go and kill and don't give a damn for others, so shut up because you have no idea what happiness is, all you may know is cheap victory, but no happiness" Anya said calmly.

"How dare you defy, Luxior, one of the 'Knight of Sectors'"

"I don't care"

Anya then pressed the ignition button for rockets but Luxior teleported his Knight behind Anya.

"How the h-" but Luxior cut off by slashing Anya's Knightmare's right arm. Anya pushed the green button and her Knightmare grew see-through black wings. Anya soared through the sky and shot rockets randomly on the street where no citizens were at. All rockets were missing until one got Luxior's legs, they broke, Luxior was unable to move.

"No! I can't die!" Luxior pleaded harshly.

"Well, I don't give a damn" Anya said. She pressed the red button, blasting Luxior's Knightmare, it was marble white, completely, but now it was ash black, with a skeleton in it.

"Sector 1 Destroyed" Anya told Lelouch on his ear phone.