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( Draco's point of view)

Green eyes. Black hair. Gryffindor. Sexy….and wild….

Argh, dammit! What was going on with me? I lay in my bed, in the Slytherin dormitories. It's cold, but I don't really think much about it. Not with someone really hot on my mind right now…

Stop it! I can not believe that I felt anger at him just hours ago…how can he do this to me? No, wait, I'm just hallucinating, yeah, that's right, I mean, a hormonal teenager would always think about someone who embodies their deepest desires, right? Right!??

This is not working. Since when did I start liking, or at most lusting-no wait, that's not the most…something that involves cream and bondage…argh!-after the Golden Boy of Hogwarts? I wonder how he got that alias…maybe it's got something to do with that tanned, golden honey tone of his…

I sat up. I needed a drink. I padded over to my side table, not bothering to keep silent. My roommates were never light sleepers. Some of them even snore, can you believe it? Talk about disgusting. Of course, I never do. Being a Malfoy requires finesse, grace and that certain air of arrogance one wishes to have but don't since they are ordinary people…listen to me rambling. That painful lecture about proper decorum must have gotten to me. Not that I believe anything I really say. I just mimic my dad, in his cold and icy manner. They all must hate me. After all, everyone just loathes Lucius.

3:00 a.m., and I'm still awake. God knows what I'm thinking, lying here with flashes of memories about Har-Potter. Gotta go to sleep. This is just an obsession, a one time thing. It will go away next week, or even three days after, give or take. Yeah, right, and I'm the pope.

* * * * *

(Ron's POV)

"Come on Harry, wake up, pleeeaase??" I cried at my best friend who was still in his bed, sleeping. How can he sleep, this day being the day when all houses spend the whole day as one-eating together, attending classes, that sort of thing?

I sat at the foot of his bed, bouncing up and down. If there's one thing Harry hates, it someone bouncing on his bed. Trust me, you don't want to see him when he catches you bouncing on his bed.

Harry moaned something, burying his face into the soft pillow. Was it my imagination, or did he really sound…sexy? Must be the coffee I drank, thoughts of fluffy bunny rabbits and pink lollipops running in my head .

I bounced again.

"All right, Ron! I'm up! And stop that!" Harry stumbled gracefully from his bed, walking bare-footed towards the bathroom. I waited, sitting on the floor near his bed. Minutes later, he walked out, having brushed his teeth and showered. He didn't brush his hair, making it more unruly than it was and giving him a tousled look. Hmmm, where did I get that?

He started changing in front of me. I suddenly blushed, and turned away. What was wrong with me? He does that, and I do it, too. The thought of Harry seeing me naked brought another rush of hot blood to my cheeks. Oh my God.

"Come on, I'm done. Let's go!" Harry looked at me brightly, a captivating smile playing on his pink lips, which stood starkly against his pale, creamy skin. He turned and ran down the stairs. I walked over to the wall, and proceeded to bang my head. Later, I stopped. The poor wall. Shaking my head, I followed him. Oh dear, something is going on.

* * * * *

Harry sat in the common room, waiting for his friends. There was chaos running about, with people trying to put on socks ( dirty, you must say, rather a hard task you have on your hands) , arranging robes, squabbling over shoes and people chatting. He loved every second of it, much more if his fellow sixth years joined him.

Seamus bounded in sight, and sat right next to Harry. It wasn't really a secret, Seamus being fond of boys. How can it, when every part of him screamed ' jump on me!' whenever he sees a candy boy? That pushing aside, Seamus was fun to be with, provided he didn't get too 'playful' with you.

"Hi Seamus. Do you know where Ron is?" Harry began, noticing Seamus' stare.
"Up in the room, banging his head on the wall, why do you ask?" Seamus smiled, turning on his charm to full power as he moved closer to Harry.

"Why?" Harry frowned, shifting farther from Seamus on instinct. He moved closer, seizing Harry's momental shock to rub his shoulders against his. Something was different about Harry, and he was going to find out. It was going to be so much fun! He added silently to his head.

Harry's eyes widened, and he suddenly stood up. "Seamus, you're not trying to get with me, are you?"

"Me? Oh no, nothing like that." Even here he could see Harry's long eyelashes bearing down on his delicate lids.

"Good, I just thought-"

"I'm hitting on you, that's what" he jumped up, moving closer to him.

"Seamus, wait, I-is that Ron? I'll go see him…" he turned and in a second was gone.

"Hard to get, aren't you? We'll see about that…" Seamus laughed, and turned deftly to attend his next class, which was going to be with Harry. And with the whole school, three fourths having a crush on the Boy Who Lived. As he said, it was going to be so much fun!

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