Happy Endings

Song Number Eleven: Black and Gold by Sam Sparro

Quote: I wanna be next to you/Black and gold…

Summary: In the end, she was drawn to him. Strangely enough, he was the one she wanted to be with.

Dear Zuko,

Dad and Chief Arnook have come to a decision. Mostly because Dad managed to convince Arnook that this was for the best. I don't know if you know about the decision yet. I know our messengers are much slower than your messenger hawks. I hope that this letter will reach you before Dad's messenger does; I'm sending it with Hawky Jr. in hopes that it will (yeah, Sokka named his and Suki's bird Hawky Jr. You completely outdid me in the way of an engagement present, Mr. Fire Lord. I get them a hand-woven rug and you get them a messenger hawk. What does that say about me? Then again…Hawky Jr.? What does that say about the future of their kids?).

Anyway, I'm writing this to let you know that I won't be marrying Askook or Hadyn or Chen or Bo-Qin. And before you get your underwear in a twist, my father threw out all those contracts but one…

I bet you can't guess which.

I'm looking at it right now, and it claims that this poor guy not only owes my father two fishing boats and an airship, but my absolute happiness as well. Which pretty much means this guy has to go along with my every whim.

What kind of poor sucker would willingly subject himself to that kind of future?

I mean, everyone knows how stubborn and willful I am, so I can't imagine what kind of husband I'll be stuck with. I hope he's not a wuss.

Oh, wait! There's a signature here at the bottom of the page!

You know whose it is, Zuko?


You can't see it right now, but I'm wearing a grin that's bigger and more stupid than any grin you've ever seen Sokka's face. And that's pretty much gigantic and idiotic. I'm pretty sure it's because I love you.

I don't believe in happy endings, Zuko - I've seen too much of the world for that. But I do believe in being happy with one person for life. Or, as you once said, eternity.

We get to be together, Zuko. Dad and Arnook want us to wait a year or so, and maybe that's still faster than it would've been under conventional circumstances, but that's fine with me. There's not much conventional about us if you think about it, is there?

Dad says that once you and your advisors get the papers and everything gets signed, then I can come back to visit you. Suki says that once all of the papers are out of the way, though, she and Sokka will be getting married so you'll just be coming here anyway. I'm so glad you agreed to be Sokka's best man, Zuko. Aang is marrying them and Sokka's absolutely ecstatic to have you both there.

Suki's recruited me and Toph as well. The only Kyoshi Warrior who's happy she's getting married is Ty Lee. The others are pretty miffed from what I hear.

Our house is chaos right now, and I absolutely love it. Sokka gathered a meeting of his old 'warriors,' and all the little boys are running around outside, throwing boomerangs and trying to whack each other over the head with clubs. He trained them well.

I can hear Gran-gran yelling at Toph down the hall. From what I can hear, Toph keeps on fidgeting and messing up the alterations Gran-gran is doing on her dress for Sokka and Suki's wedding.

If you were sitting here with me right now, you'd be able to hear Suki laughing because one of Sokka's 'warriors' actually managed to clonk him in the head with a club.

Aang just ran by the window with a group of screaming girls from the village chasing after him. It seems the little girls on Kyoshi Island aren't the only ones not immune to his personality.

I love this chaos and noise, Zuko. Especially when Dad and Pakku are the only ones trying to maintain an air of dignity in a world of craziness. It's the funniest thing! I have to admit, I'm going to miss it.

Write back as soon as you get the papers, okay?

I love you.




Dear Katara,

The papers are signed and should be with your father as you're reading this. When can you get here? Should I send an airship or just come for you myself?

That wasn't a very nice trick you tried to play on me, you know. Making me think you were marrying some random guy. I didn't appreciate it. And no, my underwear was not in a twist.

Your absolute happiness, huh? I don't know, Katara. Absolute happiness is more rare than a happy ending, and there's always something around this palace to worry about. Will your dad settle for me being head over heels for you instead? I can't guarantee your 'absolute' happiness, Katara, but I can tell you that I love you.

Isn't that what happiness is? Being in love? Because that's what it feels like to me.

Tell your brother that if he dresses me like a fool in his wedding, he'll come to regret it later. He may be Chief-to-Be, but I'm the Fire Lord right now and I won't have him thinking he can pull the cow-sheep wool over my eyes.

Of course Toph was fidgeting when your grandmother was trying to fix her dress, Katara. It's Toph. I know you really wish she'd be more feminine, but I think that Toph will forever be Toph. And why is Aang allowing little girls to chase him? Doesn't he have a peace summit to be organizing?

It's only natural that Suki's warriors be angry about the wedding. They're losing their leader, once you think about it. You can't have a pregnant girl fighting, Katara. It's highly dangerous. So, of course, the Kyoshi Warriors are ticked. They grew up with Suki, they fought alongside her in the war. It's like they're all one person and they just lost a part of their body. You would feel the same way.

Don't try to deny it, Katara. I know you. You would feel the same way if you were one of her warriors.

Don't worry about losing the chaos, Katara. There's plenty of it here, especially with you gone. And I'm sure that once everyone visits us you won't miss it as much.

I love you, I'll see you soon.



P.S. I'm not so good with the whole 'love letter' thing, Katara. I'm not so good with letters in general. I'd be much better at this if I was sitting with you right now.

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