It's been several months since Ever and Ever came to its close.

My news is this: a sequel of sorts is in the works.

I say "of sorts" because the next major work I have planned does not feature Calahdra or Legolas as main characters. Rather, as some of you know, I have set out to right an Eomer and Lothiriel story. In my version of their meeting and marriage, Cal and Lego with play major roles.

I must warn you that many of you will not at first like what I have done. Two years will have passed in which they have not seen each other and have had only minimal contact via letters. Their bond, though still strong enough, weakens every day. Their old demons (including those of Legolas), will come to play behind the curtains of Eomer and Lothiriel's romance.

I did promise that a massive revision would occur before a sequel, but my plans changed when inspiration finally hit. I hope to begin the revision process in tandem with the postings of the sequel. As of right now, a good ΒΌ of Ever and Ever is 'revamped'.

I should have a posting up before the end of next week. Until then, adieu.