Jareth smiled ferally at the letter that had just been delivered from the northern alliances. The messenger was perfectly fine, unmolested as required by the rules of diplomacy and the Compact of Kings.

"Jareth?" Sarah asked, tipping her head to the side, curious.

They were in the throne room, and it was almost one week since Sarah had become Queen. Her throne was exactly like his, only slightly smaller, scaled to fit her. She sat on his right, where she belonged. On the step between them, Couric lounged, the request that he be present for the formal audience a surprise, but not unheard of. He had been at Jareth's feet before in the courts. Granted, that was before Sarah, but he was still Royal Consort.

"Sarah, my Queen," Jareth purred, lifting the hand closest to his lips and pressing a kiss on her gloved hand. "We go to war."

"So be it," Sarah replied, gripping her king's gloved hand.

The light of battle shone in Jareth's eyes. Sarah was no less enthused.

"We shall restore this realm to what it should be," Jareth hissed to her.

"To reunion," Sarah replied, lifting the Queen's Cup.

Jareth lifted the King's Cup. They drank the bloody wine, then faced the delegate from the northern alliance.

"Tell your masters we accept their challenge," Sarah's voice rang clear into the hall. Her voice carried the weight of her power, causing the stones to ring and the earth to shudder.

"And does your Queen speak for you?" the woman sneered at Jareth, seeing the fools of the Labyrinthine Realm following a woman's lead.

"As the spirit of my realm, she speaks. As the strength," Jareth's eyes glowed with power, "I do." Sarah's voice rang from the stones, Jareth's seemed to come from the stones themselves.

Without needing to look at one another, speak, or otherwise coordinate their movements, Jareth and Sarah summoned their respective crystals from the air and simultaneously threw them at the woman.

She disappeared, only to find herself outside of the Labyrinthine Realm, standing on the border of her country.

A momentary frisson of terror swept through her. King and Queen with crystal magic? Unheard of!

Just before she crossed the border between their realms, she could swear the wind laughed with two distinct voices--one male, one female.

In the castle at the heart of the labyrinth, Jareth's voice rang out. His cry was heard in every corner of the land.



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