Author's notes: A few notes before we begin.

1. I do not own Mahou Sensei Negima or any of the characters associated with said series. The onyl thing I could make any kind of ownership claim to is the OC in this story and the story idea itself. This is the only time I'm going to say this in this fan fiction.

2. This story came to me from two desires. I wanted to write a big hookin battle fic and I wanted to write a story about my very favourite Negima character of all time. Evangeline Athanasia Kathrine McDowell. So I put the two together and got this.

3. The first two chapters will set everything up. After that I'll get to the main part of this story. The big hookin battle. So please be a little patient on that part.

With that said the story proper can begin. Please enjoy.


"You monster!" The girl screamed at the shadowed figure standing in front of her with its back turned. "I'll never forgive you for this and I swear that I'll find a way to make you pay! Do you hear me?! I'll have you killed if it's the last thing I do!"

The object of the girl's contempt turned around and stared at her with uncaring eyes.

"If that's how you wish to spend the remainder of your life then do so. It's none of my concern." The creature known as Dark Evangel said and took of into the sky, not paying any attention to the angry and sorrow filled screams behind her.

Evangeline woke up with a jolt. She blinked as she realised she was still in the classroom were the son of the one man she had once held dear was looking for volunteers to recite a Shakespeare sonnet. Nobody seemed to have noticed her dozing off, or that it was for the eighth time this week it had happened. That suited her just fine as she reached into her desk and picked out a small calendar. She flipped through the pages which were left untouched by her or anyone else until she came to the current month. On the day after this one she had drawn a red circle.

"Hm, and it's on the night of a fullmoon as well. Lucky me." She thought and stood up.

"Ah, master... I mean, Evangeline-san. Do you want to translate the sonnet for us?" Negi asked with a startled voice. Evangeline usually didn't do much during class.

"No." She answered simply and walked through the classroom. "I'm feeling ill so I'm going home." The statement got more reactions than she wanted.

Negi ranted on with a panicked voice. "You're not feeling well? Is there anything I can do? Do you want somebody to go with you to the nurse's office?"

"Do you need me to accompany you master?" Chachamaru asked monotonously.

"I can help you Eva-chan. I'm getting good at fixing remedies for all kinds of diseases." Konoka kindly offered.

"We have a newly developed treatment to battle common cold if you're interested!" Satomi shouted with excitement.

"…" Zazie commented.

Evangeline didn't respond to any of them until she reached and opened the classroom door. "Just leave me alone." It lacked the usual punch she'd put into everything she said. But she didn't bother with it and slammed the door shut on her way out.

The corridors of Mahora Academy were completely empty at the moment as the sound of teachers teaching and the students not listening was heard all around the shinso vampire. She clearly wasn't walking back to her forest cottage. Instead she headed further into the academy until she reached the art classroom.

Without any forewarning she opened the door and got the attention of Takahata Takamichi and the ogling girls he was teaching. Evangeline didn't care about the latter. "I need to speak to you and the old man about something important. Now come with me." She demanded and left.

Normally Takahata wouldn't just up and leave in the middle of a class, but Evangeline seemed to be behaving kind of odd. And something that could do that to Evangeline certainly merited a little extra attention.

He addressed the class. "I'll be gone for a short while girls. In my absence I want you to form groups of three or four and discuss the foundations of the impressionistic era in art." He was met with loud protests. "Please." He said with a dazzling smile and everything was fine as he left to follow Evangeline.

"Are all your classes that vapid in their heads?" She questioned once he caught up to her.

"That's a rather unfair assessment considering that you haven't met them you know." He countered.

"Maybe." She muttered. For the rest of the walk to the dean's office they were silent.

Once they reached their destination Evangeline once again ignored knocking before she barged in. "We need to talk." She said before the dean of the academy could open his mouth and sat down in a chair in front of his desk. Takahata met the deans confused eyes with a shrug before closing the door and stood beside it.

"You know, I'd appreciate it if you at least knocked before coming in here like this." Konoemon said with a friendly voice.

"You've hired me as the security guard of this school and for once there's a threat that would actually require my attention. So forgive me if I skip on certain customs of etiquette." The short blonde said seriously.

Konoemon raised an eyebrow. He noticed that there was something different about Evangeline. She was less… gleeful than usual. He disregarded it for the moment to listen to what she had to say. "Very well. What threat is it you're talking about and how is it any different than the other ones you've failed to counter or inform me of ever since Negi-san's arrival at this school?"

Evangeline sighed. "The threats you're referring to where all handled by… capable people and didn't need me interfering with them. The thing that's coming on the other hand is quite different. I'm the only one here that can fight it. Besides that all you need to know is that after tomorrow night there will be a great need of reconstruction across the academy area."

Konoemon and Takahata waited for further explanation. But Evangeline remained silent.

"Do you have any other information regarding this threat?" Takahata asked politely.

"Yes." Evangeline answered unabashed. "However, before I divulge it, I want both of you to do a few favours for me." She had a rather business like tone when she said that.

This demand made Konoemon hesitate a little. "Eh, would you mind at least telling us why you seem so invested in the situation? The way you're acting makes me suspect that it goes beyond your guard duty."

Evangeline thought for a few moments and then shrugged. "Why not? It will probably make it easier for you adhere to my demands if you understood what was going on here."

Her expression darkened. "I warn you though. It is not a very pleasant story."

Hours later Evangeline walked back home and noticed how bored she was. She blamed it on the wait. Most people got exited and restless when they were forced to wait for things. Evangeline got bored. She really wished that there was somebody she could restyle right now. Preferably with those red fishnet-pantyhose, lovely purple gown and black mourning veil she just got in the mail.

"Master." Chachamaru's voice suddenly rang out in her head. Evangeline looked up and saw that she had arrived at her cottage without noticing it. Her robot-servant was standing at the front with a small pile of papers in her hands. "Negi-sensei sent me to hand over these homework assignments and notes about lessons over the coming week in the case that you are so ill that you may not come to class tomorrow and…" She stopped when she noticed her master's eyes gleaming with joy.

"Yeah, yeah, nobody cares about that. What would you say if we got you into some more interesting clothes and showed them off all over campus?" It was hard to tell if it was a question or an order.

"I assume that this has something to do with the package you received two days ago." Chachamaru answered.

"Maybe." Evangeline said her patented mix of terrifying evil and childish excitement. "Now, let's not waste time talking out here when we could be inside making you look oh so charming."

It wasn't that Chachamaru minded being used as a dress up doll, it put a rare smile on her master's face. But right now she had more serious reasons for coming here. "I would rather talk about the problem that is bothering you master."

Evangeline's eyes widened slightly but she kept her cool. "Problem. What problem?"

"You claimed that you were sick and that you were going back here. But you were not here when I arrived, as far as I can see you are feeling well and you've been having troubled moments of sleep in class this week. With these facts in mind I would say that you were lying earlier, master." She spoke with her usual voice so there was nothing accusatory about what she said, she was just listing observations. "It is rare to see you lie about anything as you are usually very upfront about what you think and feel. So I assume that there is a reason for you to lie and that it would entail a problem of some sort."

Evangeline glared dully at her servant. It discomforted Chachamaru, but it did not deter her. "Would you mind telling me what it is that is bothering you, master?" Silence reigned between the two unusual girls for a few moments before Evangeline stomped past the robot and up the steps of her house.

"I won't be coming in to school at all tomorrow, inform the brat of this."

"Yes master. What about dressing me up?" The robot asked.

"Forget it; I'm not in the mood anymore." Evangeline answered with a grumpy voice.

Chachamaru was about to leave when she heard Evangeline opening the front door but stopped when her master addressed her directly again. "Whatever kind of problem you think I have, it is nothing you need to concern yourself with."

A moment of hesitation.

"Yes master." Evangeline slammed the door shut behind her and Chachamaru walked off into the woods, unaware that Evangeline was observing her through a window. When her servant was out of sight the vampire went up to her bedroom where the currently inanimate Chachazero had been positioned so that she could look out from the window.

"You know that she's probably calling the boy and his team by now." She said with mirth as her limp head hung to the side.

"Yeah, they're probably having some stupid conversation about whether they should use the word 'over' at the end of each message or something like that." The blonde vampire answered with a light smirk and followed it up with a mumble. "Idiots."

"That's what happens when you grow into a big softie for them." Chachazero teased. She was ignored as Evangeline picked out a book and sat down on her bed. "Oh well," The puppet sighed. "At least you'll get to show your old colours again soon enough."

At this Evangeline peeked up from her book. "So you're aware of it too." Chachazero would've nodded if she could. "You know I won't take you with me."

"That doesn't matter. I'll get a front row seat some other way." The puppet almost laughed. "I think it's good for you to be properly reminded of what you've done. It helps to keep you from becoming too much of wuss you know."

"Yeah, I suppose that you're right." Evangeline said as she refocused on her book. "After all, I am evil."

Although she didn't say anything Chachazero noted that there was less certainty in the statement than usual. To some extent that worried her, but to a much larger extent she figured that it would make tomorrow night all the more interesting.

The next day all seemed quiet at Mahora academy. Students went to classes and teachers tried to teach the students that were looking out at the sunny day that came equipped with the customary singing birds and beautiful flowers.

Over at Evangeline's house all was quiet and except for a few rare movements in the windows you wouldn't know if the owner was inside or not. The mood was actually rather tranquil. However, when the faint noise, due to the distance, of the school bell was heard it only took a few minutes before the lady of the house exited and left the premises for unknown destinations.

Once it was safe, meaning once Evangeline was far enough away, four shapes jumped out of the trees, and crashed into each other as they fell into a heap on the ground.

"Ow. I told you it wasn't a good idea to wait in the trees." Kasumi Asakura, the top reporter of class 4A groaned.

"If we waited on the ground she would've noticed us." Haruna Saotome, Mahora's resident rumourmonger, countered with a pained voice as she straightened herself out.

"It would probably still have been a good idea to bring someone more physically capable as well. " Yue Ayase, booknerd #1 in class 4A, said as she rubbed her head soothingly.

"But we said that would be too many for an information-seeking mission." Nodoka Miyazaki, booknerd #2, reminded Yue as she dusted off herself and picked up a diary she'd dropped on the ground.

"That's right!" Haruna said exuberantly as she grabbed her two friends in headlocks. "This is not a job for fighters. The only ones that can accomplish operation 'find-out-what's-making-Evangeline-act-so-weird-without-her discovering-it' is us. The Library Exploration Club and Mahora Academy's greatest paparazzi reporter!" She shouted while pulling them all into a pose, Kasumi blushed in fake modesty at the praise.

Yesterday, after Chachamaru had returned from her visit at her master's house, the self-dubbed Ala Alba group, after deciding that Evangeline was even more unapproachable than usual, had tried to figure out what made the diminutive vampire act so odd. The two most popular theories were that she either had a secret love interest or that it had something to do with her past.

Once they had discovered that any form of common and respectful research would be pointless it had been decided that more intimate information gathering was required. So after some debate the abovementioned team was created and Haruna left living drawings of them all to go to class in their stead.

The quartet practically ran into the house, eager to not let their class' scariest student catch them in the act of rummaging through her home.

"Ok, here's the plan." Yue picked out a notepad, with a list written on the front page, out of her pocket. "Asakura and Haruna will search through the top floor while I and Nodoka go through the ground floor. How long do we have Nodoka?"

The purple haired girl quickly checked her pactio. "It looks like Evangeline-san intends to buy new clothes and take a tour of the campus." Nodoka said with a slightly surprised voice. It wasn't how she imagined Evangeline would spend a day.

"Aha!" Asakura shouted. "See, that right there is evidence that she has a love interest. She's buying new clothes to look good for her special person and she's touring the academy to find the most romantic places for them to spend some quality time." Nodoka and Yue stared at her sceptically while Haruna seemed to consider the idea very plausible.

"Just go upstairs and look for more concrete evidence." Yue sighed. "It should take Evangeline a few hours at most to do her errands so we'll meet up in about thirty minutes at her resort and we'll go through it as well. Make sure that everything is in the same place as when we arrived and let's do this as nicely as possible people. Now let's go!" The four girls saluted each other and spread out through the house with determination.

9 hours later, the classroom of class 4A

"Have you heard anything from the investigation team yet Chachamaru-san?" Negi asked nervously as he paced back and forth in front of his desk. Class had been over since two hours ago and the exploration team was very, very late.

"Not yet Negi-sensei, sorry." Chachamaru reported, earning heavy sighs from her teacher and the girls around her.

"What the hell is going on?" Asuna asked no one in particular. "First there's that weird announcement, then Takahata-sensei whisks away Kaede, Mana and Ku Fei from the class and now this."

"I agree with Asuna." Setsuna said with a serious expression. "Too many unusual occurrences are happening at once for them to be circumstantial, and I have a hunch that it all relates to Evangeline-san."

"I told you we should just have asked Evangeline-chan what was bothering her." Konoka said with fake superiority that was poorly hidden behind her sweet smile.

"But she if she wouldn't tell Chachamaru I doubt that she'd tell the rest of us." Asuna argued.

Konoka was quick to counter. "If we had all gone at once we would've showed her that we as a group are concerned about her as our friend and that we would all stand by her in her hour of need." The rest of the group stared at Konoka with wide eyes.

"Ojou-sama, could you please say those things before we send out small groups on foolish missions." Setsuna pleaded.

"When you start calling me Konoka I will." The brunette teased her childhood friend.

At that moment Chachamaru spoke up. "I am getting a transmission from the communicator we gave to Nodoka." The other four hurried closer to clearly hear the message. When nothing was heard after one minute Negi was the first to speak.

"Nodoka-san, is that you? Please respond." A moment of silence and then Chachamaru was speaking but with Nodoka's voice.

"Sorry, Negi-sensei. She came back for her wallet. We failed." Was the sad reply that earned worried looks from all gathered.

"W-what do you mean Nodoka-san?" Negi asked, terrified of the answer.

"Boy." Chachamaru suddenly said with Evangeline's angry voice, sending chills through Negi's spine. "Who else is there with you?"

"N-n-n-nobody master." He lied. "I'm here all alone."

Another moment of silence, this one more edgy. "Who else is there besides you and the boy, Chachamaru?" Evangeline ordered.

"It is Kagurasaka Asuna, Konoe Konoka and Sakurazaki Setsuna, master." The robot answered without hesitation, earning looks of disbelief from her assembled comrades.

"Thank you. All of you are to get here within fifteen minutes or something horrible will happen to your little detectives."

It didn't take anymore persuasion than that to get both teacher and students to sprint off to save their friends.

On the edge of the bridge leading outside Mahora

For the first few flashes it was a tiny and harmless spark.

Then it started to grow.

Within minutes it became like an explosion of electricity that could engulf an entire building.

Finally, it was as if a bolt of lightning burst up from the ground and assaulted the heavens. Or was it the other way around? Nobody who saw it could be really sure.

What was certain however, was that once the phenomenon had occurred there was a person standing on the scorched ground.

The armor clearly had female proportions, and even then it was slick and slender to allow for as much movement freedom as possible. It was white as new snow with golden decorations in stylish lightning shaped patterns across her chest, arm- and leg-guards, shoulders and gauntlets. The helmet was equally white and had a simple shape with a large opening at the front and a golden edge on the top. Covering the majority of the mystery woman's face was a golden triangular mouth guard that only left the eyes visible to the outside public. The eyes themselves seemed to be made out swirling white and blue clouds of shining energy.

Lastly there was her cloak. At least, that's the best term that can be used for it. Transparent light with miniscule stars attached to it flowed in a haunting cloak like fashion behind her.

She was an intimidating yet majestic sight.

Once the stranger seemed to have gotten accustomed to her surroundings she set her sight on Mahora Academy and walked forward with slow, steady and determined steps.

To be continued...