Helene gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and I was too happy for her. Even as I went to her Manor and assissted her in the care of Antoine Hermando Pucey, I felt something amiss. Something about the Pucey Mansion...it was just off to me. No matter how many times I visited- no matter how welcome everyone tried to make me feel. There was just something wrong about it. But I shrugged it off and went on changing Antoine,who gurgled and kicked his small legs joyously. He was three months now, and gorwing responsive to the people around him. I held him to me and walked to the Sitting Room not far off from the second level Nursery. "There is my Antoine." Helene smiled beautifuly, but made no move to collect him. Motherhood had taken its toll on her; she paid less and less attention to the world outside of her and revolved her life around her son. That was admirable, as she was a full-fledged society girl before. Adrian and the boys were playing Billards in another room, far off. I was almost twenty-five in a month. Merlin, where did time go?

"Amadeus learned his first foul word and screamed at my mother's luncheon yesterday. Caused quite a stir." Daphne chuckled into her cold glass of white Charodnnay- that was her preferred drink.

Astoria rolled her eyes. "Does anyone even wonder where he learned it? Both of his parents swear like sailors. Who didn't see this coming?" Even I laughed, picturing how it happened. "Mother was so angry, she couldn't see straight! Blaise's mother and Pucey's mum were there, both outraged to tears. Mum asked him to fold him hands neatly in his lap, and he began shouting the obscenity. Not at her, but up towards the sky like a mental child." Astoria shook her head, as if his acting out deeply troubled her.

"Shite. That was all he said. Sure, he screamed and bellowed towards the ceiling. I would have done the same if I knew I wouldn't recieve a good thrashing from that bitter old lady." Daph referred to her mother as such. I laughed a little harder, seeing the true picture for what it was. "Although, I would have used more dramatics. I would have dove onto the tabletop and knocked down every glass and plate and called all three shriveled prunes pieces of shite." Astoria attemtped to cover her ears to block out the use of Daph's colorful tongue, but to no avail. The elder Greengrass twin spoke loud when she wanted to be heard. Astoria was still a strong believer in Merlinism, and in such a relgion, swear words were complete and utter taboo- the ultimate sin. "Oh, come off your high horse, Storia. Go to your precious Merlin and ask him to change Mum's ways. When he does that, I'll stop swearing." She smirked triumphantly, knowing Mrs. Greengrass was a haunch pureblood set in her ways.

"How has Blaine been fairing?" Til broke the awkward silence created by the twins sitting across from each other.

"He's fine, growing taller each week. Very soon he will be towering over me." I chuckled. Blaine was the eldest boy by a year, right before Amadeus and Drago. "Have you found a nice bloke yet?" Til was the only one to not marry and recreate right after Hogwarts. She still hadn't settled down.

Til shook her blonde hair lightly. "No. I did meet a nice chap, Dorve Yeddle, and i invited him with Blaine and I to the Insect Imporium; he didn't fair to well with Blaine's charisma, so he was definetly no longer an option." She smiled faintly.

I rolled my eyes. "Til, honestly, if you base all of your relationships off of whether they get along with a eccentric boy like your Godson, you will go through the whole country of England before you find a suitor!" I exclaimed loudly. She couldn't keep doing this... using things as an excuse for her lovelife- or the lackthereof. Tilynia Parkinson mumbled some more about blokes before turning the conversation away from her and onto other topics. She was like Draco, a wonderful averter of attention.

One Week Later-

"Draco." I panted and pulled on his hair roughly. His body felt like magic ontop of my own- the feeling when I was seventeen was the same feeling I felt at twenty-four. Pure lust, pure, raw emotion. It was intoxicating to love Draco Malfoy. "Oh, Merlin..." I groaned aloud as his tongue lapped along my neck, biting down on sensitive places he knew so well. I moaned loudly as his shaft entered my womanhood, and as he moved harshly against me, I emmitted a howl of pleasure, and just a squeal of pain. His strong hips ground into my much softer ones, and his arms encircled my body fully. His smooth platinum locks were a mess under my touch, butit was always an anchor for me when my pleasure nearly drove me barking mad.

"Hermione." He grunted with an animalistic growl. "Tell me what I want to hear." He demanded, a heavy tone caressing his mouth. My eyes fluttered closed as he slammed into me and retreated gently out. I whimpered and shot my eyes open. Why stop? His early words hadn't even registered to me. "Whom do you belong to?" He halted and dodged my cautious hand on his chest.

"You." I murmured, and he thrusted. Oh. My. Merlin. That was pleasure. I sighed.

"Whom does this belong to?" And he ran his hand across my chest, down my navel, towards my southern parts- where he lingered and dipped a finger in my folds. I arched my back into his touch and nearly exploded. "You, Draco," I replied shakily. He bent down and kissed me, but pulled his finger away and traveled his hand the length of my right leg. My left leg instinctively wrapped around his waist as Draco pulled my knee to his shoulder. "Are you open for me?" He whispered against the side of my mouth. I nodded slowly. This position took some re-getting used to after Blaine was born. His birth made things very uncomfortable down there. For the first few times we made love when Blaine almost a year old, it hurt like my first time.

Now, it was only sore on occasion. Too much physical activity made sex a slightly sore experience. He entered easily and thrusted in and out, until the headboard was sure to crack and break under all of the pressure. His lips held my mouth closed, the screams of ecstasy dying at my lips, his tongue battling my own for dominance in the kiss. A kiss was not just a kiss with Draco- it was a completely explosive action. When the high of my hormones died down, I relaxed into the cold satin sheets on our bed. Draco lay ontop of me, his breathing even and steady. After a few minutes, he rolled off of me and laid behind me. Draco pulled my back flush up against him, and I blushed. Yes, I know, why blush at an act of intimacy with a man who knew every naked inch of you? It was just my thing. It always felt new with my husband. I loved that. "I love you." I mumbled easily, snuggling in to his warm embrace.

"You will always be mine, Hermione. I love you with an indescribable passion." He spoke into my hair, which became wild and unruly in the midst of our lovemaking. I couldn't imagine loving another man.

There were plenty of things I needed to talk over with him, now that he was back from his two week bussiness trip to Iceland (which ironically is not covered with ice). There was Blaine's parseltongue issue, the bizarre dream I acquired the night before, which included Dumbledore and Lucius Malfoy, and the impending issue of Mal Vie's altercations with the Order. There was much to converse about. But for the moment, I settled in his cozy arms and allowed myself some sleep. I would need it.


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