Neah the Story Teller

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon. But the characters are all original.

"Once, long ago, when Mew still wondered on the world and pokemon had been learning of the power Mew gave them. The Eevee, proud and perfect, had no evolution. For Eevee needed none, so perfect they where. Any bigger and they wouldn't be able to hide in the tall grass. Any other color and they wouldn't be camouflaged.

"A young, brave Eevee named Eon had seen the wonders of evolution. His close friends, the Vulpix, had changed. His friend, Henthela the Vulpix, was now a cream-colored Ninetales. He longed for the wondrous power of evolution now. -Though none know why; maybe to show his friend how experienced he was, maybe to become more powerful.- So he called for Mew, to request this wonderful thing. Now as all know, the only way to find Mew is to call her by singing a song, for Mew love songs.

"Eon sung what his heart said, starting and ending with the summoning call.

'Oh Mew, hear my plead.

I sing, your help I need.


I feel need of change,

Something new, something strange.


Eon proud Eevee,

wishes for change, do you see?


Oh Mew, hear my plead.

I sing, your help I need.'

"Eon waited only seconds, Mew had come. Mew giggled, seeing the Eevee looking so shocked.

" 'You called for me?' She asked, giggling more as Eon bowed. 'No need for such silliness, lift your head. What do you wish for, Eon of the proud Eevee?'

"Eon, confused by the Mew's strange words, answered. 'Uh, I-I... Evolution! I wish Eevee the won-wonders of ev-evolution.'

"Mew giggled only more, as Mew only gave to those who need. 'Why? What do Eevee need? In the plains, I see no need of change. Unless...'

" 'Unless what? What can I do to grant the wonders of evolution to Eevee kind?'

" 'Do you truly wish for evolution?' Asked Mew, now very serious.

" 'Yes, with all my heart.'

" 'Very well, get a group, how ever many Eevee will fallow you. Take a journey, across the world and back here in the end. And I will grant you evolution as reward.' She said. Then, in a flash, she teleported away.

Now the proud Eevee had a chance, gather up all Eevee who will fallow.

"As you would think, this isn't as easy as it seems. For, like Mew, many Eevee saw no need of change, or of journeying. At the end, he found seven who would fallow.

"His three siblings, Vinta, Jroke, and Fimka. Two sibling Eevee who were different, Ernock and Urnet. And two others, Lily and Ganto. I can guess you don't know about these Eevee legends, so I'll tell you about each one.

"Vinta was a quiet Eevee, she watches the water often. 'The water holds secrets, it's mystery attracts me.' She would say when one asked her why.

"Jroke was a strong fellow, fast to. When someone surprised him his fur would look like needles. 'Keep on doing that and they'll stay that way.' His mother warned.

"Fimka was the youngest, born last and a runt as well. But she was also playful, some say Mew came and gave her strength. For she has lots of stamina

"Ernock and Urnet are both strange. Ernock had a longing for knowledge, more than any Eevee, he wished that he could be like the psychic types, using only there minds.

"Urnet would stair at the moon, and stay up long past any other Eevee. 'The moon, my soul-sister, it calls me as the water does you.' She would say this to Vinta, her closest friend.

"Lily was like Fimka, playful and kind. 'I wish I was a plant, I hate having to kill to survive.' She would say when on a hunt.

"Ganto was silent and knowing, it may be that he knew all along what Mew meant. He was a year older then the others, the others had only just outgrown there mothers dens.

"And so Eon, not strongest nor smartest, led his small group. Days past as landscape changed. The safety of the grassy plains behind them." The Eevee stopped her story.

"What happened next? Neah? Don't stop!" cried a young Eevee.

Neah, story teller, sighed. "Do not whine little Frone. I will tell you all more after I eat. Sifla." She called.

"Yes, auntie Neah?" Sifla, a small, gray colored Eevee answered from the group of kits.

"I promised your mother I'd be done by noon, and it's noon now. So go see your mother, and I'll tell you more later." Sifla nodded and ran off to her mom.

"But what about the rest of us?" Frone whined.

"You can wait for Sifla. You all need a brake anyway." And with that, Neah left to get something to eat.