Ocean Calls

The Eevee kits were playing a game of tag when Sifla returned. Along with Neah, carrying a couple of Pidgy. She dropped the Pidgy in front of the kits and they immediately started eating. "Now that I'm fed, and you all have mouths full and ears open, I'll continue my story." They quietly ate as Neah started to say more of the story.

"The safety of the grassy plains behind them. After many days travel, the ground changed beneath there paws. No longer was it the sturdy ground of the plains, but snow-like ground. As we all know, snow is cold, white, and soft. This was warm, brown, and hard, it was sand.

"Eon, knowing snow was deadly, for Eevee could fall into it and never come out, treated the sand like snow. Though over time the others became impatient, as Eon tapped the ground, checking for sturdiness. And before long, Eon declared the snow-like ground safe.

" 'So what should we call this not-snow, brother?' Fimka asked.

" 'Well, it looks like snow, and is still land. Different, but still land.' Eon said.

" 'Why not sand?' Lily suggested.

" 'What makes you call it sand?' Eon asked.

" 'It's snow-land, right? S-and. Sand!' Lily explained. Eon nodded his head, from then on, snow-land was called sand.

"The day after that they found water, more than any Eevee had seen before. Eon knew they had to get across it. Ernock found a big log, carved out to make a boat. They went in the boat and traveled for days. Vinta became distant, she stared at the water constantly. One late night, Vinta and Urnet were the only ones awake. Urnet fading into the dream world.

"Vinta looked at Urnet, 'Soul-sister, forgive me. The water calls, I can't ignore it anymore.' Vinta said. Urnet wasn't sure what she meant, nor what she was going to do. Vinta, quiet as ever, jumped into the water. Urnet ran over to rescue her, but she wasn't there to rescue. She had disappeared into the water.

"When morning arived, land could be seen. Urnet told Eon of Vinta. He stared at the water, it had taken the life of his sister.

"He was still calm though, and refused to give into anger. 'Why?' He asked. No answer had came.

"Urnet felt terrible guilt for she could have done something to stop her. 'I'm sorry...' She repeated this many times. Even in the dream world she was haunted by what Vinta said before leaving.

"They walked on, for there was no going back now." Neah now stopped and looked ready to leave.

"That's it?" Frone asked.

"No, kit, the story is long. But now you nap, as your siblings do." She said. Frone didn't complain. He fell asleep with the others.

"Will Urnet be okay?" Sifla asked.

"You have to wait and find out like the rest." Neah replied. "Now rest, kit."

"I'm not sleepy." She said.

Neah thought of her options. "Okay, but like the others had to wait for you, you must wait for them."

"May I come with you?"

"Yes, if you wish. I'm going to look for berries."

"Okay! I'm good at finding berries!" Neah walked away, Sifla fallowed.

Sorry that it's so short! I just can't find anything else to say!

Eon: Short!? What about my sis Vinta!?

Me: Oh, that to... Well, hey, it isn't my fault you took the challenge.

Eon: But what about my sister!? Now everyone will think she's a lunatic!

Me: What makes you say that?

Eon: Grrrrrr...

Me: What ever. It's not like I'm righting something fluffy.