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Chapter 1: Connections

It was another typical day at the Host Club. Kyoya was sitting reclusively in a table at the center of the room, typing away at his laptop. He would occasionally gaze off into space, but he was really watching the Host Club like a hawk… a mother hawk. Other times he would be standing in random places scribbling in his black book, and then cut into conversations if it was to his benefit, selling Host Club merchandise. The twins were sitting with some clients when Hikaru accidently spilled tea on Kaoru, creating another Twincest moment, all of the sparkles and swooning girls screaming "MOE!!" included. Tamaki sat on the couch drinking "commoner's coffee" with his princesses; flirting and making them sigh with red faces. Hani was sitting in a chair gulping down cakes, while his clients fussed over him, grooming his hair and wiping the crumbs off of his face. Mori was standing next to him, watching over him like an older brother, while some girls watched him, admiring the strong and silent type from afar (like stalkers…). Haruhi stood and asked the girls at her table if they would like something to drink, Tamaki and the Hitachiins watching her like vultures, while simultaneously entertaining their clients. They did not want Haruhi's little secret to get out, so they watched her carefully, like every other day.

As Haruhi prepared the drinks, setting them on one of the many fancy trays (that appear almost out of nowhere), the twins managed to give their clients the slip (rule #2 in the Hitachiin minds: When something gets boring, find something better to do, ie: annoy Haruhi and/or Tamaki) and snuck up on Haruhi. Tamaki saw this, but couldn't do anything, not unless he wanted to lose the client he was currently flirting with. That was because, if he did lose this client, Kyoya would be pissed – Monika was one of the largest money suppliers to the club, buying nearly every kind of merchandise, and some that Kyoya wouldn't even tell the other members about. So this meant that Tamaki could not protect his Haruhi, not unless he wanted the angry, god-like wrath of the Shadow King bearing down on him like the hounds of hell. Without his clients' notice, he motioned for Mori to do something about it.

Mori caught the movement, glancing over at the Hitachiins. Before they tackled her, Mori pushed them aside, standing by Haruhi's side so that she wouldn't be as startled by his appearance.

"Oh, hello, Mori-senpai," Haruhi said, looking up, "Would you like something to drink, as well?" He shook his head, smiling very slightly. The strong yet silent type ruffled her hair a little, and then walked back to his position by Hani.

The twins grumbled, shuffling away, planning for their next attack. Tamaki relaxed; with the twins defeated, he didn't have to worry about anyone taking "his" Haruhi away. Tamaki – 1, Twins – 0. Now, if we were taking official tab, it would be the other side winning; but Tamaki was short-sighted and, therefore, couldn't see that he was losing in the long run.

As Haruhi neared her table, she found her clients whispering, and she heard the words "Kira" and "Amerikajin no keiji." 'Hate… American detective?' Haruhi thought (that's what Kira means in Japanese: hate or dislike). 'What are they talking about?' She set the tray on the table, smiling at the girls.

"Hello, ladies. What did I miss?" Haruhi asked, hoping they'd bring up the American detective that they hated. She sat down next to Kimi and her sister, Kiki, and both girls giggled when they were called "ladies."

"We were just talking about Kira and that American detective, L," Kimi replied, "Kiki-oneechan thinks L is the good guy, but I think Kira-sama is in the right." She leaned to get closer to Haruhi, "Who do you think is the one with the most justice, Haruhi-kun?"

Haruhi blinked at the pair. "Uh… who are they, exactly?" The sisters' eyes widened, and they exchanged glances. They turned to gaze at the natural type.

Although no one had noticed, Kyoya had stopped typing on his computer as soon as he heard the word "Kira" in open conversation. He sat staring at his screen, trying to look as if he was engrossed with financial sheets when he was really keeping a sharp ear toward Haruhi's table. He made no other indication that he was interested their conversation as his brain quickly calculated this month's profits so far and he quietly typed in the resulting number. Snapping his laptop shut, he picked it and his black book up and walked silently over to Haruhi's table, catching the conversation right after the brown-haired Host's question of obliviousness.

"Eh? Don't you know about Kira? L was even on TVs all over the Kant­ō region a few weeks ago," Kiki said.

Many of the clients were leaving, and the Hitachiin twins were, surprisingly, the first ones free of customers. They rushed up behind Haruhi upon hearing that she had no clue about the Kira case, throwing an arm across her shoulder and closing in on her. It was their normal position when trying to either A) bug Haruhi, B) bug Tamaki, C) have a romantic moment with Haruhi, D) kidnap Haruhi… the list goes on and on. But this one happened to be E) interrogate Haruhi.

"What? Haruhi-kun, how could you really not know about the Kira case? What were you doing the day L was on TV?" The twins chorused. And so the investigation began.

"If you really want to know, I was studying for my entrance exams to get into Ouran," Haruhi replied, "Not all of us are rich."

"But we are," the Hitachiins said, "So we don't really care!" Haruhi sighed.

"Would someone just tell me what this 'kirakira' thing is already?" Haruhi questioned. Instead of receiving the answer, she got gales of laughter in her ears. The twins nearly doubled over laughing at Haruhi mentioning the prestigious Kira case as "this sparkling thing."

"Kirakira…" Hikaru managed to say between laughs, leaning on his brother for support.

"Priceless…!" Kaoru exclaimed.

"That's our Haruhi for ya!" The two said, hugging said person.

"The Kira case is not something to be laughed at," Kyoya said suddenly from his spot at Haruhi's left side. Everyone jumped, wondering when he got there.

"If you'll excuse us," Kiki said, standing, grabbing her sister's arm, "We're sorry we couldn't stay longer, Haruhi-kun."

"It's okay," Haruhi said, smiling, "I enjoy the time we do get to spend together," Little hearts could be seen floating in the air about the sisters. "I'll see you tomorrow, ne?"

"H-Hai!" The girls said, blushing. They rushed out the door, giggling.

"I don't understand how you're so good with the ladies, Haruhi-chan," Hikaru began, leaning on the right side of her chair again.

"Especially since you're a lady, yourself," Kaoru finished, mimicking his brother's movements, but on the left.

"Maybe it's because I am a girl," Haruhi replied, talking neither to her left or her right, but rather talking to both of them. "Girls know girls, guys know guys. That's how I see it."

Tamaki had been listening, and the twins and their King stepped back and pondered Haruhi's words. "It makes sense!" They said simultaneously, gazing at Haruhi, who was currently ignoring them and asking Kyoya about Kira.

"Kira is the killer of hundreds of criminals, ranging from rapists to serial killers to common thieves," Kyoya began.

"How can he do that? I mean, it's good, I guess, to have the rapists and serial killers off the streets, but common thieves?" Haruhi said, a little surprised, "A couple of years in jail will fix them."

"And that is the problem with the case," Kyoya said, "Does Kira have justice? Or does L?"

"Yea, we love hearing about it," The twins said, grabbing Haruhi and hauling her to the couch, where all three of them could sit easily. Of course, their close proximity to her caused Tamaki to rage at them. Haruhi could've sworn that it was getting easier to ignore Tamaki and the twins when they were like this. "We love the Kira case; it's like a big old game!"

Kyoya sat on the couch across from them, next to Mori and Hani. "Murder is not a game, you two," the Shadow King commented.

"Whatever," Hikaru and Kaoru shrugged, throwing their arms over the couch in a laidback position.

"Who's this 'L' character? You keep saying his name in the same breath as Kira." Haruhi pondered.

"L is a detective from overseas who is working with Interpol to catch Kira," Kyoya answered.

"Wait a minute… Interpol?!" Haruhi said, "As in, International Police?!" Kyoya nodded, "I've never heard of one person eluding Interpol for so long, much less one person killing hundreds!"

"Kira somehow kills criminals with heart attacks," Hani said, shocking everyone. Even the sweet and innocent boy Lolita type knew about the Kira case, which made Haruhi feel bad for not knowing. "He's killing them all over the world, and yet L says it's the work of only one person. You'd think there would be a whole group of people."

"My family is involved in the Kira case by spying on those whom L suspects," Kyoya replied, "No leads that I know of, but, then again, I doubt even I would be informed. I could be a suspect, myself."

"What?!" Tamaki cried, standing next to Kyoya's end of the couch, "There's no way that you could be Kira! You're – you're –"

"­–totally evil, but there is no benefit to you on killing a bunch of strangers," Haruhi finished for him. Kyoya's glasses glinted as he pushed them up, smirking.

"I don't know about that, Haruhi, but it's a nice thought," he said, "Speaking of evil, my cousin is going to start attending this school tomorrow."

"Eh? An evil cousin?" Hikaru said, curious.

"Of Kyoya's?" Kaoru finished. The twins exchanged glances over Haruhi's head, smirking.

"I doubt that he'll put up with the two of you," Kyoya said, seeing the smirks, "You may have heard of him. My cousin is Light Yagami."

"Eh?!" Nearly everyone – except Mori and Kyoya, of course – cried out, Haruhi being the loudest.

"Seriously? Isn't he, like, the smartest kid in Japan?!" The twins turned to her, incredulous looks on their faces.

"How is it that you know about Light…" Hikaru began.

"… when you don't even know about the Kira case?" Kaoru finished. They closed in on her.

"And the Kira case is bigger than some boy," they said. Haruhi gulped, as if she had just been caught doing something wrong. Leave it to the twins to figure out a new target for jealousy. Tamaki gazed at her, shocked.

"Haruhi…" He went up to her, tears sparkling in his eyes, "Do you like this boy? Are you going to replace your Daddy with Kyoya's evil cousin?"

"For the record, Light is not going to be 'Daddy' if I am going to be 'Mommy.'" The Shadow King said, opening up his laptop. Everything had gotten annoying from then on – Haruhi wondered why he hated Light so much, which she figured when Kyoya called him evil.

"No, senpai, no one could ever replace you." Haruhi said, sighing. Tamaki perked up, wearing a watery smile.

"Really??" He said, eyes sparkling even more.

"Yea, no one could match the boss's stupidity," the twins remarked, making Tamaki emo, where he pouted in a corner.

"It's not that I like Light," Haruhi tried to explain, "I've never met him before. I admire him. He's pretty smart."

"I would think that saying 'admire' is worse than saying 'like,'" Kyoya said while typing on his laptop, "Just some friendly advice."

The twins and Tamaki were already talking battle action plans in the corner, and Haruhi heard it being called the "find-Light's-worst-characteristics-so-Haruhi-doesn't-admire-him-anymore plan." The natural type sighed once again, regretting what she had said, but she never denied it. Haruhi found Light to be the intelligent light at the end of the tunnel… no pun intended. The Host members were… well, they were smart (shockingly), but most of them didn't act it, except Kyoya, of course.

Getting a glimpse of the stick figure plans on the whiteboard, Haruhi sent out a small prayer for Light, who was going to have to deal with these idiots tomorrow.

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