Title: Oh, Baby!

Rating: T

Summary: Ms. Bitterman pairs Sonny and Chad up for a project in health class. Get ready for baby simulators, messy diapers, arguing, crying, loss of sleep, and maybe some love. Channy Multi-chapter xD

Sonny's POV

It all started Monday.

Or, maybe it was Tuesday.

Was it Wednesday?

You know what, it all began last week. And that was just the beginning of my problems.

Mon- Wait. Last week:






I scribbled down a, 'FINE!' on the wrinkly piece of paper, crumpled it back up into a ball, and threw it at the back of Chad's beautiful...NOT beautiful head. It bounced off his air-filled noggin and hit the floor, landing right next to Ms. Bitterman's high heels, which just so happened to be on her feet. Crap.

Chad turned to glare at me and the class grew silent, Ms. Bitterman's sentence ending short. She stooped to the aluminum floor and scooped the ball of paper into her hand. She walked slowly to my desk and gazed at me through her squinty evil eyes. "Passing notes, are we, Ms. Munroe? Hmm, should I read this to the entire class?"

I responded with a blush. Everyone's eyes were on me.

She slowly unfolded the paper and studied it. Confusion passed over her features. "All it says is, 'GOOD!', and, 'FINE!'. I don't get it."

Everyone else groaned. They understood.

"Um," I mumbled. She held up her hands in defeat.

"Never mind. Let's just get back to the lesson, shall we?"

I nodded. Everyone looked back to the front of the room. Ms. Bitterman walked to her desk, yanked open a drawer, and held up a baby.

Everyone gasped.

"This," she said, "is a baby simulator."

I let out a breath of relief.

"It looks and acts like a real baby, and I'm going to give each of you a partner, and you will become parents. This simulator will see how well you are good at parenting, especially since the number of teenage parents across America is increasing rapidly. Just watch MTV's 16 And Pregnant. I will grade each of you on the condition of the baby. Any questions?"

Portlyn raised her hand. Ms. Bitterman pointed to her.

"Yes, Portlyn?"

Portlyn grinned. "Did you see that one episode-?"

Ms. Bitterman cut her off. "Any questions concerning the baby simulator?"

This time, Tawni raised her hand. "You said it acts like a real baby. Does that mean it like pees and cries and stuff?"

Ms. Bitterman nodded. "Yes, Tawni. It does."

"Oh, GROSS!"

I snickered. Tawni shot me a glare as icy as Greenland. Whoa, what an oxymoron.

Chad raised his hand. "Ms. Bitterman, since you are the most beautiful person in this classroom, aside from me," he said. What a schmoozer. A shallow schmoozer. "I'm sure you'd understand that CDC does not raise a baby. Even if it is a simulator. So, if you could just give me an A, then we can move on with our lives, right?"

Ms. Bitterman smiled a smarmy smile. "Chad, you have to earn your grade. So, nice try, but I'm sorry, you have to do the project. And you can't dump the entire assignment onto your partner's shoulders."


"No 'buts', Chad. Buts are for cigarettes."

He frowned. "Something I could use at the moment," he muttered.

I finally raised my hand. "Ms. Bitterman?"

Her smile turned chagrin. "Yes, Sonny?"

"Who are our partners?" I turned to smile at Devon, a boy from Mackenzie Falls who was into me. He blushed and began to study his sneakers. I winked at him, and his blush deepened.

And then?

Something hit me in the face. I rubbed my cheek and looked down at the ground where a rubber pencil cap lay upon the floor. I looked up immediately into the sparkly eyes of Chad Dylan Cooper, who was whistling nonchalantly.


"Ah, yes, your partners. Tawni will be paired up with Nico, Grady will be with Portlyn, Devon will be with Zora, Aimee will be with Carlos, and Lia will be with Iylio."

"I'm cool with that," Nico said, and Tawni nodded in agreement.

"That's tight," Grady said. Portlyn shuddered.

Everyone else talked amongst themselves.

I was too busy not breathing.

"Tha-that leaves me and Ch-Ch--" I stuttered. This could NOT be happening. It simply couldn't.

"That's right." Ms. Bitterman smirked. "That leaves you with Chad."

Now do you see my dilemma?

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