100 Wishes For A Fairytale Life

Okay, this is after book 4 as I haven't been able to get hold of anymore books. :'(

Disclaimer: Michael Buckley starts with a 'm' and ends with a 'y'. Zeorzia begins with a 'z' and finishes with an 'a'. This would usually indicate we are not the same person (or are we…? Mwa, ha, ha!)


Sabrina Grimm was wishing. This was not uncommon. In fact, it had almost become part of her daily routine. Every night, just before she went to bed and after Daphne's snores had begun, she wished. Most would have called it praying, but Sabrina didn't believe in God. After all, she reasoned, if there had been a God, why hadn't He helped them in the Children's Home? Why were her parents still beyond their reach? Why did that stupid fairy have to keep messing with her head? It was so simple back when she was with her parents. Then, all she wished for was good grades and cootie-free hair. That had all changed that fateful stormy night.

To everyone else the storm lasted five whole days… but for Sabrina it didn't stop there. Her sun didn't begin to shine again until arriving at Ferryport Landing two-and-a-half years later. During that time Sabrina wished harder than ever. She wanted the applause for her grades that never came, for the escape from the clutches of Ms. Smirt, for the release of the responsibility from looking after Daphne. Of course, we all know how it ends. Granny Relda saves them from the care work system, frees 'Brina from being the responsible adult and welcomes the kids – somewhat reluctantly, in Sabrina's case – to the family business.

So, what does she wish for now?

Sabrina wishes for a perfect family. For a mummy and daddy who she knows she can rely on being there. For a sister who'll always be the first to forgive her. For a trickster king who can be considerate of her feelings once in a while. For a red cloaked sibling who she can trust without reservation. For a granny who fully understands her. For an uncle who will never lead her into trouble. For an old family friend who is not always so severe. Oh, and for a dog that doesn't have a history with sausages!

But most of all, she wishes to keep them safe. Because no matter what their faults, their safety is more important to her. And so, she wishes.