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"Come on, tomorrow's gonna be a long day," so the bald man with an oversized brown coat had said.

'What a liar.'

The day was never long anymore, not now, not ever. An over exaggeration that was… 'Stupid human.' Time had changed from a few hundred years ago, getting older and loosing battery. Well, maybe to a human nothing had changed, but for those living on the other side of the line life is clipped into seconds.

"Check the dogs' one more time Bill, give them water if they need it but nothing else," the bald man yelled out again at a younger kid with messy black hair.

"Will do Chief."

'So the fun begins.'

The loud, barking of twelve dogs rose as Bill entered the tent with them in it. All twelve banged against their cage to add to the obnoxious yap they enjoyed taunting the humans with so much. Only one rested still within one of the confined cages. Peacefully trying to sleep, or so it always seemed. "Sleeping well Blood? Enjoying tonight's commotion?" Bill quickly checked the other cages before stopping in front of the ever peaceful Blood. The boy's face was turned up in an impish grin before he took a stick and smacked it upon Blood's cage. The dog merely flicked an ear, so the boy lost interest and turned around, too close to the cage still.

Before Bill could even comprehend the mistake he had made, Blood's muzzle was through the bars and ripping at the boy's leg. Crying for help, Bill started to smack the dog with his stick. The commotion brought forth a new wave of sound from the other dogs, and the Chief. "What the hell!" The bald man didn't seem happy at all by what he was seeing. Before some of the other men could enter the scene Blood had been beaten away and Bill rescued with a messed up leg.

"Take him and bandage his leg… NOW!" Chief was yelling again as the three other men stood somewhat stunned at the damage. Seeing the bald man's face though, and hearing his voice, all three grabbed Bill and took off to their own tents.

"Damn newbie's don't know what they're doing," Chief was seething now before turning toward the dog that had started all of this. The night was silent, the attention of the other canines were all on Blood and Chief. It stayed that way too until the bald man kicked the dog's cage and turned away. All eyes watched him leave before turning back to Blood.


"What a way to treat the new kid eh?" A bulldog spoke out loud for the rest to hear in his doggy language.

"What'dya expect? Blood is the queen of all killers." Another dog, a boxer, replied to the bulldog a few feet away from him.

"Would you expect any less from a wolf?"

No one said anything, not until Blood spoke herself. "They deserve a good warning, besides; they're a part of our world now. There are rules to this game of dog fighting that they have to follow."

"You're a wolf though," the boxer exclaimed. With a grin, Blood answered.

"I know."

After that the dogs mumbled to each other like brothers, but it wouldn't last once the sun rose. 'The nights are too short as well as the day, if only they could be longer…'

It was just a simple sneeze, one sneeze, and all but Kiba was jumping in his fur. Toboe, falling behind every one else, as usual, now was the center of Hige's and Tsume's irritation.

"Come on runt, do we need another break?" Hige, who was irritated out of hunger, looked just about crazy to all but himself.

"Come on Toboe, you're slower than daylight." Tsume was just irritated because, well, that was how he was. Kiba was the only one not fazed by the pup's sneeze, keeping silent and to himself.

"I just sneezed guys, come on, I'm fine, really." Poor Toboe tried to stand up for himself, though it wasn't a good attempt, both wolves who had pestered him before turned back around and the four started up again toward paradise. Silence over came the group as they walked further into the day. The sun still shone behind them, just now making it over the horizon.

It seemed as if today was going to be another long, boring day, filled with Toboe's murmuring complaints and the grumble of Hige's stomach. Kiba still lead the group and Tsume thought silently to himself. Everything was as it should be since the four had left the city together about a day ago. So, when Kiba stopped to stare off to his right, away from the scent of the lunar flowers, the rest looked confused as to what the white wolf was gazing at.

"Hey Kiba… Why'd we stop?" Hige walked up to stand next to the blue eyed boy and took a few good whiffs. The first smell to hit him was blood, though not the juicy, edible type. "Smells like a bunch of dogs took a chunk out of each other." The smell of food hit the large, tawny wolf next, followed by a more familiar scent.

"There's food here," Toboe pointed out, already drooling at the corner of his mouth.

"And a wolf," Kiba simply stated. Hige was taking another big whiff before nodding his agreement about a wolf being here.

Tsume raised a brow, and then looked at the others with irritation once more. "So what, are we going to try and find this wolf or something?"

"There's food here, might as well," Hige was already walking in the direction of the scent, nose in the air. He was followed by an eager Toboe and it didn't take long for Kiba to do the same. Tsume was the last to go, but he eventually caught up with the rest after mumbling a few things to himself.

Soon, all four wolves ran to quickly cover the distance between them and civilization, if you could call it that. The scent of food, of blood, and of the wolf came from a small town with a bunch of tents set up on the outside. It really wasn't big, but served its purpose, though the traveling wolves knew not of what that was.

"Let's get something to eat first, not like we can miss the wolf in this small ass town." Tsume seemed certain, already looking around for some grub. The rest agreed, some with more enthusiasm than others, and the four made their way around. It wasn't as if they knew what was going to happen after they had lunch, for if they did, they might have waited to eat.


"Come on, come on. Place your bids for the winner of the dog pit. Will it be The Blood Bathing Baroness, or will it be Neck Ripper? Come on, come on!"

Noise was everywhere, it was everything. Humans filed in, bored and depressed with their own lives to the point that they wasted away the remainder of their existence with such a bloody game. It wasn't anything new though; life for those actually in the game was no different than the day before, the months, the years. Over and over again to the point of their own tediousness demise, nothing will change.

"You've got to win this Blood, ya here me?" Chief stood beside the wolf's cage, talking to her and grinning more and more as the bids came in. "They say Ripper is good, but he won't have anything on you. Crack his skull, and bathe in his blood." That was the usual saying, still, nothing new there. And like always, I'll bathe myself red.

"Hey Chief!" Bill came into the tent that held the dogs, looking over excited for the upcoming match. Stupid boy. Blood couldn't help it; she'd make fun of anyone, especially Bill, since the incident the night before. "If Blood wins, we'll be rich!"

"Which is exactly why my Baroness here will win. Won't you girl?" Chief gave Blood a quick smirk, kicking her cage once while he was at it, and then left the tent. Bill stayed behind though, filling water bowls to prepare the other dogs for the matches that would come after Blood and Ripper.


"Have anything to say before you walk out Blood?" The boxer from the night before barked out once Bill had left. A white bull terrier snorted in laughter, doubting the boxer's question.

"Not much, but maybe something still…" All went silent as the few dogs watched the wolf in anticipation. "Let the weak die today and the strong forge a new generation of bloodlust." Once again, the wolf was ginning, and the other dogs barked loudly in agreement. Every one of them was riled up now, none of them wanting to have to wait for their time to fight.

"Don't forget, play with your food." The bull terrier added in, just for laughs. Soon, everyone was doing the same though.

"Dance the stage like you own it," coming from the boxer that had spoken before.

"Laugh when you know their effort is pointless." A black boxer spoke this time.

"Kill to please, if not, then for the meat," a young pit bull joined in.

"And most important, have fun," the last to join in was a pitch black, large ass mastiff. His voice was low, deep, and everyone in the fighting profession respected this dog for his age and unlimited wins. Even Blood would not dare to ignore him; he had been like a father to her since she had been born in this place. If you didn't listen to him, it was your loss.

"Don't worry; he won't even cross that scratch before I start the game."

"Still too cocky," the black mastiff shook his head, but with a grin as he looked at Blood.


There weren't many who could control Blood, seeing as she hardly let them, not unless there was a fight to be won at least. Dragging one of Chief's men by the chain around her neck, the young she-wolf was racing to the pit. In the light her pelt was easier to see than in her cage, thick enough to stand the chilly nights yet not enough to keep wandering fangs from digging down into her neck. Blood was, more than 80%, light silver with white paws and a white under belly. The only easy change in her light color would be her dark, ash gray ears, shoulders, and back. A few scars stretched across her front legs, along with two small nicks across her muzzle near her eyes. Nobody really looked at those scars though, for if they did, they would have to look at Blood's rusty, ruby red eyes. It wasn't normal to have such a color, but it fit in the wolf's profession.

"Ripper's a big boy Blood, so there's no reason to be nice with him you hear me?" Chief was waiting by the pit as the fighter was brought up. Her chain was passed on like a long forgotten ceremony; when torches were passed on to blaze as a symbolic opening. This wasn't a memorable time though, not unless Blood ripped the lungs from Ripper's throat and won the large amount of money placed on her for winning.

Holding onto her still, Chief walked the large silver canine into the large pit where people upon poor, pitiful people gathered in anticipation. The floor was hard, very hard, and green, splashed with all different sorts of dog blood from older fights. The main wall of the pit reached only to Blood's shoulders, made out of a hard wood, while a second metal meshed wall reached up to the shoulder's of the humans. In earlier years dogs would actually jump out of the ring to get away, now, they couldn't.

Setting up behind a clearly seen white scratch above the green and dull red floor, Blood waited silently, her muscles tensed, for Neck Ripper to take up his place behind another scratch about ten feet away from her own white mark. Chief had removed the chain by then as they waited, but still held on to her neck behind the line.

Contemplating, Blood thought about what she had been told about Neck Ripper. He wasn't to be taken lightly, seeing as he was most likely bigger than she was, and he actually thought about his moves and where he placed his paws next. Ripper had also won plenty of fights before, but with a bit of over confidence, Blood was sure that streak wouldn't last. She had lost a few times before, but not lately and not enough to leave anymore doubts from her beginner years.

"Here he comes," the bald Chief patted Blood's neck, but held onto her tighter to keep Blood from starting the fight too early.


"And here I thought the big bad wolf would at least look like a fight worth having," Ripper spoke with a rotted voice that lifted Blood's lips to unsheathe her fangs.

"Watch what you say beetle breath."

"So scary, but I promise to be kind… enough."

"No need," Blood spoke at the large, what looked like, mastiff as a whistle blew signaling the fight to begin. Chief let the wolf go and she bolted in a silver flash toward Ripper.

Keeping light on her paws, the wolf came within inches of the large dog before having to pull away. The brute had put his head down and pushed off with his hind legs powerfully trying to ram Blood down. Growling viciously, Blood twisted back and clashed with the dog in a loud clap of thunder as the noise of everything else dropped away.

It was only the fight that mattered, and nothing else. Snapping about briefly, Blood tried to assess the situation, but Ripper reared up and slapped her away with a very large forepaw. He came down with a thump and grunted and growled. His eyes were narrowed, watching the wolf as she moved around him. He didn't give her a chance to get very far anyway since he lunged back.

Blood ducked, putting her weight to the side to avoid a full on blow, and she was lucky as Ripper's hot breath flew by her ear. Quickly thinking, Blood snapped at the dog, her teeth meeting Ripper's jaw, right where it connected to the neck. Ripper let out a quick whimper of pain, but shook himself to knock the silver female off. It didn't work very well, so instead, Ripper took his front paws and started to step on Blood's body that hung loosely as she cut deeper in the dog's jaw.

It was painful, Blood could feel the mastiff's claws dig into her skin and rip through it to reveal pink flesh. She wasn't going to let go, and to prove that, she clawed Ripper's face with her front paws, battering his dark brown eyes until he finally put a paw on Blood's chest and pushed with the tremendous strength that he had to rip the she-wolf off, along with a good chunk of his skin.

Howling, Ripper staggered back, swinging his head back and forth trying to get rid of the pain. Spitting out her mouthful, Blood took her chance to get a better grip on the brute's neck, but he knocked her clear off of her paws with a butt from his massive head.

Now, taking his chance, Ripper ran up and brought his fang down on Blood. She had enough time to move so that her neck wasn't what Ripper bit into, but instead her thigh. Howling with her own pain, after feeling a slight crack from inside her body as Ripper bit down, Blood tried to pull away, scraping the ground only to find it slippery with a layer of both her's and the brute's blood. Knowing that this wasn't going to help, Blood spun her upper torso toward Ripper, quickly thinking.

At the beginning, when he had reared up and swatted her away with a massive paw, he grunted before he growled when he landed. Maybe a fight before this one had left the brute permanently injured? Reaching through the pain, Blood snapped for Ripper's front legs, getting his right one and biting down viciously until she felt a satisfying crack from between her red stained fangs.

Ripper howled, as expected, and let go of Blood as he crumbled to the floor on his right side. Swiftly moving, the she-wolf took a good aim at the brute's neck and bit down, hard. The mastiff howled again, and then started to whimper as he struggled to get away. Blood wasn't going to let him go though, and kept stopping him by biting down harder.

The bustle and noise of the humans all around the pit came back to Blood as Chief and another stupid human came to pull the two bloody warriors away from one another. With the cold chain around her neck again, the wolf was sure that the fight had been won, and was now finished. Neck Ripper had blood covering his eyes, and could hardly move with only one leg to support his front. There were other scratches, but not that bad, just ones from when they clashed and slightly scraped each other.

Blood was bleeding from a scratch on the side of her head after being thrown to the ground, and also had a broken bone in her leg that was painful to put any weight on.

"You won," Chief simply put it, and Blood howled in triumph her success before a whiff of something familiar, something she hadn't smelled for a long time, hit her nose. With wide, red eyes, Blood looked around for the smell, and found near the entrance of the fighting tent, four boys. Dumbfounded, Blood just stared at them. She had never known her mom, and had only met one before, but now there were four.


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