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The lyrics at the beginning and end are from Angels by Within Temptation.

Disclaimer: I don't own either song or show, the song is for artistic borrowings and inspiration, the boys are also being borrowed for artistic purposes, I promise to give them back to Kripke only mildly damaged.

Angels (I believed)

Sparkling Angel, I believed
You are my saviour in my time of need
Blinded by faith, I couldn't hear
All the whispers, the warnings so clear

Katie is beginning to wonder if she made a mistake when she decided to do this, to trawl the country living off fake credit cards and desperation. Demons have dogged her every move, some towns have been hastily abandoned only hours after arrival, towns that she dare not return to for months incase the demons are waiting. She hates the running, the constant moving, wants to settle in just one place and rebuild her life, cannot even begin to think about it until the Apocalypse is averted.

She could have stayed with Ellen, knows this even though Ellen's daughter, Jo, had come back from her own hunting trips with scars and stories. It is not the she does not like Ellen, the security that living in a bar often filled with hunters offers, it is simply that she can no longer abide sitting in idle there while the world ends around her ears. Still, she no more wants Paradise and the rule of angels than the Winchesters do. They need to find a way of stopping it, of shutting Lucifer back into his cage and resetting the seals that were broken. So far she has found nothing, is running out of ideas, places to look and people to turn to, has never done this before anyway so not sure what she had really expected to achieve.

The car she is driving is old, has certainly seen far better days, and it is one that Dean helped her to get from his friend Bobby. Just as the rust bucket she is driving is far from the sort of car she would normally chose and the fake credit cards are something she would not have considered using, this whole course of action is unusual, a remnant of Seraphiel floating around inside her she assumes. Katie has always been one to either hide from her problems and hope they fix themselves, Richard, or run from them and hope that they do not catch up with her, Richard, being a vessel to an angel, the general events of her life for the last six years. So the very fact that she is actively looking for a solution, driving across the country searching for it shows how much the situation has affected her.

When she finally reaches a town, she nearly drives straight through it without stopping, knows she needs to, does not want to. There are memories here, in this little town that is a small collection of houses, a few shops and the church. That church is a simple white building, one that she remembers vividly from her visits years ago, before Richard, before her father died. She is stopping the car and parking outside the church before her brain completely catches up with her body, parking and getting out of the car to go into the building.

To her dismay there is no sense of peace here, no feeling of forgiveness and hope, just a room devoid of feeling and warmth and she seriously considers throwing her head back and screaming, all the words of her anger and frustration and impotent fury at the unfairness of the universe and God's plans for them.



Lucifer is frustrated, although the former Lightbringer feels that the word 'frustrated' does not quite cover how he is feeling at this particular moment. He has been out of his cage for a little over three months now, has already burnt through five vessels, should not be surprised that his children have failed in even that simple task, is disgusted at the fact that he even needs to consider using such a thing to walk the Earth. What he wants to be doing at this precise moment is laying waste to humanity, slaughtering the so called favoured children of God and walking among them shining as brightly as he once had when he had dwelt in the great halls of Heaven.

To walk among the humans in his true form, to hear their screams as he burns the very eyes from their skulls, screams that had become his one source of entertainment in all the millennia he had been trapped in the deepest pits of Hell, his cage suspended above a pit of nothingness that stretched on for all of eternity, absorbing light and sound, thought and movement, all things flowed into it, nothing had ever come out, he should know, he has spent a great deal of time watching it, nothing ever came out until Lucifer himself. He has no intention of going back.

Still, he has his needs, one of them being a vessel that will not disintegrate over time from the merest touch of his tarnished grace within them, is unable to explain to his children exactly what it is that he needs in a vessel, does not need it to be willing, just warm, alive, aware of what he is so that he can take pleasure in their torment. He needs to win, needs that power, needs to finally prove to his Father that he was right, that the humans deserve every moment in Hell for their vile sins and destructive natures. His armies have grown strong since his imprisonment, he intends to use them to the fullest.

For the past month he has had them looking for something important, more important even than a vessel that contain him. They have been looking for the Winchesters, for Dean more specifically, Lucifer intends to know as much about him as possible before facing him in battle, has gathered information from his followers about the man, his weaknesses, his strengths, his sins and needs. He knows that Dean does not have a chance of defeating him, wants to make certain of that, is going to use Dean's main weakness against him, which is where finding both of the brothers came in. Not an easy task when they are carrying around bags of ancient magic but one that his children has finally managed. The brothers have been found, there is only one snag in his plan, but Lucifer is certain that he can take possession of the younger without drawing attention to himself.

He is careful, slipping into Sam, laughs at the tattoo against possession, feels the power of it caressing him like the touch of a long lost lover. It may be excellent at keeping out demons, even those that were once numbered among his brethren, cast down and fallen from grace into fire and agony, demonised by Heaven itself. Lucifer has suffered no such pain, no such torment, he may be darkened, blackened and dulled by the eternal agonies of Hell, but he is an angel still, fiery, whole, terrible in grace and wrath. Pride and hatred have tainted him and just as the tattoo cannot stop him, nor can the blood of Azazel, one of his favoured children, prevent him from entering and using Sam as his own, it cannot stop the darkness that fills him, the tainted power that he commands.

Still, he is not careful because he is worried that Sam's body will reject him, or that his will is strong enough to fight him off, because there is no human in the world who is able to stand against all of the things that Lucifer has to offer, all of the sins. The demon blood that is still a part of Sam's body makes it almost perfect for Lucifer's uses, almost but he doubts that he will find one with what he needs, if a child of Sam's calibre is rare, a mortal body that would be strong enough to survive the internal death of one of his former brethren would be nigh on impossible. He will make do with what he can find. The reason that he is careful is the tame angel who is tethered to Sam and Dean, the angel who is also touched by darkness, by sin, by Hell itself and that interests Lucifer. It interests him enough that he had blanketed his presence for a few days just to observe him. To watch Castiel, an angel low enough in the ranks that he had never really noticed him before his fall.

Interesting indeed.

Even though Lucifer abhors this, the need to take a vessel just so that his children, his minions, can see and hear him, there is something a little relaxing about taking a place in a meat suit, curling his being into this tiny carrier and infusing it with all that makes him great, does it when Sam has gone out alone in the dead of night while Dean sleeps and Castiel watches, does whatever it is that he does while the humans slumber their short, pathetic, lives away.

He flexes muscles that are now his to command, tilts and twists the head and feels the heart beating, feels the mind of Sam scrabbling against his intrusion and shuts it down with barely a thought and a flash of smug satisfaction at the ease of it. Now that this body is his he has options, this one will not fall apart on him like the others have, he could take it, begin the Apocalypse properly, summon the Horsemen to his side but for one thing, two things really, that hang over his head, Dean Winchester and Castiel.

The Righteous Man and his angel, both of whom will kill Lucifer given half the chance. He could kill them now, both of them, while Dean sleeps and Castiel is unaware of this change, this development, but if there is one sin that Lucifer is still guilty of, above all else, it is pride. He could kill them now, but he does not wish to. He wants to see how far he can really turn his falling brother, how devoted Dean really is to Sam, to show his former brethren that their weapon is simply a man, weak, pathetic and fatally flawed.

So he returns to the motel room, opens the door and slips in, using the skills that have come with this body of Sam's rather than the dark grace he would normally use, acutely aware that if he does use it, Castiel will more than likely sense his presence, cannot risk that. He is almost relieved to see the sliver of light under the closed bathroom door, something that tells Lucifer where Castiel is even if he cannot guess at the reason for it, still knows that he has to be quick. Near silent feet cross the room and he perches on Dean's bed, taking extra care not to jostle him, pulls a knife from the top of Sam's boot and cuts a wrist, watches the blood trickle into Dean's open mouth and sees green eyes flash open. He smiles and behind him the bathroom door is unlocked.

I see the angels, I'll lead them to your door

There's no escape now,
No mercy no more.
No remorse cause I still remember

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