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Chapter 1

(Ran's POV)

Ran woke up and stared out her window, another day of waiting for Shinichi. She hated to admit it but she was becoming impatient, just what kind of case was he on that would take so long to complete.

She sighed and began her usual morning routine, knowing that the two boys she lived with wouldn't be able to live without her.

"Ohayo, Ran-neechan" came a high pitched voice behind her.

Ran turned to see Conan, the boy she had on numerous occasions believed to be Shinichi, standing behind her.

"Ohayo, Conan-kun," she replied swallowing her misery and putting on her brave face. "What would you like for breakfast?"


Later after dealing with her crabby father (who is not a morning person) the two went to school, on the way meeting up with Conan's friends the ShonenTantei, and Ran's friend Sonoko. After leaving the younger children to go to their own school Sonoko turned to Ran and said, "Still worrying about that detective geek, huh."

Ran had to smile a little at that. "Yeah."

"Well I've got a solution for you," Said Sonoko proudly. "I heard about this cool American thing called ATAC."

Ran blinked in surprise, "A-tack?"

"No, ATAC A-T-A-C, it stands for American Teens Against Crime", Explained Sonoko. "It's supposed to be this super cool organization where people our age go out on missions like spies and save the world and stuff."

However Ran was skeptical, "sounds like a hoax," she said, "Besides even if it wasn't, what does that have to do with Shinichi?"

"It is NOT a hoax, I heard about it from Makoto," replied Sonoko indignantly. "He knows about it because some people were scouting for new agents at one of his karate tournaments, the actually asked him to join, but he turned them down. Plus I looked it up online, there's actually a website where you send a video about your problem. I already sent one telling them how I've solved cases as Sonoko Deduction Queen, I want to be an agent so I have an excuse to go to America and visit Makoto."

"As for Shinichi, don't you think ATAC would be the perfect people to track him down? For all we know he could be agent for them, that's why he's been gone, 'cause he's undercover. Either way it couldn't hurt to contact them about your husband."

Ran smiled at her friend's assessment, "I'll think about it."

Ran did think about it all during school that day, more than once her teacher caught her with her head in the clouds. After weighing the pros and cons, she made her decision.

After school she went back to the agency where she could be alone. Her father was probably out at a bar somewhere, and Conan was at the park with his friends. She didn't know why but she felt like keeping what she was doing a secret. She took a deep breath and went to the website Sonoko told her about.

'I'm sorry Shinichi,' She thought to herself, 'but I'm tired of being left in the dark.'

Meanwhile at the park, Conan suddenly stopped in his tracks and shivered.

"What's wrong," whispered Haibara.

Conan shook his head before answering, "I just got the feeling that our secrets are going to be discovered soon," he whispered back, "but don't worry it was just a feeling."

Haibara's face darkened before answering, "I hope you're right".

End chapter 1


A/N Okay this is my first fic so please don't kill me, I always wondered what would happed with a Detective Conan + The modern Hardy Boys story would be like. For reiveiws questions coments and bits of advise are welcome. next chapter the Hardys get there next mission