Chapter 16

Shinichi's POV

"… And then after I'd shrunk I was able to crawl out a small hole that I'd noticed before. Since the person Gin and Vodka were chasing was an adult they wouldn't expect me to be able to squeeze through. After that I made my way back home and you know the rest," I concluded. I was having tea at Agasa-hakase's recounting how I'd been able to escape from the old building before the collapse.

"They didn't see your face did they?" Asked Haibara, not looking up from her microscope. She had insisted on taking a blood sample when we'd arrived, but if it helped find a permanent cure I didn't mind.

"No, my hood was up the entire time. They only saw the back of me," I replied.

"But still that was dangerous," said Ran who was sitting beside me. "I nearly had a heart-attack when Joe-san called and told me you might have had a building fall on you. Are you sure you're alright."

"Gomennasai, but I'm fine. Just a few scrapes from squeezing through that hole. "

"Demo Shinichi, you don't intend to tell the FBI all that do you?" Asked Agasa-hakase.

"Of coarse not," I said, "I'll just tell them that I was able to stumble across another exit and was able to escape from there."

Just then the door bell ran. Ran got up and peeked through the peephole. "Speak of the devil," she said, opening the door.

Jodie-sensei walked through the door, "Hello Ran-san, Where's Kudo-san."

I spoke up, "Shinichi-niisan had to go back into hiding. He said he was sorry that he couldn't meet with you, but he figured he was just going to get yelled at for doing something dangerous. I gave him your number and he said he would call you later."

Jodie-sensei sighed, "Well I admit that was what I was what I was intending to do. That and offer him the witness protection program, however I doubt he would take it anyway."

Ran grinned, "Knowing Shinichi you're probably right. How are Frank-san and Joe-san."

"They're fine, Frank is still in the dark about the whole thing and Joe intends to keep his mouth shut. Their flight leaves soon. That's the other reason I came here I was hoping you kids would accompany me to see them off."

Ran and I nodded, and soon we were in the back seat of Jodie-sensei's car, going to say good-bye to our new friends.


Joe's POV

"I still get the feeling I'm missing something," Frank remarked as we waited in the airport.

'Of course you're missing something, but you can't know that.' Aloud I said, "Don't worry about it."

"Joe-san, Frank-san," a voice shouted.

I turned to see Ran, Agent Jodie and Creepy Conan (Though after what I went through yesterday he's probably has a good reason for being creepy), "We came to see you off," said Ran. "And to thank you for you're help."

"Well we didn't really do much, but we were glad to help," said Frank.

While Ran began assuring him that he had been a big help I glanced down at Conan. He didn't notice me because he was examining Frank's suitcase which had miraculously escaped the fire. It was then that I noticed that he had a few scrapes on his arms and legs.

"Oh-le-le," he said suddenly, "There's something sticking out of this suitcase."

'No Way, Frank, Mr. Organized was sloppy.'

Frank walked over, "That's funny, I'm sure I had everything folded inside neatly." He opened the bag to tuck whatever was sticking out back in.

As soon as he opened the suit case I fell back in shock. Out of Frank's suitcase came a cloud of confetti and an entire orchestra of self-playing wind instruments which were playing the American national anthem. Attached to said instruments was a card. Frank reached over and grabbed it while Agent Jodie, Ran and Conan tried to figure out how to get the instruments to stop playing.

After reading the note Frank rolled his eyes and handed it to me. I read…

I just thought you Tantei should go out with a bang.

Kaitou KID (doodle)


Kaito's POV

From a few feet away I snickered at the reactions of some of my favorite crime fighters. 'What can I say, I hate to lose critics,' I thought as I pressed a small remote that would stop the noise.


Joe's POV

Finally those darn instruments stopped. I think I just went deaf in one ear.

Down below Conan was grumbling something along the lines of "stupid thief" and "super kicked soccer ball." Honestly I didn't even want to know what he meant.

Just then there was an announcement for our flight. Frank hurriedly removed KID's prank from his suitcase and we hurried to board.

After a final goodbye and promising to write every no and then, Frank and I were sitting in our seat waiting for take off.

"Hey Joe, where'd you get all those scrapes, I'm pretty sure they weren't there when you came to the hospital yesterday," Frank asked suddenly.

"I fell down," I said lamely, but he seemed to buy it. I glanced at them. In reality I received the scrapes from running through that old building. I froze staring at them, I then realized that the scrapes I'd seen on Conan were nearly identical to the ones on my own arm. But Conan hadn't been there.

As the flight attendant announced that we were now taking of I shook the thought from my head. 'No way, it couldn't be.'

'Could it?'



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