Edward and Tanya

When Edward leaves in New Moon he decides to give Tanya a chance then the cullens go back to forks so Tanya decides to go with him… what would Bella do when she sees them together.


"Edward please let's just pretend Bella never existed and let's give each other some time" Tanya begged me

I took at least 2 deep breaths and sighed "ok"


Did my forever love Edward Cullen just say we could be a thing?

" I love you" I said I kissed lightly on his lips

"I'll try" he replied back.

"Edward, Carlisle wants to talk to you" Alice interrupted our forceful kiss.


"Where leaving?" I asked relieved that I was getting rid of Tanya "where?"

"Forks of course" he replied

Before I could say anything Tanya, interrupted " I will go with you I want to meet my ex- rival" she said winking at me

Knowing that she was referring to Bella my true love and the chance to make her jealous

I didn't think twice "ok, tan you come with us"


"Oh my god!" I yelled I saw Alice Cullen, with um, Ed- him-I still couldn't say his name because it caused me pain- with his arm around a exquisite strawberry blonde by his side who was she…

"Hey Mike" Edward yelled as he got closer to the table…

"Hey Ed" Mike called back they had now reached the table

" I want you to meet my girlfriend Tanya" he announced his velvet voice proud

His girlfriend?

So this were his distractions then…