I have read my past three entries, and though I have not every written much, often, or constantly, I know that I most likely shall not write again. Reading them was like looking into a different world, perhaps another person, or persons lives. Since my last entry I have done much, but my journeys are far from over. I have fought in a war and lived, loved, and lost. My last entry reminded of my foolish Isabelle, and clever Clara of many years ago. They then were replaced with Rosalind who I have loved and still do love like no other. She was disinclined to marry me due to my fortune or rather, lack thereof. She married someone who is kind and compassionate, one who has promised that she would learn to love him. She always will love me she says, but she is mine no longer. Then came the sad Eleanor. She was one like no other and though she was saddened at the world and angry towards its inhabitants, she had a mind and was able to really see everything quite clearly.

That is enough of my past loves, as I wish to remember them not. I did indeed graduate from Princeton, and went to fight in the war afterwards. Both Kerry and Jesse were claimed by the war and somewhere the world has swallowed up Burne. Beatrice died just before the war and left me with little. Also the Monsignor passed away which was very disheartening. I dabbled in advertisement for a while until the frustration that I spent thousands to obtain an education only to earn thirty-five dollars a week. Those who had worked five years only earned fifteen, so I knew I had no future in such an occupation so I calmly quit. It also did not help that Rosalind left days earlier.

Looking back, I do not wish to be where I was before I lost my youth, but instead during my first three entries, where I was losing it. More simply it is like a dish of candy. After eating, upon the unpleasant bloated feeling, one does not wish to be at the time before one ate the candy but instead eating and enjoying each piece.

As someone who is reading this can tell I have learned much through the years. One thing is that many in the middle class who are opinionated are very hypocritical. They complain about such things as the brutality of the Prussians, and in the next minute are speaking of exterminating the entire German race. I discussed such things with, who I found out to be, Mr. Ferrenby, Jesse's father. I also explained the cycle that we happen to be setting up. We do not want to pay the uneducated, but in turn, they cannot get a good education for their own children. This creates a cycle that cannot be broken until we give a better chance for an education for everyone.

I am at present not especially well financially. But as I wander around with decreasing money, I think much more than I ever have. I will share my ideas with all who wish to hear them, and though I will eventually get a job, for now I am content with wandering and thinking. The ride I have received from a quiet gentleman is now over and I must stop writing now. I only have time for a parting phrase: I know myself but that is all. Goodbye.


Amory Blaine