A/N: Hello Bleach fans, or to be more specific, Ichigo x Unohana fans! well actually welcome anyone who decides to read this. a few notes before the beginning. 1.) This Chapter is a bit rushed. Details for how the war ended are a little scetchy but will be fleshed out later in this fic. 2.) IchiUno is one of my favorite crack pairings and I am a Die Hard IchiHime shipper so it was hard to write some of the later events. Now without furter adue, the first Chapter of "Strawberry Medicine" titled "Me and my two faced friends"

Ichigo sat in his room, resting, that's pretty much what he did now a day. The winter war was over and Aizen surrendered after Ichigo, the Soul Society, and the Vizards stopped him from creating the Kings Key and trying to take the throne of the Soul King. Even he had to admit it was kind of boring now that nothing was happening, well besides the fact that Renji and Rukia finally got together, even Ichigo could see that they were meant for each other. Ichigo was finishing up his homework when he noticed a black butterfly was flying around outside his window.

"That's…a hell butterfly!" he said as he stuck out his hand.

"Ichigo Kurosaki" Captain General Yammmotos voice came from the butterfly, "we Request your immediate presence in the soul society for an emergency meeting. A Spirit gate is awaiting you outside Kisuke Urahara's shop, take it and a guide will escort you to the Captains meeting room." The butterfly flew off Ichigo's finger, having done it's job and Ichigo sighed as he opened a drawer and reached for a small green pill, it was Kon in his original form. Ichigo swallowed the mod soul forcing his soul out of his body.

"Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone, ok Kon?" Ichigo said gripping the handle of Zangetsu threateningly.

"Yeah sure, at least you finished your homework before you the switch, now I can just relax" Kon sighed pleasantly as he pulled a Manga magazine form underneath Ichigo's bed and began to read it. Ichigo knew that wouldn't last long, but he was very anxious to know what the soul society wanted. After a few flash steps Ichigo was outside the Urahara Shoten and outside was the entire Shoten staff was outside,

"I see you've been practicing you flash steps Ichigo, you might even be able to keep up with me one day" Yoruichi said with a wink, teasing the young soul reaper.

"No, I am not playing tag with you, not after that last game" Ichigo shuddered remembering the events of his first game of tag with Yoruichi, the goddess of Flash. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind as he walked towards the Spirit gate and followed the Hell butterfly through it. He still hated the tunnels connecting the two worlds, and remembered almost being killed the first time. The entrance to the soul society came into view, the light at the end of the tunnel, literally.

Ichigo was already inside the Sereitei when he emerged from the gate, and Rukia was waiting for him. "Ichigo, follow me" she said, her face just as anxious as his was.

"Do you know what this meeting is about Rukia?" Ichigo asked her, only for her to shake her head no. At that point Ichigo began running different scenarios in his head. Did they want him to give up his powers? Were they going to kill him for being a soul reaper and a hollow? Were they going to make him reproduce little Vizards to be sued for their own military gain? "Wait a minute" he thought, "I'm over thinking this, it won't be that bad, they probably just want to thank me for all my help with stopping Aizen and give him some medal of honor. Minutes began to feel like days to Ichigo, never in his life had he been so nervous, it was almost like he wasn't himself. When they finally reached the captains meeting room, Rukia stopped about ten feet short.

"The meeting room is inside that door." She said with indifference covering her tone, she looked away from him, with a slight smile appearing on her face. She got rid of it in time before Ichigo saw her face again when he pushed against the gigantic doors. Inside he saw 8 captains waiting for him, headed by the old man.

"Welcome, Ichigo Kurosaki, I take it you are wondering why you are here" Yammamoto asked him as he made his way into the room and stood in the middle, with all eyes on him, he could just feel the giant Reiatsu around him, almost suffocating if it weren't for his own massive amount.

"You could say that" Ichigo said softly, eyeing everyone in the room until Yammamoto let out a chuckle.

"I can see you are trying very hard not forget to breathe, it's alright if you let your Reiatsu out to feel comfortable" he said, eye closed, but Ichigo felt as though he was glaring holes in him. Accepting the invitation Ichigo let out a little of his own Reiatsu and just as the old man said he was a little more comfortable, until he noticed some of the Captains grimace slightly. Ichigo then realized he had let some of his hollow Reiatsu loose and it gave the captains an uneasy feeling.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to let that out" he said but Yammamoto raised his hand.

"It's alright, that is the very thing that we have called you here for, young Kurosaki." Yammamoto started, "The very nature of your powers is akin to that of the Arrancar, which you helped us defeat in the winter war a few weeks ago. We are aware that the original power you received from Rukia Kuchiki was stripped of you and when trying to regain your powers you entered the hollow transformation and regained your powers at the same time. That being the scenario, you are allowed to retain your powers, both has a hollow and Soul Reaper"

Ichigo let out a sigh of relief at least that one scenario wasn't going to come true where they all beat him into submission and removed his powers.

"But, in exchange for keeping your powers, you must give up your life as a human and join one of the Gotei 13 Squads" as soon as Yammamoto finished his statement Ichigo's eyes widened as much as they could.

"Are you kidding me old man?!" Ichigo growled the black Reiatsu leaking from inside Ichigo.

"I understand your anger at this situation, but, in all fairness if you stayed in the real world, and giving your lack of Reiatsu control, you would undoubtedly grant all of Karakura town the same power as yourself over time and I doubt a city full of Soul Reaper and Hollow Hybrids would be very good for the world of the living. With your level of power, on the other hand, you are automatically up for one of the vacant captain spots. You will be able to select seated officers for your squad and pick your own lieutenant; you'll have full control over everyone in your squad." Ichigo let the thought roll over him like a wave in the ocean. Full choice over all 20 seated officers…he realized he had a lot of convincing to do.

"…Alright…I accept, I'll join the Gotei 13" he said, "And you said I can pick anyone for my squad right?" he asked receiving a nod from the Head Captain. "Alright, I'll need to return to the world of the living, to say my goodbyes"

"the Gate you used to come here is still active, you may use to say goodbye to those close to you." Yammamoto said as he banged his cane on the ground. "We will assign you your Squad when you return, you have 24 hours. Ichigo bowed respectfully to the head captain and made his exit with a flash step outside, discovering Rukia with her ear pressed on the doors.

"What do we have here?" Ichigo blurted out, causing Rukia to hit her head on the door and fall on her back, "you knew didn't you? You were just waiting to see my reaction huh?" he said picking her up by the collar.

"Well my big brother might have mentioned it a few days ago, so yes I knew, Congratulations I guess." She said somewhat sadly until Ichigo laughed.

"What are you getting sad because if I'm a captain you can't be around me anymore, are you worried I might forget you?" he teased sticking his tongue out at her.

"As if I'd miss you, you rude, arrogant, meat head!" she said kicking him in the shins.

"Why you midget!" he said as he spiked her on the ground like a football, leaving her in a heap on the ground. "I guess I should find someone else to make my third seat then!"

Rukia's head shot up from the ground, "did you say…third seat?" she looked up at Ichigo with joyful eyes, "I've never been up for a seat that high, I would be glad to be your third seat!...hey wait why aren't I a lieutenant? Doesn't killing an Espada count for anything?"

"You would be, but I have someone special I'd like for my lieutenant." He said looking off into the sky. "Well I need to go back home and say goodbye to everyone, you want to tag along, third seat?" he asked as he started walking back the way they came earlier.

"Ichigo, about the third seat…my brother will never let me accept. He made a promise to my sister on her death bed that he'd protect me at all costs, and there's a lot of danger involved in being a third seat…" Rukia eyes fell to her feet, just imagining Byakuya's reaction to her being promoted to a third seat; it was filled with cherry blossom petals flying all across the Sereitei.

"Please!" Ichigo said, his tone bathed in defiance, "if he says no I'll beat him down until I hear a yes!" he said throwing punches at the air to further make his point, leaving Rukia only to laugh at his brash, yet slightly arrogant, statement. They reached the gate and went through like usual and reemerged outside the Urahara shop.

"Sooo Ichigo, how'd business in the Soul Society turn out?" Urahara asked waving his fan in front of his face, acting as if he didn't already know, and received an elbow to the face." Aggressive as always, Ichigo" he said rubbing the blood away from his nose. "I take it you accepted their offer for captaincy. Since you will no longer be living amongst, well, the living…"

"Sure, you can preserve my body in case I want to come visit anyone" Ichigo said taking Urahara's hint. The shopkeeper rejoiced saying something about a new invention that needed to be tested, but Ichigo had already left earshot to get down to what he wanted to do. Recruit.

"Shinji get your lazy ass up and get us lunch" Hiyori said as she dug around in her ear with her pinkie.

"Now now, is that anyway to talk to the man whose saved you twice now, first when we got out hollow powers and in the war against Aizen?" Shinji asked, and he was right, he took an enhanced Cero from the first, second, and third Espadas that was aimed at Hiyori.

"I didn't ask for your help dick head, now get me some lunch!!" she aimed a sandal at Shinji but he ducked. Ever since the war he always knew when to anticipate her strikes, virtually ending the abuse she gave him. As Hiyori continued to swipe at Shinji a huge Reiatsu fell upon the Vizards hideout weighing them down.

"That feels like…Ichigo" Lisa said as Ichigo's presence made her drop her magazine. Sure enough to her guess Ichigo came down the steps. The Vizards were still recovering from their injuries from the final battles. Kensei was nursing shoulder injuries on both arms, after facing down his former squad member Tosen, both of whom were unconcious after the battle, but it was Tosen, who when it looked like all was lost for the soul society, activated his Bankai and gave his Zanpakuto to Ichigo so that he could navigate the dark hell. Lisa was the one who took the least amount of damage, because she and Shunsui hadn't fallen out of sync after the hundreds of years and they defeated Stark and Lilinet with ease. They all looked at Ichigo like they were welcoming home a hero, they were saved from hiding from the soul society and were granted freedom from the crimes of obtaining Hollow powers.

"Hey guys, It's been a while" he said as they all gathered around him.

"What brings you back baldy?" Hiyori asked as she smacked Ichigo with her sandal, at least she could hit him.

"Ouch Dammit...well, I'll get to the point. I'm going to live in the soul Society from now on and…I want you guys to be in my Squad when I become captain."