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"Getsuga Cero!" Ichigo launched his finishing attack as soon as he realized what was happening. A Captain who defeated an Espada he lost to, a captain level Shinigami who was hard enough to beat when he was holding back, a Shinigami who could suck his reiatsu out of him in an instant and a wild card he hadn't fought yet, all aiming to kill him.

"Dragon wave!" Kenpachi was holding his Bankai when Ichigo turned the corner and launched his new signature move. Both blasts collided in mid air, and just like the duel, the Getsuga Cero overpowered the dragon wave and headed for the top brass of the 11th Division.

"Childs play!" Ikkaku and Yumichika stepped in front of the Cero and both slapped it away with their Zanpakuto.

"I thought the 11th Division didn't interfere in each other's battles!"

"We're not interfering; we're all going to fight you, at once!" Ikkaku activated his Shikai, Hozikimaru.

"We've banded together to get the ultimate revenge on you for what you did to our Captains family." Yumichika activated his Zanpakuto's nicknamed Shikai.

"He CHALLENGED me to the damn duel! He held my mother over my head until I agreed! You have to be one sick son of a bitch to do that to a 16 year old kid who feels responsible for her being in the soul society in the first place. Have you ever thought about how I feel? If you wanted to fight my ressurecion form in a duel all you had to do was ask! I don't know what it is about people who want to fight me! They go through all these aggravating means to get what they want when all they have to do is ask! You wanted it and you got it and I put you in a Coma, until now it seems. You held your marriage to my mother over my head like it was raw meat to a wild Animal. I wouldn't hate you if you'd come out and told me about her like a man; you obviously knew since our last names matched up. Yet you have to take revenge on me and My Division; knowing all the while I have Captain Level Shinigami and an Espada level Arrancar as my officers. You're sending your own squad to their death to get revenge on me! Y'know, you're lucky I told them to spare everyone's life from the 6th seed down, so you should THANK me for making sure you still have a division, Because unlike you, I'm a GREAT Captain, who learns from what he does and who it hurts. You…you're just psychotic killer who will use someone's breathing as a reason to fight them, and you've spread this to your entire division and they're paying for it now, but you don't care, you'd send everyone to that same fate just to fight someone that you can't beat! I bet you'd even send my mother to that wouldn't you, you bastard!"

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Kenpachi slammed his scythe onto the ground, fuming from an anger Ichigo stirred up with his speech. "You think you know me do ya Ichigo. You don't know as much as you think you do. Sure, I love to fight; it makes me extremely happy to be in combat. But, there is one thing that makes me happier than fighting and that's Masaki. I made up for causing her amnesia, and she fell in love with me. I had no idea who you were until you raided the soul society and by then she was Masaki Zaraki, not Kurosaki. I had no Idea you were related until she told me once she was transferred to your division. I trusted her to be under your leadership, and I didn't want everyone to think she was getting promoted because of our marriage. Does this shock you Ichigo? That I'm as much of a person as you are? This is about our duel, this is revenge for stealing my wife from me without the whole story, My family, the entire 11th Division, is taking revenge on your for hurting one of us!"

Ikkaku and Yumichika lunged at Ichigo, ready to strike while he was still caught up in Kenpachi's speech. A loud clang filled the corridor, from swords smashing against each other.

"You think you're the only division that's like a family?" Shinji and Hiyori kicked Yumichika and Ikkaku away from Ichigo and raised their swords. "The closest family is the Vizards and that includes Ichigo, you fuck with him, you fuck with the rest of us." Kensei and Mashiro turned the corner, both sweating slightly, and Mashiro kicked a random 11th Division member, that was hanging on her leg, into the wall.

"Ah, we have a little five on four going on here. How about this Ichigo, since you seem to think you're a better Captain than I am, let's Take this to the execution hill and have a battle of leadership, chess as you call it in the world of the living. You command your subordinates to do something and match it up against my leadership skills. You want to be a great captain, show me what you've got then!"

Ichigo glared daggers into Kenpachi. What was he trying to pull? Starting a war only to end it with human chess? He must have been trying to insult Ichigo's intelligence and prowess in combat to think he'd need to use others o fight his battle. "you must think I'm some sort of coward" Ichigo began to charge up another Cero in his horns, "You start this little civil war, insult my reasons for fighting, and then you want me to fight using someone else?! I don't get you Kenpachi, you're flip flopping from malicious demon, to caring family man and devoted husband. I'm still waiting for you to stab me while my back is turned" the Cero was starting to grow in size.

"I'm full of surprises Ichigo, I told you that you didn't know everything about me, and it's shocking to find out I'm more than just a warrior and that I'm giving you an option other than fighting this out. You're in your hollow form so I know you're in the mood for a fight and you don't know if you're ready to throw away your best weapon." Kenpachi started to smirk as he got on his roll, "I'll say it clearly for you, do you want to finish this with a fight, or do you wanna talk this out with reason, like you said in our earlier fight during your raid." Kenpachi's Scythe reverted back to a Katana, a sure sign of a cease fire because not even Kenpachi could stand up to Ichigo's ressurecion without it. "Stand down guys" Yachiru, Ikkaku, and Yumichika sealed their swords and sheathed them.

"…You're serious about this aren't you?" the Cero in Ichigo's horns began to shrink and his mask began to fade off of his face. "Ok…you want to talk, let's talk."

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