One moment you are on top of the world, the next moment, you falling down into the hard pavement. Talk about total irony, cause' that's what happened to your dear narrator, me, the clown price of crime, The Joker. I was just putting smiles on many peoples faces, of course forcefully. But where's the fun of doing it by asking. That's when the Bat appeared, let's face it. He's a great guy to play with, but he can be a real party pooper.......Which happens to be most of the time. So me and Bat-fart had a little squabble, but then i took a wrong step and down i went. Then it was all blackness. That's when i woke up in the first room.

I looked around the room and moved my jaw with hand, the slits on my cheeks made my a jaw move a little looser, but overall i was fine. I then checked my head, no damage done. But the thing that i was more confused was that i was in a room. Looked like a apartment, not bad looking place. Not my taste in wallpaper, but it looked good. But there was something familiar about this room, that's when i seen the picture frame. It was of a man and woman and they were happy together. There was no way i was back here.

"The past can be a real stab in the stomach......"

I turned around to see the man from the picture sitting on a chair staring right at me. He was smiling right at me, no, scratch that.......I was staring at myself, before the accident. There was no way he could be back. He died that night, just his presence made my spine chilled, which i might add never happened before. He then stood up and cracked his neck as he spoke.

"But then again, who am i to know how getting stabbed feels."

I looked at him, then checked my head again. See if there was real damage done, which there wasn't so......Well i don't know what was going on. So i got up, took out a knife and pointed at him.

"Ok, i don't know what's going on here, maybe the fall may have done some damage. But i know for a proven fact that you ain't real." I said as i pointed the knife at him while my hand was shaking.

The other me, well i'll call him Marcus, makes it easier. Marcus then walked around the room, going up to the wall. He then grabbed it and looked at it while smiling. Then he looked at me and said as he pointed to the side of his head.

"Well in your head, i'm real. But your head may be more damaged than you think. May not be able to wake up."

I looked at Marcus with a confused look.

"What do you mean "May not be able to wake up?". You saying i'm in a coma?" I asked.

Marcus then laughed his head off (Had a bit of my laugh in there, funny.) and got a coy smile on his face.

"I mean you're in a coma, that fall you had when fighting that bat dressed bastard. Totally knocked you outta your head, and you ain't gonna wake up." He said.

Shocked out of my mind, i grabbed Marcus and held the knife to his thoat. I growled as i peered into his eyes.

"You're full of shit."

Marcus looked at my knife, then back at me and laughed a bit.

"You're gonna try to kill yourself, yeah. Real fucking smart of ya'. What's next, gonna try to play jump rope with our intestines? You wanna wake up, listen to what i have to say."

I looked at him with my knife still at his neck. Then gave a thought to myself, then looked at Marcus with a question look and i asked him something.

"How am i gonna wake up? tell me now!"

Well, more like demanded the answer, but same thing. Marcus grabbed the knife by the blade, took it out of my hands and pointed to the couch and told me to sit there which i did. I watched him hold the knife by the blade and watched the blood drip from his hands. He then grabbed the chair he was sitting on before when i woke up and put it in front of me. He then sat down and smiled at me.

"Well well well, look who's anxious. If you want out, just go though 5 rooms and you'll wake up."

I looked at Marcus with a confused face as he wrapped up his hand wound with a towel.

"You're joking."

He looked at me with a deadpan look.

"So says the guy nicknamed the Joker?"

I sighed as i looked at the ground while fiddling with my piercings that held my cheeks up. I could feel the piercings moving around.

"Okay, got me there."

He then gave a small laugh and went up to the front door and looked at me.

"Good, but when you go though the rooms, each room has a person that has......Similar interests just like us. Let's say they're like a different persona in your mind. In a twisted way, i'm one of them."

I looked and smiled as i went up to him waving my hands in a jokey way.

"So what, one is all happy while another is very depressed, another is lovey dovey, so on, so forth."

Marcus shook his head as he looked at the ground then patted my shoulder and smiled again.

"No, it's not like that stereotypical BS you see on those movies, they're like you. Only more different in their own special way."

I looked at the door and decided to go to the next room, but i stopped and looked at Marcus one last time.

"Any more info?"

Marcus started to think as he scratched his hair.

"Ahh.....Let's see......Oh! I would watch yourself when with these guys, may seem safe. But they will strike against ya'. Even the harmless acting one with attempt to attack ya'."

I was offset at that last part.

"Harmless one?"

Marcus shook his head and laughed, then looked at me.

"Yeah, he tried to do these scams that may make him look like some giggling pussy who would try to turn the water in the ocean into jelly, but get him pissed off enough and he'll will gut ya'."

Even i was surprised hearing that, but pushed it to the side.

"Well, we all have a little killer jester within us. Anyone else i should be careful about."

Marcus looked at his wounded hand and counted down something, then looked at me.

"Ah, let's see. There's that kooky one, there's the one who acts like a gentleman who likes art, but will fry ya' with a killer handbuzzer if he had the chance. Then there's the one who likes to keep thing traditional, but was crazy enough to actually brainwash the Boy Wonder to making him into a "Joker Jr.", cool huh. There's the one who's unkept and is very wild. But....."

Marcus got close to me and a very serious look on his face, last one must be a bog one. More fun for me.

".....The last one, you have to be careful. The rest compared to him, don't even measure up to him. Zero empathy, schizophrenic, anarchic to the extreme. Watch yourself with him."

I had a little notepad with smiley faces on the cover and wrote what he said not giving a damn.

"Whatever you say."

I then grabbed the door handle and opened the door. A blank abyss was all that was there, then Marcus pushed me in. It was total blackness....Again, i was starting to hate it. Then i heard a voice speak to me as i opened my eyes.

"Well, look at this face job."

I was now looking up into the face of a man, but he wasn't a normal man. He had the looks of a man in his 40's, maybe in his 50's. But his skin was chalk white, his lips were disfigured that gave a messed up smile. Looked like a hack surgery job. But his "lips" were ruby red and his hair was green. He spoke some more words that confused me.

"I gotta say, not a fan of the mini-scars you have. But the way you have the piercings holding up the cheeks and the slits not being healed. Also the paintjob and dyed hair being roughly done. From a artist's point of view, i love it. Original.

I looked confused as he started to pull a piercing, then walked away.

"Thanks, the hair and paintjob's permament. Chemical reaction with the dye and make-up.

I got up, looked around the room which seemed like a twisted art gallery done by Charlie-fucking-Manson with smiles spray-painted on them. I then looked back at the guy who was now dancing to Prince (Out of all the music to be playing.), waving a cane around. I was confused, then it hit me.

"Wait a sec. You're me, just all......Fancy in a serial killer way."

He then bowed while swinging cane around more.

"Thank you, name's "Jack Napier" and i prefer the term "homicidal artist".

End of part 1, part 2 will come soon. (A/N- The next chapter will have
Jack Nicholson's "Joker" from 1989's "Batman" movie. If you can't tell, the main Joker used is my version of the Joker used in "Joker: Pain And Laughter.". and "Marcus" is Joker before the accident. There's another fanfic script I did that's on my "" profile. That's where the other fanfic is. Peace- Jac AKA jc013.)