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She wasn't a woman. She was a creature. The only way I knew it was a woman was by the hair and oddly textured breasts. My defensive form fell.

"I'm going to help mother rule this planet. I'm with her now." I shook my head once.

"No," I replied easily. "You aren't." His gaze turned to mine and our gazes locked again.

"And you're going to stop me? A pathetic replica of perfection. You're nothing. Trash. A poor excuse for a SOLDIER. You should have never become a SOLDIER. But then again what would you have done as an even poorer excuse for a woman? You aren't worthy of calling yourself one her children, let alone a SOLDIER. How you survived this long I barely know, but no need to worry now. You'll die easily enough," He moved with such speed and grace in real life that I barely managed to block his attack. His words were hitting home. I know it wasn't the Sephiroth I knew speaking anymore, but it came from his lips. His voice, his lips had told me that I was worthless. I wasn't worthy of being in SOLDIER. The problem with fighting without thinking is that you make mistakes and Sephiroth easily threw my sword away from me. Words still slipped through his lips, insults to everything I stood for. To entice me into fighting him. More than anything else, it seemed to crumble my confidence. Everything I was confident in fell with a sentence from him.

I didn't understand why his words tore me apart, but it sunk in to my head that it was because of what he meant to me. He meant so much to me that his words hit home. I knew I shouldn't listen to him. I should have ignored his words because they meant nothing coming from him now. He was a traitor, he was a murderer, and seemingly psychotic. But it was his voice… It was his lips. His face… His eyes that I locked with angrily. His sword that I clashed with. He knew everything I knew. He had taught me nearly everything I knew. Many of my stances and moves had come from him. He gained an upper hand on me and I jumped away with gritted teeth. He followed, seeming to glide after me. The fight continued, I tried to use the tubing to my advantage, but in the end much of it either was sliced away or crushed beneath my feet. During the fight, for a split second, I remembered the first time him and me sparred together. Laughter and images flashed by me. In my heart, I knew he would stop. In my head, I knew he wouldn't. This wasn't Sephiroth anymore, not the Sephiroth I knew.

In the end... My sword ended up firmly stuck to the wall somewhere behind me. I tried to remember exactly how I had lost it.

We landed on the platform with the blue woman there. I had blocked a slice from above, tilted my sword down to block another stab. Spun it to catch his sword as he sliced from another direction and with a flick it was gone. I stared into those green eyes, my gaze frozen. My thoughts were spinning around what had just happened, what he had just said to me. When I came back to myself I looked at him with sad eyes, but there was a sinister grin. I looked at him curiously, sadly; my head tilted until I followed his eyes down. His sword… he twisted it and I felt something burn. I followed the length of his sword with my eyes until I saw it pierced through my chest.

No words came from my lips, but I was confused. I didn't even feel it. He pushed towards me, and I could feel the length of his sword continuing its path through my chest just on the inside of my breasts. It was close to my heart, having just barely missed it. I felt it slice through me, the pain having yet to sink in. He stopped as the hilt pressed into my bust. He was in my face, his silver hair tickling me.

"Die," he whispered. It was then I felt it. The full extent of his sword running me through. My body seemed to notice the power that entered me, and seemed to embrace it rather than reject it. He pulled the length of his sword from my body. I cried out in pain, blood bursting from my lips to cover my cheeks, chin and lips. My body, no longer numb with shock at what he had said and done, felt the pain course through me. He stabbed me once more at a sharp angle from my stomach through me until he could see his sword coming out my back. I felt myself cough up more blood, nearly choking on it as he ripped his sword out.

I didn't know when I had started crying, but now I was. "Seph…iroth…" I gargled out. I stumbled trying to keep my feet beneath me but I felt my strength going away, the same way my will to fight this man all but disappeared. All I could do was stand there and cry at his words, at his actions, at his betrayal. A kick sent me smashing towards the entrance to this area. I could barely move, and no longer had the will. I had given up in this fight. I could have kept fighting. I know I could have. I've been hurt worse, much worse and I kept fighting. I could have jumped away gritting the pain away, grabbed for my sword and lunged at him screaming.

I was never one to use energy bursts like Sephiroth and occasionally Zack did. But I could have used one then to confuse him long enough to get behind him and pull Harpenger up behind him—But that fight was over. I was lying on the floor, the red tube leading to the woman in my sights. My blood was pooling, I could taste it in my mouth.

As I laid there I thought, more than anything right now I didn't want to fight the man I had grown to care for. He was important to me in so many ways. I knew I wouldn't be able to and I came running up those stairs fully aware that my resolve would crumble. I was surprised I managed to fight for so long, but his words about Zack egged me on. I couldn't stand to hear anyone talk about him that way. He was doing it on purpose; it was the only thing that made me fight harder. My eyelids fell heavily over my eyes some.

Then his boots came into view and he lifted me by my neck with a vicious sneer. He was choking me, as if the blood gargling in my throat, and the pain shooting from my torso wasn't enough. My thoughts and sight were sluggish. Everything was slowing down and getting blurry. I felt my eyebrows furrow in pain as he choked me, my hands reached up slowly to try and stop his grip. My fight with him had hurt him more than he seemed to admit. I had hit him a few times, I could smell his blood…barely. My eyes flicked down to see a few slices along his torso, thigh, arm and leg. I didn't even notice I had hurt him and he certainly didn't act hurt.

My vision turned blurry, as he choked me into unconsciousness. Then as if reconsidering his thoughts he kicked me out of the room he was in, sending me tumbling down the stairs, bruising my body, breaking bones and making the bleeding worse. My head felt unbearably heavy, but I tilted it enough to see Zack through strands of my blood covered hair. The static and the sound of metal being scraped hit my ears eventually. My blurry eyesight managed to see him crumble on the ground, having found the will to get out of the destroyed pod. I didn't know how far away he was.

I started to feel as if I was experiencing this from a third person's point of view. I think it was mental rejection. Everything was happening so slow and I felt numb again. I was motionless, alive but dead inside. I had suffered the ultimate form of betrayal.

"Evie, please…" I heard Zack voice. I felt his hand on mine. I wondered briefly if my hand had fallen that way or if I had stuck it out to reach him. I wasn't sure either way… I lifted my eyes to where I thought he was.

"Za..Zack…I'm…so," I coughed violently. Feeling blood escape my lips again, and my wounds sear with pain. It centered me. It brought my mind back to my body. I connected back with my limbs, my numbness forgotten at hearing Zack's voice. The unbearable pain in my body brought my senses back. Slowly I came back to myself. It was too late to fight now. The wounds Sephiroth inflicted weren't going to heal. "so… sorry." My eyes locked with Zack's. He had one eye open, the other covered in his own blood.

"Don't be… I knew… you couldn't… Eves," His words were choppy but I knew what he was saying. He didn't blame me for losing. He didn't blame me for just accepting my fate. He understands this betrayal. He himself had experienced it. His gloved hand squeezed my own, it hurt, the pain shooting down my arm, but I was silent. I couldn't hear from the blood rushing around my body.

I thought about my sword. I thought about getting up and trying to keep fighting. I thought about trying, for Zack's sake. I couldn't let him die here. I couldn't let him die.

Then there was movement, someone else had come. Cloud, I could sense him… something was different though. It was a mix between adrenaline and the Mako energy. He ran past us, and I heard the sound of glass breaking. He came back moving past both Zack and I to check up on Tifa. It was very endearing.

The sound of feet nearing us reached my ears, and I lifted my head, slowly. Trying to see Sephiroth as he stumbled towards us. The wounds I had inflicted on him, the wounds Zack had inflicted on him and now with the stab through his torso by Cloud, he was barely able to walk. I guess even he had his limits.

"How dare you…!" that deep voice I knew so well reached my ears.

Zack spoke from next to me, "Cloud… finish Sephiroth off.." It was hard for him to move let alone breathe, how did he manage to make it towards me enough to grasp my hand? A surge of pain caused me to cough, my blood splattering on the stairs beneath my face. Cloud's voice reached my ears, and then there it was again that spike in his body. As if an unexplainable power was in him.

I felt my heart fall at the sound of Cloud's cry. Sephiroth had flung him into the room with the blue woman…Jenova. Black started pulling into my gaze. The blood loss and pain was too much for my body to keep functioning consciously. I heard the sound of Cloud's body hitting the steel as he fell and the sound of Sephiroth's footsteps as he moved to get rid of him. It was gut-wrenching knowing that no matter how much I willed myself to get up and help him. I couldn't; my body would no longer listen.

There were words, words I could no longer hear. Blood dribbled down from my mouth, something in my senses locating all of my injuries. A crash… a loud crash… some stumbling, then Zack's voice. I managed to look up to see Cloud had joined us on the stairs. Blood flowing from his own wounds. You could hear all of the blood pooling and dripping to the floor. I wondered briefly if Tifa was alright, it was no use. My thoughts couldn't connect. I was losing consciousness. We were going to die, and I had never told Zack how much I loved him. How much I wanted to be his girlfriend, how long I've felt this way… nothing.

"," I tried choking out. I could hear my voice in my head, but I wasn't sure if I had actually spoken. I could feel something moving towards my body. Then there was a hand on my face, I think. I fought to pull my hand out from under me and grasp it back. The more I tried to move it, the more I lost consciousness. I wasn't giving up, not now. I'm a SOLDIER. My hand was covered in blood, but I managed to get it out from underneath me, just enough to grasp the hand touching me fondly, and press it closer to my face.

I felt myself try to breath, and ended up choking on my own blood again. I gained enough strength to squint my eyes to see Zack had reached out for me, and for Cloud. It was all I could manage.

For a moment, consciousness pulled at me, just enough to hear some things and see others. I was being lifted, there was breathing, heavy breathing; I recognized that presence as Zack.

"Look at the mess he's made of her. She had such promise… maybe another test subject then… to follow with the others, to the basement of the mansion with her," I recognized that wheezing.

"Is it necessary for all of this?" I recognized that voice as well… Tseng. He was here. He would take us to Shinra and everything would be alright. My energy along with my little consciousness faded gradually. "She doesn't deserve…."

"I will… none…return… disposal."

"Wait," then a hand, brushing my blood covered hair from my face. "I'm so sorry Evie."