This story has been in my head for a while. I got inspired by a combination of two things; a fic I read where Bella got a letter before her wedding, and "Halo" by Beyonce (not really a big Beyonce fan, but there's just something about that song...). Be warned, it's all about love and romance, in other words very sweet. If that's not your thing, don't read it.

Needless to say, I don't own any of the characters (if I did, I sure wouldn't be here making up romantic E/B-scenes...)

Hope you enjoy it!

Edward - my dearest, my love…

I was alone - Edward was out hunting with his brothers, and Nessie was spending time with Esme and Rosalie back at the house. I had this moment to myself, and I was going to put it to good use.

It was the day before our fifth wedding anniversary. I knew Edward had plans, but of course he wouldn't let me in on any details. We were going away, just the two of us, that much I knew. I was secretly hoping for a trip back to Isle Esme - we hadn't had the chance to visit it since our honeymoon…

The thought brought me back to the letter at hand. On our wedding day, Edward had given me an amazing gift - one that I still took out, very often. On the outside, it looked very simple - it was just a letter, after all - but I knew it was so much more. In the letter, Edward had told me everything - everything he felt, all his fears and hopes for our future life, memories from our time together… He often told me he loved me, and showed me in every action, too, but still this letter felt special. He had managed to put it all into words, beautiful words that made me cry back then, and still would have, had it been possible.

And now, I was trying to create something similar to present to my husband on our wedding anniversary. I knew I could never be as good with my words as he was, but I still hoped that I could show him even a fraction of what I felt, and make him understand, somehow…

Do you remember the day we were married? Silly me, of course you do, and much better than I do, I know. I've been thinking a lot about that day lately, and especially about the letter you gave me. I still read it, often. You prove your love to me every day, but I still like to see it all summed up so beautifully in that letter of yours.

I still remember the first time I saw you… I hope you're not still dwelling on what could have happened that day - I don't, I never did. Even after we got to know each other better, you still kept up the strong walls you had built around yourself. I'm glad they finally came down - I know you were still doubting our relationship, us, a long time after you'd let me in, but I never did. I trusted you, long before you learned to trust yourself.

I told you, that night in the restaurant, that you dazzled me frequently. You always did, and still do. You never believed me when I told you how perfect you were, are - you saw yourself as a monster. I hope your vision of yourself has changed somewhat since that day - I believe it has. I want you to see yourself as what you really are - I knew I didn't get a man the day I married you; I really, truly got an angel.

We've both learned the hard way that we can't live without each other. You are my sun - I have to stand in your light in order to survive, you could say I'm addicted to it. You were always worried about me, even when we were together - you always reminded yourself, and often me, of the risk I was putting myself in, you were putting me in, when I was close to you. I was glad to take that risk - I told you, that first day in the meadow, that I would rather die than stay away from you. It might have been part-joke then, but only in part, and it's been true ever since.

I know you had your fears about changing me, even after you'd agreed to it. Apart from everything else, I know you were afraid that I wouldn't love you anymore, even though you denied it when I asked. I was scared, too. I knew how strong my love was, our love was, but I had no way of knowing how I would turn out after the change. But after I opened my eyes for the first time to my new life, and saw you, I felt like I'd been sleeping, and was finally awake. I had always thought you were the most perfect thing on earth, but then, I saw how wrong I had been - you are even more! Seeing you properly for the first time, it was overwhelming - and even though I had thought it impossible until then, I felt our love grow even stronger at that moment.

As I watch you now, after five years together as husband and wife, I still feel the same way. You dazzle me, your light almost blinds me, and I feel pulled towards it. Our combined love for our daughter makes our bond even stronger - and how I love watching you with her. Our daughter is truly a blessing, one I thought I would never have - as is our love.

You are all that I need, and our love is amazingly strong, as it always has been. I can see your love written in your face every time you look at me, and wherever I am, I can feel you embrace. I am surrounded by your love every moment of my existence. My only hope is that you can feel my love, too - I'm sure you must, since this much love could never be held inside a single body.

I want to thank you for yesterday, for today, and for an eternity of tomorrows. Never forget or doubt that I love you, as I will love you for the rest of our days - eternity.

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