Guess who's back?!

(Good guess)

A/N: Okay, I was trying to find a different outlook for the relationship between KyoXYuya. I noticed that almost all of the relationships between the two of them are lovey-dovey (And I am totaly guilty of making half of mine like that) and I wanted to try to... go for a feel where they weren't so close.

Theme: Sad, Angst

Warning: Violent, angsty, but consentual (NO RAPE!) sex.

Description: He wanted to hate her...



Kyo breathed heavily though his clenched teeth as he roughly shoved himself into her before she was ready. She whimpered and her breath caught in her throat. He closed his eyes and concentrated on fueling all of his frustration, and anger into his thrusts.

He wanted to hate her!

He wanted her to fear him!

He wanted her to run away and never come back!

Instead she snaked her arms up around his shoulders and pulled him down to her.

He was still dressed, only moving his clothing out of the way to allow his erection to penetrate where it was needed. She was completely undressed and bared out to him, not even seeming to care how rough he was being with her.

He let out a rough growl-like sound to bellow out through his teeth as he angrily snatched her arms off of him and thrust harder. She flinched and tears pricked her eyes, her whole body jolting back roughly against the wall behind her. Kyo felt something akin to guilt, but could bring himself to slow down enough to care.

He could feel himself starting to finish, starting to lose himself in the feel of her constricting around him. Kyo grunted and leaned down to her ear, desperate to prove himself wrong.

"I hate you." He hissed into her ear. She whimpered and dug her nails into his hand. He ignored it and thrust faster.

"No you don't." She panted out, looking at him with sad but loving eyes. He couldn't look away. Nothing could draw his eyes away from her endless green eyes, until they rolled back and she orgasmed. He clenched his jaw and his eyes slid shut as her walls clamped shut on his member, spasming and gushing juices over him. He rode her through it and continued to pound into her even after she was done.

He came not three seconds later, his fingers biting into her hips.

When he finished he leaned his head against the wall she was leaning on and looked down at her. She gently ran her fingers up his arm and his chest swelled to burst. He jerked himself away from her and walked out of the shed, fixing his clothing and heading for the bath house.

He wanted to hate her…

But he couldn't.



Sorry if you didn't like it. Not all of them will be this sad.