I'm not dead yet! (Well, take him around the block, he'll be dead by then)

Theme: General

Warnings: Doggy-style, and rough

Description: If she paid close enough attention, she could find out right before he went into a frenzy...



"Oh my… oh god!" Yuya groaned and rolled her forehead in the dirt of the forest floor. Behind her Kyo made a quiet grunting noise and slammed his hips against her backside again. She winced in delight as the movement jolted her forward and it sent a spike of pleasure winding its way through her body. She knew that he was nearing that stage now. That stage where he lost most of his thought and was over taken by a sort of… frenzy.

Almost on cue he stiffened.

Then he moaned.

Then he moved faster than he had before, stretching himself over her back, reaching his arms around her to squeeze her breasts and flick her nipples while he bit and licked at her neck. His hair fell around them and Yuya whimpered in delight.

He made a sort of twist with his hips and suddenly, Yuya's world went white. She screamed out his name and twisted and writhed under him, throwing her head back, while he chuckled in a darkly self satisfied way. He rode her out through her orgasm and, sometime during the middle, he came too.

Yuya collapsed, her arms and legs unable to hold her up anymore, and Kyo lay down on top of her. She closed her eyes and gulped for air. He echoed her sentiment and nuzzled her hair. The sharp scent of their sweat filled the air and she knew that she probably had dirt all over her face. Yet she was content.

Kyo lay over her for a few more minutes before grunting and sitting up; pushing himself off and away from her, and going to gather his clothing. Yuya sat up and watched him. He moved with a sort of lazy swagger that told her that he was also content.

But, then again, that's the whole point of the frenzy.


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