Shinjite Ai No Tsuzuki [Believe Love Goes On]
An Inu Yasha Fan Fiction Saga by Aoi Kami Sarah

DISCLAIMER : I don't own Inu Yasha. All fan characters property of Aoi Kami Sarah


Naraku crouched down and urged a large oni into the mouth of the cave. He waited patiently and didn't react when the sounds of struggle and pain issued forth. He hummed, his interest piqued and smirked from under his disguise. Naraku walked in front of the opening and entered the cave.
Inside, the walls were covered with shimmering slime, illuminated by magical, iridescent lanterns which lined the path. In the rear of the cavern, on bedding of satin and silk rested an incredibly beautiful, yet obviously inhuman woman. She smiled and beckoned to the hanyou. Naraku approached, gritting his teeth and staggering.
"You cannot resist me," she hissed. "I am Yuuwakusha the seductress and you are powerless to fight my charms."
"Maybe so," Naraku whispered. "But I am also not what you are looking for."
The succubus raised a brow and allowed him to stop. She shifted her weight, revealing her blue-dappled, reptilian skin. "Oh? Is that so? Then you must know that you're my next meal."
"And not much of one at that. You're going to need a thousand more youkai before you are strong enough to transform."
Naraku was beginning to aggravate the immortal. She leaned forward and frowned. "All right, thou who is so well informed, I assume that next you will tell me where to find a thousand youkai in order for me to spare your life?"
"I could do that." Naraku smiled. "But I'll do even better. I'll bring you a being perfect for your transformation."
Yuuwakusha leaned back. "And what good will that do me without the strength to transform?"
"His comrades carry a large shard of the Shinkon no Tama."
The seductress smiled. "I see."
"They will be passing by this area very soon. All you need to do is what you do best."
She raised a brow again. "Just what do you have against this individual, anyway?"
"That is my business. Here," Naraku raised a hand and they could hear a dozen youkai swarming outside the edge of the cave. "Take this gift as testament to my word."
Yuuwakusha's eyes gleamed. She began to sway in her seated position. The demons flooded in past Naraku and sat obediently at her feet. "The one you seek is called Inu Yasha and he will be here tomorrow night."
"How can you be certain?"
"I will make it so."
The succubus nodded and motioned one of the youkai forward. Her teeth grew into long, vicious fangs and her nails into hideous claws. Horns sprouted form her head of auburn hair. Her skin flashed dark blue and the pale blue spots became bony spikes. "I don't know what this Inu Yasha did to you, but if he's not the right one..." she hissed with a forked tong. The hapless youkai crawled towards her, oblivious to the grotesque. "He's lunch."

A large snake demon crashed through a house as it rampaged through a village. Kagome, Shippou and Miroku ran out of the way. Sango flew up, riding on Kirara and threw her boomerang. The snake was severed in half, but continued to flail, spurred on by the power of a Shinkon shard.
"It's in the top half!" Kagome cried. Sango caught her weapon and made for a second attack. The youkai's tail snapped at Kirara, dismounting Sango. She landed on her hands and feet and looked to her friends. The snake's head was charging towards them. Miroku prepared his void, but Kagome stepped in front of him, pulling her bow taught.
The arrow snagged the shard, dislodging it. Both halves of the snake turned to dust. Inu Yasha picked up the shard and walked to his friends.
"Good job, guys."
Kagome frowned. "You were no help!"
"You didn't need my help!" he scoffed and dropped the shard into her hands as he walked past.
Kagome blinked. 'Was that a compliment?' She shook her head. "Well, it's late. We should make camp."

It was a warm night. Kagome drifted off to sleep easily, staring at the large collection of shards around her neck. She smiled and thought that maybe there weren't that many more to collect.
Inu Yasha watched Kagome for a while before he was satisfied that she was sleeping. He walked off a bit, hopped up into a comfy tree and fell asleep.

A short while later he woke and looked around blearily for the disturbance. He saw movement and looked down. Kagome was standing at the base of the tree, waving for him to come down. Inu Yasha made a confused face, but liked the way she was smiling at him, so he dropped down and followed where she lead him.
The hanyou entered the cave, following Kagome who motioned every time he hesitated. She sat down at the back of the cave on a bed of satin and silk and beckoned to him. He sat next to her, his head full of stars. Inu Yasha looked out through half-closed eyes and tried to wake up. 'Oh well,' he thought. 'It's just a dream... a really, really good dream.' She laced her hand under his shirt, leaned forward and kissed him, passionately. Inu Yasha's heart fluttered, but he knew this wasn't real. He couldn't smell her.

Kagome woke alarmed to feel a hand groping her chest. She cried out and slapped the pervert hard across the face. He pulled away and ran off into the night. Sango and Shippou came to her aid instantly.
"What happened!? Are you all right, Kagome-chan?"
Kagome suppressed the slew of curses that formed on her tong. "That.. etchi... monk!"
"Miroku just felt me up!"
Sango turned purple with rage. "Where is he!?"
"He ran off when I hit him. He better run!" Kagome folded her arms and pouted.
"Ah! Kagome!" Shippou pointed to the young woman's chest. "The Shinkon shards!"
"What!?!" Kagome looked down, astounded. The shards were gone.
"Why did he steal them!?"
"I have no idea!"
Shippou ran to the edge of the campsite. "And where's Inu Yasha?"
"Yeah, he'd have buried Miroku by now." Sango looked around in the darkness.
"Probably wandered off. I'll go find him. You guys go after Miroku before the trail gets cold."
Sango and Shippou ran into the woods in the direction Kagome pointed to.
"Inu Yasha!" she called out. "Where are you, Inu Yasha? Why did he disappear right when we need him?" she grumbled. "He's usually so reliable..." She rounded a smallish, rocky hill and stopped dead. Coming out of the mouth of a cave in the hill were the pained cries of a young man. "Is that...?" Kagome listened, her stomach turning with anxiety. "Is that Inu Yasha?!" A million thoughts rushed through her mind, and believing him in danger, she rushed into the cave. Kagome would never have imagined the sight she now saw.
His eyes were closed. His back was arched. His hair was mussed and sweaty and sitting in his lap, facing him, contorting with passion was what appeared to her to be a shapely, blue-skinned youkai. Kagome froze, horrified, shocked, and heart-broken. "Inu Yasha..." she whispered. "How could you..." He didn't hear her. He didn't open his eyes. He moaned with the release. Kagome tore herself away from the scene and ran off into the night, her tears streaking down her face.

Inu Yasha clutched his lover and panted. It was over. Yuuwakusha had what she needed. She got off of him and dressed.
"Thank you, Inu Yasha. You've been most helpful."
Still under her heavy trance, he sat on his legs and caught his breath.
Yuuwakusha bent over and kissed him, hard on the mouth. "Now I must meet the monk, and my destiny!" She took to the air and flew out of the cave in a cloud of purple mist.
Inu Yasha blinked and ran a hand through his damp hair. His head slowly cleared and he became fully aware of what had happened to him. He reached for his clothes and slowly put them on. For a while, he sat very still and hung his head. He had been raped. How could he ever hold his head up again? He growled at this weak thinking and finally left the cave. It was still night. 'Well,' he thought. 'At least Kagome will never know.'

-Aoi Kami Sarah

GLOSSARY : Youkai = demon . Hanyou = half-demon . Shinkon no Tama = Jewel of the 4 Souls . Etchi = perverted . Yuuwakusha = seductress