Okay guys, I decided to put up my Twilight story first. No one was voting and I already had two chapters. This story won't be updated as frequently as 'In the Blink of an Eye' but I'll update it every chance I get. I've never done two stories at the same time, so we'll see how this goes. I hope you enjoy 'Solar Flare'. Team Seth all the way.

I was sitting down on the shore at First Beach on the La Push Indian reservation. It was a perfect day: cloudy with the promise of rain. I liked the rain. It was soothing, calming, relaxing. I was watching the waves roll in and crash in front of me. I breathed in the salty air and daydreamed.

You're probably wondering who I am.

My name's Seth Clearwater. I'm seventeen years old and I'm a werewolf. Well, actually a shape shifter, but whatever. It's just a technicality. I can only shift into a wolf, so that's why I call myself a werewolf.

There are others like me. They all live in La Push too. It's actually a Quileute thing. There was my friend Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Leah Clearwater (my sister), Quil Ateara, Embry Call, Paul, Jared, and a whole lot of others.

We all used to be one pack, but then Jacob left and I followed him. Later my sister joined us and eventually so did Quil and Embry.

It's a long and complicated story and I don't want to bore you with the details. Let's just say Jacob and Sam, who was the Alpha, butted heads over something and Jake left. I followed him because I agreed with him and Leah came because I did and because she couldn't stand Sam. Quil and Embry joined us purely because they're Jacob's best friends.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, the beach.

Well, there I was, minding my own business, sitting down on the beach, not bothering anyone, when I heard someone shouting my name.

"Hey Seth! That you?!"

I knew that bellow anywhere. It was Jacob. I turned around and waved him over.

He dodged some kids playing Frisbee and was quickly at my side. He sat down, cross-legged, and looked at me, concerned.

"What's wrong this time?" he asked, heaving a big sigh.

I shook my head and muttered, "Nothing.". Nothing that had anything to do with him anyway.

Jacob was convinced that something was wrong with me. He said that I wasn't my usual happy, annoying self. I told him it was nothing, but of course the stupid guy was too thick to listen.

Truth was, I was upset about something. Not something that I wanted to discuss in front of anybody, but it had been getting harder and harder to hide, especially with some of the things that were going on.

"I know what this is about." Jake said, trying to be helpful and also trying to get me to talk. "It's because you haven't imprinted yet, right?"

Leave it to Jacob to get to the root of the problem. Why did he, of all people, have to be the one to find me? Anyone else would've left me alone when they saw that I didn't want to about it, but not Jake.

"No." I lied. I really didn't want to talk about my stupid imprinting issue. I'd rather just forget about it and move on, but I knew Jacob wouldn't let me.

"Yes it is. You know, I never thought I'd imprint either. It'll happen soon."

I didn't say anything for a while. I decided to tell him what my real problem was.

"It's not that I'm upset that I haven't imprinted. It's that, well, what if I'm like Leah? What if I'm a dead end?"

My sister had a feeling that she would never imprint. She figured it had something to do with being the only girl "shape shifter" in the history of ever. Mostly, it was a guy thing.

Jacob threw back his head and laughed. "That's what you're worried about?!"

I nodded and he laughed even harder. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Why did I ever tell Jacob Black what was wrong with me? I would've been better off talking to a brick wall for all the good it would have done. Brick walls weren't insensitive jerks. Brick walls didn't laugh at people.

When Jacob calmed down he said, "Seth, you aren't a dead end. Leah probably isn't either. You just haven't found the right girl yet." He thumped his hand on my back, hard.

I shook my head. "I've seen every girl in La Push, Jake."

I was thoroughly convinced that I was never going to imprint. I'd been a werewolf for three years. It should have happened by now.

"Maybe you've seen every girl in La Push, but not Forks." he said, standing up and brushing the sand off of his pants. "C'mon." he told me. "I think a visit to Bella is in order."

He was referring to Bella Cullen, his best friend. Bella was a newborn vampire. (Yes, vampires exist too.) She was married to Edward Cullen, also a vampire, and they lived with Edward's family. They're vegetarian vampires, meaning that they don't drink human blood, only animal blood.

Most of the werewolves didn't like the Cullens. Jacob was good friends with Bella and got along okay with the rest of them, well except Rosalie. I liked all of them even though Rose was usually mean. Guess I was used to it because Leah was the same way.

Anyway, Bella and Edward had a daughter, Renesmee, but everyone, except Bella, called her Nessie. She was who Jacob imprinted on. She was half vampire and half-human because when Bella was pregnant with her, she was still a human.

Nessie was three years old, but she looked like a thirteen year old. Being half-human and half vampire, she aged quickly, but would stop when she reached the physical age of seventeen.

"I guess we could go, if Esme has some food for us." I said, standing up. I was hungry. My stomach gave an almighty growl.

Esme was sort of the adoptive mother of the Cullen family. She always fixed food for Jake and me when we came around.

You see, vampires don't eat regular food, but they have loads of free time since they don't sleep either, so Edward and Esme watched cooking shows. They were pretty good.

"She should. Alice has probably already told her we're coming." Jacob responded as we headed into the woods to phase. It was a lot faster than walking.

Alice was sort of like a fortune teller. She could see the future if someone had made a decision. If the decision changed then so did the future. It was pretty complicated.

Alice couldn't "see" Jacob and me since we were werewolves. If she was looking into the future and everything suddenly went black, she knew we were coming and informed everyone.

Once in the woods, we phased.

As a wolf, I have a sandy colored coat and Jacob is a russet brown color. We're pretty huge actually. All of us are. Leah's the smallest, mainly because she's a girl.

We ran through the woods all the way to the Cullen's house. We phased back and got dressed.

Hey Edward. I thought as I pulled on my pants.

Hey Seth. Still upset about your imprinting problem?

Edward could read minds, so he knew the most about my trouble. He was nice enough not to say anything to anyone though. Unlike someone else I knew.

I have no idea what you're talking about. I replied.

Esme's making your favorites. She said they should be done in an hour if you and Jacob can wait that long. He said, changing the subject.

We'll try. No promises though.

After me and Jacob got dressed, we headed over to the house.

As far as houses go, the Cullen's is pretty big. Well, "big" might not be the best word for it. Humongous. That was a good word.

As I got closer, I saw Edward leaning against a column on the porch. I waved at him and he waved back, retreating into the house. Jacob rolled his eyes and I laughed at him.

Jacob and Edward had a "funny" relationship. Jacob hated Edward and Edward wasn't too fond of Jacob either. Nessie and Bella were the only reasons they remained polite with each other. Fortunately, they had been getting along better lately.

We came in and were immediately greeted by Bella. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress, and didn't look too happy about it (Alice probably forced her in it.), but she brightened when she saw us. Her topaz eyes were filled to the brim with delight.

"Hey Seth." Bella said, hugging me rather tightly. She still didn't know her own strength. "How's Charlie?"

"He's fine. Getting used to the whole 'step-dad' thing." I answered as she let go of me, grinning. "It's kinda awkward right now. I don't know who feels weirder, me or him."

Charlie Swan was Bella's father and my step-father. This is another complicated story that I'm not going to go into. He wasn't much of a talker.

Bella laughed and said, "I know how that goes. When I first came to Forks he could barley string two words together when I was around, but get him together with Billy and your dad and he was a whole different person. "

"Hey Bells." Jake said, giving her a hug. I noticed Edward lurking in the corner, giving Jacob a death glare.

"Hey Jake. How's Billy?"

"He's okay. Told me to say hello."

At that moment, Nessie came running down the stairs. Her curly, bronze hair was bouncing neatly on her shoulders. Apparently Alice had dressed her up too because she was in a black skirt, a pair of red ballet flats with white polka dots, and a white blouse. However, unlike her mother, she looked comfortable.

"Jacob! Seth! I thought I heard your voices!" she squealed delightedly as she came to a halt in front of us.

"Nessie!" he shouted, pulling her into a hug. "How are you?"

"Fine Jacob." she giggled. "It's been how long since you last saw me? An entire day?"

"Remember, the imprinter can't stand to be away from the imprintee. Not even for a day."

She shook her head and, standing on her tip-toes, kissed him on the cheek.

Edward cleared his throat, making Jake jump. He obviously hadn't noticed he had walked into the room.

Just then, Esme came into the room, smiling warmly. I had to say, Esme was my favorite out of all of the Cullens. She was just so great. You could come to her for anything.

"Seth, Jacob, hello. The food's just about finished." she said, giving me a hug.

"Smells great." Jacob said, breathing in the intoxicating aroma. I could tell she made steak, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake. She knew us well.

"So, Seth, didn't you want to go for a walk?" Edward asked me, looking smug.

"Oh, right." I said, remembering what Jacob said I needed to do. Thanks a lot Edward.

Welcome. He replied in my head. I really wish he couldn't do that.

"Pack stuff?" Bella asked, looking curious. She shot a glance at Edward who just shrugged as if to say 'Don't ask me'.

"Sort of." Jacob said, laughing. Well, I was glad he could laugh about it. I certainly couldn't.

I shook my head and said, "I'll be back in about an hour."

Esme nodded and said, "No one will touch the food until you get back.".

I then headed out the door, listening to Jacob continue to laugh his head off. One of these days, that guy was going to get it. If not from me, then from someone else, but he would get it all the same.

Let's see what happens next. Jacob's just a meanie isn't he? Picking on poor Seth. Hope you guys are liking this. Tell all of your friends.