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So I wrote this story happening after her senior year. I didn't want to deal with her going to high school so i sort of made it okay in this world to apply to colleges during the summer before classes start. So before anyone tells me that it would be impossible for Bella to get accepted that late, yes I know this. So enjoy reading the chapter, or not, it's up to you.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight because it I did I would make Edward shut the FUCK up! (I clearly don't because I curse worse then a sailor sometimes, and that just wouldn't do in the peachy keen books that are the Twilight Saga.)

I, Isabella Marie Swan, hereby swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, blah blah blah. Yeah okay so I'm suppose to be writing a self descriptive essay but there is no way in hell I am telling my future college of choice who I really am. Hell, my parents don't even know the real me. See if I was being honest this is how a truthful essay would go.

I am the world's most repressed person. In every way you could imagine I have not been able to accomplish anything, well academically I have succeed all the way through high school. I would really like to say that finishing high school was the biggest goal of my short life, but I sadly cannot. Why? Well because to finish high school means that I can leave this town that has tortured me. If there was one thing I wish my parent's would have done when I was born was to give me up for adoption, okay maybe not that extreme. Maybe rent me out or something, that way I could still have my parents but not have to live in what I believe is some kind of hell. I would pretty much describe my self as a repressed nun, just trying to break free from the church.

Okay so that isn't actually correct either I'm just stressing about this stupid paper. I don't know when I because so jaded but let me tell you it sucks. Everything that has meaning in my life is a secret and it's not fun to have no one to tell them to. Maybe that's why I want to get away from this Podunk shit hole of a town I live in. It's not that bad but when every person in town knows the day you got your period, or when your got your first kiss I think it's time to relocate. I would have sooner, trust me but my parents didn't have the money for private school so I had to wait for college.

Unlike my former classmates who have not had higher hopes then being a mechanic or a waitress at the local diner I have been sending admission essay after admission essay to every university or college that has a writing program. I even sent a few to schools in Europe. I know I won't get into those schools, it was just fun to say I applied, or even could. Most people from my school wouldn't even qualify to go to the local community college. It's sad to say I even went to people that stupid.

Great, I can hear foot steps coming up the stairs. Please be Charlie, please be Charlie. I kept repeating the mantra in my head up until I heard Renee's squeaky annoying voice calling for me to unlock my door. Oh right I locked for this very purpose, to keep my nosy mother away from me. I love Renee, don't get me wrong but she can be a pushy bitch and I feel a whole hell a lot better when she is no where near me.

"Hold your horses. Why didn't you just use that key you got made?" I asked with a arched eyebrow that was suppose to be intimating I probably just looked like a recent botox victim.

"You know I would rather you willingly let me in, and I only made that damn key because you refused to open this door after you got back from Junior prom. You could of just opened it and told me yourself you were into girls instead of me having to hear from everyone in town." So help me God. "I really hope you have more options once you move honey, it's sad always seeing you alone. And I know I've told you this time and time again but you could of came to your father and me we will love you no matter what." She tried giving me a reassuring hug, I ducked under her arm. Yes, I know I am a horrible daughter, so shoot me. No I'm serious do it please. No matter how many times I have told her I am not a lesbian, that I only told Mike Newton that because I was pissed off that he wouldn't keep his hands off of me, she still refuses to acknowledge it.

So I am no longer going to argue with her because I just want her to leave me alone.

"Yeah, so anyways what did you want before you went on the tangent about my personal life?" I didn't even look at her as I did a belly flop on my bed, I tried covering my head with a pillow to drown her out but she pulled it away.

"That's rude Bella, don't cover your ears when someone is talking to you. As I was saying, a new family has moved into town and I think it would be good for you to get to know them. You could use an opportunity to practice your friend making skills before going to college, plus you are could always find a reason to not go off to some big university and just stay home like all the other kids do." Ugh, here we go again. Seriously, if anyone is listening can you shoot me now and save me the misery of listening to this women one more moment of my horribly pathetic life.

How has she not listened to one word I have said for the last four years. Four years people I have been telling them to not get used to me being around because once I can move into my dorm room I am gone.

"Sure, I would absolutely love to meet these darling kids of our new townsfolk. Let me check my schedule to make sure I can pencil them in." I know I'm a complete bitch but you try living with Renee, see you don't even want to think about it. I pulled out my day planner from probably seventh grade and acted like I was checking to see if I had any plans. Of course I didn't because I hate this town and the people in it but hey if I'm gonna be a dick to my mom, might as well to it thoroughly. "Nope sorry, I plan on taking a bath at whenever they said they can meet. To bad."

"Isabella Marie Swan, you need to stop being such an arrogant little shit!" Oh great I've pissed Renee off, that's worse then nosey Renee. This Renee will yell at me until I have a migraine and then because I am a pushover I will still end up doing what every the fuck she was bugging me about.

She was fixing to scream at me some more but I cut her off. Maybe these new kids won't be so bad, and if they are I will just leave. "Would you shut up please for one minute! I will meet the family brave enough to move to such a shit hole, but in no way am I promising anything." I took a look at Renee and internally smirked, because the look on her face was priceless. I don't yell, hell I usually don't talk so when I just went off on her it might of given her a mild heart attack. I should of probably thought before I spoke.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Bella you don't know how happy you just made me!" The ear breaking squeal that accompanied her picking her jaw up off the floor almost made me cower in the corner until I heard hear actual words. How the hell would me yelling at her make her happy?

"Um, Mom are you okay? Why would me yelling at you make you happy? I think you might need to sit down." She pushed my hands away when I was trying to make her sit.

"Stop being dramatic Bella, of course I am perfectly fine." I almost snorted at that comment but held back I don't want to get into that right now with her. " It's just you have never done anything I've asked without us fighting for what feels like a year and a day about it. Oh, and honey you will defiantly not regret this. The Cullen children are probably very attractive if what their parents are any indication. They have a daughter your age, Alice I think her name is and a son a year older. Bella this is just so wonderful. Maybe Alice is a lesbian too and you can finally have some kind of happiness." Once the word lesbian left her mouth our almost normal mother, daughter conversation came to an end. I let her talk some more for the next half hour, not really hearing a word of it.

I decided during that conversation that I would go pay them a visit but after that there was no point of talking to them. There is two months until school starts and when that time comes we won't even see each other again so why get attached now. And I was being hopeful just saying I would stay the whole visit. Renee is going to owe me big after this one.

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