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Renee left my room almost immediately after promising that she was going to call Esme right away. Apparently Esme is the mother of the bunch. Odd name, but that just got me interested. I hate to admit it but they might not just be like the rest of this God forsaken town. Just by a name alone I've concluded that much, pathetic I know. Hey don't judge though when Isabella is the most original and interesting name in a town of three thousand then a name alone warrants a little interest.

I got up from my original laying position on my bed and went to pick up my pillow Renee decided to throw on the floor. I hate when pillows are on the floor. It just bugs me to no end. When I put them back on my bed and try to sleep on them it feels like I can feel bugs crawling all over my head. Yes, I know I am have an irrational fear, but you can't tell me that after something's been on the floor it just feels dirty to you. Ha, see I got you there.

Sometimes I wish when I talk to my self like this someone would talk back to me, but then I decided I would probably shit myself because it would scare the crap out of me. Wouldn't it you? All of a sudden you hear a weird voice and you have to conclude it's coming from your head. I would probably commit my self in the nearest looney bin.

I put a new pillow case on my pillow and then fluffed it. When I reached the maximum fluffiness I thought it would achieve I threw it back on my bed and did another belly flop onto my bed. It felt so good to just lay there.

It must have felt better then I thought because next thing I knew Renee was yelling at me to wake up. " Bella that's gross you slobbered all over your arm. Now you need to take a shower before we go over the Cullen's house." I shot right out of my bed and I'm pretty sure I was growling.

"What do you mean go over to the Cullen's I told you I would have a visit with them but I didn't mean the exact same day I agreed to the torture. I need mental preparation time Mother." So I was being a little dramatic and rude but hell you would too if she woke you up from a nap and then told you something as horrible as that.

"Bella are you sure you don't want to be an actress because you sure do like your drama. You are coming young lady and if you try to get away from doing this so help me I will take your name off of your college fun and you won't be able to go anywhere let alone the community college." I groaned. Why oh why must Renee always get smart when it's something I don't want to do. I can always get away from doing trivial shit but no meeting the neighbors means threatening my only way out of here.

"Whatever, just don't expect me to wear anything nice." I rolled my eyes when she attempted to change my mind. There's no way I'm doing two things I hate at once. God, I sound like a spoiled little brat.

I pushed her out of my door while she was still trying to convince me to wear something presentable. Yeah, presentable to her is a dress or a skirt with some kind of fancy top. She keeps getting mad at me because I don't dress like a young lady should. I just tell her to stop hating on my jeans and t-shirts just because she wished her daughter was a smart looking skank. She got mad at that one.

I really did need to change though. What to wear though? Do I want to actually make my mom happy for once, the answer to that is a definate no. Do I want to dress in my regular comfort clothes, surprising the answer to that is a no too. So what do I want to wear. I started looking through my clothes and found an old softball shirt I have from my time on the team in sixth grade. I wonder if it still fits.

I took my shirt off and pulled the navy blue shirt on. It was snug but it made my boobs look huge. That in itself was like finding a grain of salt in a pile of sand. I smiled at myself in the mirror. The shirt was pretty cute too, and the design of the bear on the front was really cool looking. It was of a bear with its claw looking like it was going to attack you. Pretty violent for a group of twelve year old girls mascot.

I decided I would wear the shirt today. Obviously I couldn't just wear a shirt, it would be pretty awesome to see people's reactions but I don't feel like getting arrested by my own father for indecent exposure.

Looking through the draw of shorts I had, mainly Bermuda shorts but I had a few jean shorts that I've worn once the whole time I owned them. I pulled a pair out, some dark cut offs, they looked like they should be worn on The Dukes of Hazzard not sitting in my dresser. My mom would never want me to wear these, but she's the one who bought them. So why buy them if she's gonna disagree with me wearing them, or at least that's what I'm gonna tell her when she starts bitching.

I pulled off my sweats and pulled the shorts up my legs, good thing I shaved this morning you can practically see my ass in these shorts. Perfect.

Shoes. I looked at all of my shoes lining the floor of my closet. I purchased three out of the twenty or so that were there. A pair of flip flops, another pair of flip flops and a pair of converse. The rest were high heels Renee thought I just had to have, okay since I can't even walk a flat surface without letting the dirt say hello to me. I think I'll go with the ever trusty converse. They were the plain black low top ones and they were usually attached to my feet anytime I went somewhere.

After getting dressed in the clothes I deemed appropriate I hurried down the stairs. I had this theory that if I went faster down the stairs it helps my chances at not falling. It's not a very good theory but it helps ease my mind that there might be a cure to my failure at being graceful. I'll tell you when I find one, I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you though.

I turned the corner into the kitchen that really is more of a decorative canvas then anything that actually gets any kind of use. Renee likes to think she can cook and chooses not to be the reality is that if she tries cooking beef it turns out tasting like tuna, and not fresh tuna either. My mom is one in a real gem. I would cook but the cabinets are hardly ever stocked and I don't want to ask her to get used to me cooking because then that would be another thing for her to bitch at me for wanting to leave.

Renee was sitting a the table on her laptop. I grabbed a apple from the bowl on the island and sat on a stool facing Renee. I took a big loud bite out of the apple, Renee turned towards me and had the audacity to have a look of disgust. I just smirked at her.

"What's the look for Mother Dearest? Do you not like my clothes?" I knew I was pushing her buttons, but what's the fun in just going along with the flow?

"Bella why do you have to test my patients? Is that your goal in life to piss me off? If it is then you should get a gold medal. Now come on Esme is waiting on us, and you better be on your best behavior."

"Of course, would you expect anything else from me?" She just sighed and rolled her eyes. You could just feel the love in the room.

We pulled up into the driveway of a huge white house that was in butt fucked Egypt. I mean it was out of town, down three different dirt roads, then the driveway was a long ass road lined with trees. If it was at night I would be expected serial killers to be opening the door, but instead it was a women a couple inches higher than me with caramel colored hair and soft blue eyes. She was everything that I wish my mother was, and I've only seen her. See the high opinion I have for my mother.

"Oh Renee dear, it's so wonderful to see you again, please come in." The women, who I assume is Esme, gave my mother a hug and then gestured for us to come in the door. "Bella, it's a pleasure to meet you dear, my children should be down in a minute they were on the phone I believe." She gave me a welcoming smile, that reminded me of those mothers from the 50's sitcoms like Leave it to Beaver. Yep, defiantly gonna like this women.

"It's fine Mrs. Cullen, I don't want to keep them from their call. I can just wait." I took a look at my mother, and just as I expected she looked like I had just grown another head. I just smirked at her.

"No it's fine dear they have really been looking forward to meeting you, they weren't very happy to move down here two months before going away to school. They wish they could of stayed with their friends, but they need to learn they don't always get what they want." I groaned internally, because now Renee is gonna be acting all stupid and trying to get that point in my head too. Well guess what Renee, life's gonna be a bitch when she just keeps yapping and I just give her the finger.

"Oh I can't agree more, my mother is always instilling the very same values in me. I just keep thank her for being such an amazing women and role model." I smiled brightly at my mother, wishing I could actually laugh at the look on her face. I will defiantly be paying for this when I get home.

"How sweet, I wish my children had such good manners as yours Renee. You must be so proud of her."

"Oh of course I am, I tell her so every day, isn't that right Isabella." She had a tight smile plastered on her face. Thank God for small miracles because I almost let out a snort that would have been very loud, but I got distract by the yummy piece of man meat making his way down the stairs. If this was Esme's son then I might have some fun after all.

Esme must of noticed where my graze landed because she said something to the big hunk of eye candy and then pointed in my direction. I should take that as my cue to get out of my daze.

The object of my ogling stuck his hand out for me to shake and said something but I was momentarily stunned by the size of his hand, it was huge and if the old saying has any truth behind it, dear lord I just met my dream man.

"Oh sorry, what did you say?" He chuckled and a big smile came to his face showing off his dimples.

"I said my name's Emmett and it's a pleasure to meet you Bella. Now are you gonna shake my hand or just stare at it?" I like this guy. He isn't an ass wipe like the losers in this town.

"The pleasures all mine Emmett." I said as I shook his hand and winked at him just for good measure. I was rewarded with a big booming laugh that made Renee jump, it caused me to start laughing, almost to the point of peeing my pants.

"What's everybody laughing? Did I stay on the phone with Edward that long?" A voice sounding like Tinkerbelle asked. What's with this family? First there's the Stepford mother, then the bear of a man, then a little fairy that was currently prancing her way towards me.

"Oh not much Munchkin, just laughing at your expense, like always." She elbowed him in his side for his jib. Don't really see the family connection between these two other than the teasing, but I'm assuming this was Alice.

"Whatever Emmett," then she turned to me and attacked me in something that could technically be classified as a hug but then again the lack of oxygen getting to my brain was making me confused. " Bella, I can just see it now we are going to be the best of friends." I just nodded my head at her but really I was trying to remember the number to the looney bin in Port Angeles. I know what your thinking, why the hell do I have the number in the first place, well let me tell you it was quite funny to see Renee being pulled away in a straight jacket. The punishment wasn't that much fun, I had to give her a foot massage everyday for a year, but it was well worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat too.

She finally let me go and gave me a brilliant smile, which I returned because oddly I did feel comfortable around this girl. Plus she wasn't peroxide blonde and caked on make up like all the skanks this town has the pleasure of knowing.

I totally forgot that our mothers were in the room until Esme asked us all to follow her into the dining room so we could start lunch. She made it seem so formal, something I normally would have been an ass about but for a reason unknown to me I kept my mouth shut.

Maybe this family won't be so horrible after all.

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