By Artikgato

Author's Notes: Because there aren't enough Kamen Rider Den-O fics on , or even just Kamen Rider in general. And this series needs more love. Anyway, beware for spoilers for up to episode 40ish especially for Yuuto's plot. Also, shonen-ai, kissing, and this might break your heart a little.

Sakurai Yuuto, with nothing more than a plea to him to take care of Deneb, had vanished from time, from space, and from memories. That had been the singularly most horrifying thing that Ryoutaro Nogami, who fought down terrifying creatures on a nearly daily basis, had ever experienced. Learning that even Yuuto's faithful Imagin partner, Deneb, the one he was supposed to 'take care of', had also forgotten him only made it worse. So much so that when Yuuto finally reappeared, Ryoutaro had absolutely no compunctions with pushing the other boy against a wall and kissing him senseless.

Yuuto's present and future selves had both been forgotten by the people he cared about most - Airi Nogami, his fiancé, former friends, former family, allies, enemies, and even Deneb. Singularity points were the only people who remembered - and Ryoutaro, for one, was going to make sure that he remembered, he was going to carve the memory of Sakurai Yuuto into his very soul, no matter how terrible it made him feel to be kissing a younger version of his own sister's fiancé. He didn't have time to worry about things like that - he wanted to memorize every single detail of Sakurai Yuuto that he could; the way the other boy hesitantly began to kiss back, wrapping his arms around Ryoutaro's waist, the warmth of their bodies pressed flush against eachother, how soft Yuuto's hair was when Ryoutaro threaded his hands into it, how warm his flushed cheeks were when he slid a thumb across one of them, how the other boy slowly started to take charge of the kiss despite being pinned to the wall-

And suddenly, the kiss was broken and they were both gasping for breath, Yuuto's eyes seeking some answer from the shorter boy, Ryoutaro's eyes clear and pained. Ryoutaro suddenly just couldn't take it, knowing that the person he was pinning a wall had been, just a few short hours ago, completely gone, without a trace. He had to bury his face in Yuuto's chest so that the other boy wouldn't see him about to break down and cry.


"That...that wasn't fair, Yuuto!" Ryoutaro started, gripping the other boy's shoulders, trying hard to stop the words that he knew would come anyway.

"Do you know how hard it was? To act like everything was normal? To see everyone so blissfully unaware that you ever even existed? Do you know how hard that was, Yuuto?"

They were face to face again, Ryoutaro looking slightly up with a desperate, demanding look on his face and Yuuto trying not to meet his eyes, guilt evident on his face.

"I..." the brown haired boy started, but faltered and stubbornly closed his mouth.

The black-haired boy said nothing, trying desperately to stop trembling, to will away the tears that were starting to fall down his cheeks of their own accord. Yuuto finally met his eyes and, seeing how absolutely pathetic the other boy looked, swallowed against the lump that suddenly formed in his throat.

"I'm sorry," he finally answered, and reached up with one hand to wipe away the tears on the other boy's face.