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Chapter One: Sketchy Beginnings

"Do you think they'll ever move their golf cart?" Portlyn questioned from Chad's side. She licked a runaway drop of strawberry frozen yogurt off the side of her blue paper cup and looked back at one of her closest friends.

"It's been there for two years, Portlyn. I think if they were going to move it, they would've done it already," Chad replied, shaking his head and looking at So Random's golf cart through narrowed blue eyes. A bite of chocolate frozen yogurt went into his mouth and they continued walking through the lot.

Portlyn was scanning the parking lot for something else to talk about or mention when she saw two unfamiliar people get out of an obviously older car with kicked in headlights. Elbowing Chad in the ribs to get his attention, she pointed her plastic spoon in their direction. "Who are they?"

"Eek! We're here! Hurry up, mom!" the short brunette called behind her as she excitedly made her way towards the entrance, doing a cross between a skip and a run.

Chad looked up and saw the older of the two first before his eyes finally lit on the teenage girl wearing a green-ish blue plaid shirt with a black vest and black jeans.

Hmm. She's kind of cute, Chad observed.

"Allison Munroe, slow down!" her mother called out, just barely getting out of the car after some difficulty with her seat belt.

"Allison?" Portlyn repeated, raising her eyebrows. "Ich. That seems so-"

"Old," Chad finished for her.


They watched Allison run through the door to stage three and her mom follow behind her.

"Stage three," Portlyn stated, spooning in more yogurt while still eyeing the offending stage entrance.


"That means…"

"They really are replacing Mandy."

"Ugh, just what we need. Another one." Portlyn rolled her gray eyes in annoyance. She didn't particularly enjoy the rivalry between Mackenzie Falls and So Random as it was time consuming to dislike so many people, plus a show, at a time. But since the rest of her cast mates did, including her friend, Chad, she also hated the Randoms.

"She's not a threat to us," Chad said confidently.

"How can you tell?" She looked curiously at him.

Used to Portlyn being amazed at his ability to make early observations about people, he swiveled his head to make eye contact with her and grinned smugly. "She's obviously going to be too nice. The poor girl doesn't know what she's getting into out here. And besides-" He gestured to the two of them with his free hand. "-no one is really any competition for us."

Portlyn returned the smug smile. "True enough."


"Ah! Okay, that's the spirit!" Connie exclaimed happily, still holding Sonny's hand. "Now, just like that deer, you get up and dust off your antlers and angrily… kick in our headlights." She frowned slightly and narrowed her eyes when she realized that maybe using the deer in Colorado story wasn't the best when giving motherly advice.

Sonny's confidence in her mother wavered as she looked off to the side, trying to make sense of this gem of advice. "You want me to kick her in her headlights?"

Connie shook her head and took her daughter's hand again. "No, look, I'll tell you what you do. You go down there tomorrow, and you talk to Tawni."

"And you're sure that'll work?"

"Positive. You remember how well that peace picnic turned out back in Wisconsin. Your friends and soon-to-be-friends are nice people deep down and you just need to reach out and talk to them and be yourself."

"Okay," Sonny agreed.

Her signature cow ringtone she'd gotten to remind her of home after her and her mom moved to California alerted Sonny to the important call waiting for her. She sprung up from the couch and pressed the green send button after checking the collar ID. "Dad?"

"Hey, Sunshine! Listen, I'm sorry I didn't call earlier to check in on you like I promised. But tell me, how's Hollywood? Did you have a good flight over or did your mom stick you in a pet carrier to save on air fare again?" Mr. Munroe asked, joking.

"Nah, this time she let me ride in the cab," Sonny joked back, elated that her dad had finally called. "But seriously, they flew us out here first class. It was incredible. You know those packages of little "Chips Ahoy!" they give you in coach? In first class, they gave us these giant chocolate chip cookies bigger than my head."

While Sonny continued chattering away with her dad at a million miles a minute, Connie patted Sonny's knee and got up from the couch to let her talk in private. Besides, she didn't particularly want to be around when anymore jokes she couldn't hear were made about herself that her ex-husband, Greg Munroe thought were funny. As Sonny had said, Greg was the funny one out of the two parents of Allison Munroe, and Sonny got her funny from her father.

"So did you have a good first day at the studio?" Greg questioned brightly.

"Yes!" Sonny said enthusiastically, grinning widely, until she remembered Tawni's coldness towards her from the very beginning. "But no…"

"Well was everyone nice to you?" he inquired, signature happiness in his voice fading.

Sonny nodded and exclaimed "Yes!" again when she thought of how sweet Nico, Grady, and Zora were to her. Her smile sagged however, when she recalled how "un-sweet" Tawni had been. "But no."

"Have you made any friends?"

"Yes!" She had to add another "But no." at the memory of discovering a headshot of herself covered in tiny holes and indents. Upon further examination, she realized that the photo was taped to a dart board and that Tawni had quite clearly been throwing darts at her picture.

"Sonny, is there something you're not telling me?"

Sonny shrugged her shoulders and studied the pattern on the couch. "Well it's just that the girl on So Random I really used to look up to- Tawni Hart –well she really doesn't like me and I didn't do anything to her and…" Sonny continued talking, unaware that someone else was calling her father on his work phone.

"Uh, yeah, could you hold on for a minute, sweetheart? I've got another call. Thanks." He set down the phone he was talking to Sonny on and answered his work phone.

"Um… yeah… sure…" Sonny agreed easily even though he had already stopped listening. She waited in silence, discreetly crossing her fingers behind her back for her dad to not have to go all of the sudden.

"Hey, Sunshine, listen, I've really got to take this. I'll call you back later okay? I'm sure that whatever is going on with Tanya will clear up soon," Greg said in a rushed voice.

"Tawni," Sonny corrected.

"Right, right, Tawni. I love you and I'll talk to you soon. Bye."

Sonny heard a click and a tinkling bell sound to tell her that the person on the other line had already hung up. She smiled widely when she heard her mom's footsteps coming out of the kitchen. "Okay, well I really have to go now. You know, got a ton of homework… So, I'll just talk to you later… Love you too. Bye." Sonny hit a random button and took her phone away from her ear in time to look up and see Connie standing a few feet away. "Dad says hi."

Connie smiled sadly at her daughter. She knew when she was lying because Sonny had never been a very good liar. Connie also knew her ex-husband and how he notoriously ended phone calls with his teenage daughter early when he was called away for work.

"I'm just going to go work on that homework now," Sonny excused herself and hurried away to her room where she almost immediately fell asleep after reflecting on her pretty much horrid day.


Dear Diary,

Sonny here again. Today turned out to be much better than yesterday. Tawni and I still aren't friends yet. But I am friends with Nico, Grady, and Zora. Even though Zora thinks I'm weird… But I did come up with my very first sketch that we used in the show tonight called "One Bad Bee." I got to rap! It was amazing! I got to close the show too! Then I sort of hit Tawni in the face but since she was on camera she walked it off and didn't really start crying until we were off the stage. So that's a start, I guess…

I called Lucy after the show and we talked for like half an hour before our favorite show came on. Besides So Random of course. Mackenzie Falls was having a marathon so we watched the first two episodes together while we were still on the phone.

Luckily, our moms didn't catch us this time and scold us for doing nothing but talk about how cute Chad Dylan Cooper is throughout the entire episode. Except for when it was a scene where Chad wasn't in it. Then we went on about how catty Penelope was, or how sweet Chloe was (along with Tawni, the girl who plays Chloe, Chastity Ann Dewitt, is Lucy and I's role model), or how crazy Devon was, or what a good friend Trevor was. Sigh. They played some of our very favorites tonight.

Wouldn't it be so cool if I could actually meet the actors that play on Mackenzie Falls? That would be like my dream come true.

Speaking of, the show is back on and I do not want to miss my favorite episode of Mackenzie Falls when Mackenzie finally asks Chloe on a date with him to go miniature golfing. It's so sweet.

Catch you later!

Sonny grinned and set down her purple pen with a little purple, fuzzy monkey on the end.

"We now return to Mackenzie Falls," Sonny heard the female announcer say on the TV set.

Immediately, the comedy and drama loving brunette jumped off her desk chair and landed stomach-down on her bed, eyes glued to the TV. As soon as Chad Dylan Cooper came on screen, she sighed like all of the other love struck Chad groupies and propped her elbow up, leaning her head on the palm of her hand. With her head tilted slightly to the side, chocolate eyes focused on Chad solely, she bit down on her lip, grinning.

The only thoughts going through her head related to the heartthrob onscreen. My other dream would be to actually date him. Sonny looked up at the ceiling hopefully. Hey, you never know. It could happen…

If you couldn't tell already, these are not going to be alternate endings or alternate anythings to all of the episodes. These are just going to be all of the little missing scenes and moments from all of the episodes. Like all of the stuff we never got to see during an episode.
I plan on doing these for all of the episodes, so basically this'll be an ongoing thing until the world ends. (AKA, when Sonny with a Chance is cancelled/ends)
Also, excuse Chad and Portlyn's dislike for the name Allison. I just kind of wanted to do a mini back story to why Chad thought Sonny was "such a nice name." Personally, I love the name Allison. But, yeah, just thought I should say that just in case. :)
Thanks for reading, and if you've got time, keep reading on to the next chapter. :)