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Chapter Four: You've Got Fan Mail

Sonny skipped out of her room and towards the front door.

"Sonny?" her mom suddenly called out.

Startling, Sonny skipped into the coat rack and dropped her practically-ancient blue phone, making it smack against the wall and leave a small-ish blue mark against the white surface.

"Yeah mom?" She cringed and quietly picked it up from where it landed three feet away from the wall, checking over her shoulder for her mother.

Connie walked out of her own room with something hidden behind her back. She smiled brightly at her daughter. "I have a surprise for you."

She groaned and looked at her mom exasperatedly. "Mom, I already told you, I have plenty of sunscreen on."

"No, silly, it's not sunscreen. I noticed how old your phone was starting to look, so…" Connie trailed off and held out a brand new phone with a black and white cow pattern.

Sonny's face lit up and she dropped her old, forgotten phone to the floor and gently took her new phone into her hands. "Oh my Wisconsin, this is incredible!" Still beaming, Sonny attacked Connie with a grateful hug.

"Aww, you really like it?" Connie asked happily when they pulled apart.

"Are you kidding? Yes, yes, a million times yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" Sonny squealed bouncing up and down on the fronts of her feet.

"Oh good. Oh!" Connie disappeared around the corner for a few seconds before returning with an orange sticky note. "Here's your number you can give out to everyone."

Sonny grinned even wider and took the number. "Thank you so much, mom." She pushed one of the buttons and started exploring the new features on it excitedly.

"You're very welcome. Now, come on, you can set the ring tone and voice mail in the car." Connie laughed and herded her daughter out the door.

"Okay," she agreed distractedly.

"Okay, just let me do this, this once," Chad said impatiently to his mentor.

Josh sighed deeply and handed over two pink folded up papers and several envelopes addressed to Tawni.

"Trust me, I got this. Announce mail and then deliver mail. I've been taking notes." He tapped the side of his skull with the small pile of mail in a gesture that said "I've thought of everything" and was also arrogant coming from Chad.

Josh rubbed his temples to ward off the headache Chad was giving him. Understandable since Chad had gone on in a monologue for a good thirty minutes about how Sonny had wished Josh luck instead of him after what he'd done for her.

But Josh had diligently not interrupted though he didn't listen to it all either. If he had he knew he'd have a pounding headache by this point in the day.

Tomorrow, I'm wearing ear plugs, Josh decided.

Chad sauntered up to the door, opened the door, and then knocked. "Mail call," Chad imitated.

Sonny looked up smiling but raised an eyebrow when she saw Chad instead of Josh standing in the door. "Chad?"

"Dylan Cooper? Yep. Just here delivering the mail." Chad looked around and stopped when he saw the giant lettering spelling out "Tawni" above the mirror he was next to. "I'm assuming this is Blondie's."

"It's Tawni," Sonny instinctively corrected. "And yes."

Rising from her seat on the couch, Sonny walked over to the Mack Falls heartbreaker while Chad set down all of the mail addressed to Tawni. "Umm, is there anything for me?" she asked hopefully.

Chad glanced at her and then at the remaining two pieces of mail in his hand. He held out one of them to Sonny. "Yeah. There's a menu from The Hunan King Noodle Palace. We get these stupid menus at least once every two months," he added with an eye roll and tossed the menu that was clearly supposed to go to Tawni past Sonny's head and onto another table covered with cosmetic supplies.

Sonny looked at the menu and frowned. "Oh. A menu… Thanks…"

"I've been there before though. Pretty nice restaurant. Good date place," Chad reflected, really talking to himself more than the girl in front of him. He reached out and tapped the menu with his index finger. "Seven different locations."

Sonny pursed her lips and raised her head slightly in acknowledgement.

"Well, my job here is done. Catch you later." Chad clicked his tongue and pointed at Sonny for barely a second before turning for the door and going back to Josh.

Sonny sighed. "I don't care," she reminded herself.

She walked over to her own vanity, set the Noodle Palace menu down, and picked up her baby bonnet for the next sketch.

"I don't care."

Just thirty minutes later, Sonny hurried up to Chad who was trailing behind Josh and the mail cart up ahead.

"Hey," Sonny greeted breathlessly. She'd run all the way from her dressing room and practically all over the studio looking for the mail delivery guy and his mentee.

"Hey," Chad said casually. He glanced at her and motioned to the white envelope in her hands. "What's that?"

With wide brown eyes, Sonny quickly hid the letter behind her back and shook her head nervously. "Nothing," she spoke hurriedly.

Chad looked at her through narrowed eyes but shook it off as Chuckle City behavior.

"So, uh, how's the training going?" Sonny inquired anxiously to try to distract him and prevent him from thinking about what she had hidden for too long.

"Oh, you know. I'm an unusually fast learner so this has really been a piece of cake," he bragged. Sonny's plan had worked like a charm. He was no longer thinking about the last five seconds of their conversation.

Sonny raised her eyebrows and nodded her head like she was just fascinated by Chad's sponge-like ability to learn something new. When his monologue was finished, Sonny pointed ahead of them to Josh and the cart. "So, he's let you push the cart and all that?"

Chad's smile faded. "Actually no. Hey, uh…" He looked to Sonny quickly, mid-sentence for help.

Said brunette rolled her eyes. "Josh," she reminded him again.

"Hey, Josh, could I push the cart now?" Chad called out.

"No!" Josh stated firmly, not even turning around to tell him this.

"Well, can I do something else?"


Chad swiveled his head to give Sonny a cocky smirk. "Heh… He actually thinks he can tell me no. Watch and learn."

Sonny simply hung back while Chad strode ahead to continue his case. Perfect, Sonny thought happily as she watched the two conversing.

"But, come on! I've taken notes and everything!" Chad complained.

"You are not ready for pushing my cart!" Josh disagreed.

He rolled his eyes and stayed silent for a brief moment before he retaliated. "Josh, come on, I think I'm ready!"

"I don't."

Sonny took the opportunity to race ahead next to Chad's turned back and then tossed the fake fan letter in on top of all the other mail. She then scurried off towards Tawni and Marshall.

"But I just want to push the cart!" Chad exclaimed, forgetting completely about Sonny and focusing on his annoyance towards Josh instead.

"This is my cart!" Josh pointed to the cart and then rattled it by the handle to reinforce his point. He jerked ahead and continued pushing the cart forward leaving Chad to sulk in silence next to him.

"Hey, guys, sorry I'm late." Sonny rushed over and into the seat next to Marshall. "Did I miss anything?"

Sonny examined her reflection critically in the bathroom mirror for one last time. The fake beard, wig, and eyebrows she had borrowed from the costume department were all in place transforming Sonny into Eric. To go along with it, she'd even gone to Walmart and picked up a pair of baggy guy jeans and a jacket. The shoes she had temporarily stolen from Nico.

"I think I look boy enough," Sonny muttered and flipped the jacket's hood up over her head.

Ready to become her own biggest fan since her other fans had yet to make themselves known, Sonny opened the bathroom door a crack to check for her mom. The last thing she wanted was for Connie to see her dressed up as Eric. (What she was forgetting, though, was that someone would have to drive her to the studio, and it usually had to be Connie)

After a quick scan around the corners, Sonny walked as quietly as possible into the kitchen to get some quick breakfast in the form of a cold pop tart. She put one part way into her mouth to take a bite and turned for the door with the second one in her left hand.

But when she turned around she came face to face with her mom. Surprised, the pop tart remained partly in her mouth and her brown eyes bugged underneath her disguise-eyebrows.

Connie's own eyes widened worriedly. Almost cautiously, she put an arm around Sonny's shoulders and looked at her. "Sonny… sweetie… was there something you needed to talk about or… tell me…?"

Sonny finally bit down and gulped the piece of the breakfast pastry down without more than two chews and finally shook her head at Connie. "No. This is just for a sketch. I figured I'd get into character as much as possible," she excused herself.

When she continued to stare at her daughter, Sonny added: "You know, like that time I played a dog for the web show and bit the mailman and buried a bone and all that. Just getting into character early… It helps me." She threw in a big, forced smile at the end.

Connie finally just shook her head and released Sonny. "Alright, I'll be right out to the car to drive you to work…"

Sonny smiled nervously and backed out of the kitchen, tripping on the shoes that were slightly too big for her on her way through the living room and to the front door.

"That was way too close," Sonny mumbled to their car with the dented headlights while she climbed into the passenger seat.

The last thing Chad wanted to do after dressing up as Sonny's biggest fan and giving the impression that he cared about Sonny and her well being was talk to said girl about why he did it when he didn't know himself. However, that was exactly what he was being forced to do as the effervescent brunette-turned-blond matched his urgent pace through the halls to stage two.

"…was oddly sweet of you to do since you didn't have to do anything for me and you wouldn't get anything out of it," Sonny was saying when Chad tuned back into her mind-numbing chatter.

Chad just rolled his eyes and continued walking, hoping in vain that she would eventually just give up.

"So, as I've asked you several times already, why did you do it?" she asked, switching into a light jog when Chad sped up again. It was harder for Sonny to keep pace with Chad who was 5', 10'' (and apparently experienced at dodging girls and their questions) when she stood right under being 5', 4''.

"I told you already. I just wanted to try on the weird beard," Chad huffed and strode past the security guard outside stage two's entrance. He mentally slapped himself for not putting Sonny up on the banned wall with the rest of her friends when Sonny walked through with ease, still beside him.

"If that was your reason, why'd you walk out onstage just to try it on, huh?" Sonny taunted, cracking a smile.

"What's the point of doing anything without an audience?" he asked without wanting an actual answer.

"Come on, Chad. Just admit it." She poked him in the side a couple of times until he shrugged away from her. "You care. You have a heart."

They were forced to come to a stop when they reached the outside of Chad's dressing room.

He turned to face her and sighed. "Listen, I don't know why I did that out there but I do know that it was not because I… care." Chad shuddered at the thought of caring for Sonny Munroe.

"Really?" Sonny questioned and looked up at him with what looked like innocent little doe eyes to Chad.

He almost broke his resolve and told her he did care just to make her feel better. Almost.

"Really," Chad confirmed vehemently. "Now if you don't mind." He flicked his wrist to wave her off and opened the door to his deluxe, private dressing room.

Sonny frowned and her bottom lip stuck out a little in a pout, partly in confusion. Talk about your mood swings, Sonny observed tetchily.

"Well… fine! Thanks anyway. Goodbye." Sonny spun around on her Rainn Showers heels and let her hair whip back behind her shoulders, clicking away down the hall only stumbling on her shoes twice.

Alright, Sonny thought. If Chad doesn't want to admit to such a "horrendous" act as caring, then fine! That doesn't bother me. Nope, not at all.

Chad shrugged at Sonny's blatant brush-off and closed the door behind him, even though he couldn't help but heave a sigh afterwards.

He couldn't believe this… girl was actually making him very possibly care about someone other than himself.

How dare she? Chad thought touchily. Well, no problem. Won't happen again this… caring thing… If she needs help, she can ask one of her Random friends because this heartthrob officially does not care!

After an exhausting day full of unexpected surprises and itchy disguises, Sonny couldn't wait to get into her soft bed and sleep. However, there was one thing that she knew she would have to do first (despite the certain drama snob's attitude towards her).

Sonny got into her closet and, after experiencing a slight avalanche of papers and old, dorky holiday sweaters, she found the mess of tape and poster paper that was her collection of Mackenzie Falls and ego boy's posters. She rifled through the stack until she found what she was looking for: the autographed picture.

Sonny untangled it from the loose tape that still had some stick left to it and got up to get some fresh tape. She put four small pieces on all of the corners and then stuck the photograph to the back of her bedroom door.

"Now this isn't because I still like him," Sonny told her empty room. "This is just like… a tribute to him for dressing up as my biggest fan."

With a single nod towards the supposed tribute, Sonny flicked off the lights and climbed into bed, wondering if after this small showing of his caring side, things would be different between them.

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