Lucky Legacy

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Lucky Star is a production of Kyoto Anime. The following is a work of fiction made for entertainment purposes only and completely nonprofit. Neither the author or this piece of fiction are associated with KyoAni or its affiliates.

Great, now that's the only time I'm going to say it. It is HIGHLY unlikely that I will come to possess any intellectual rights to Lucky Star in the course of this fic so we'll just say that this disclaimer applies to all future chapters.

Lucky Legacy is a story I've had in the works for a while now but due to school and work, I've been hard pressed staring it. This story revolves around my favorite characters in the Lucky Star universe; Hiyori, Patricia, Minami and Yutaka as they pick up after the older girls graduate. Starting with their second year, they'll go through all the way to graduation, covering Life, love and growing up. I want to stick close to the original spirit of the show as possible.

Before we begin, I will warn you that this fic will contain yuri and by which I mean romantic relationships between two girls.

There. You have been warned. Any "reviews" regarding the subject matter rather than the story will be ignored and erased. If this subject matter offends your sensibilities, LEAVE NOW. After this, I will no longer suffer any insensitivities.

Okay, now that they're gone, I'll just say that this is my first stab at a Lucky Star fic as well as my first yuri romance so I'm a little intimidated. This first chapter is just to get the personalities down and see if I'm doing it right so please, any constructive criticism would be helpful.

Now, let's get cracking!

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