Chapter 1

Years have passed since the last battle with Debonear at Sephiro. The three magic knights were now in their first year of university. Felio and Lantis in their third year while Ascott still stuck in the third grade of high school. The three of them have decided to leave Sephiro and started their new life in Tokyo.

Hikaru glanced at the tall raven haired guy who was doing a fantastic dribble with the orange ball through out the court. He passed the other players who blocked his way and finally conducted a wonderful lay up shoot. The managers and some substitute members cheered as the ball went smoothly inside the ring.

"Lantis!" Felio shouted from the corner of the enemy's ring. Lantis was going to pass the ball to Felio when two players appeared in front of him to encumber his next movement. Since the playing time was almost up he decided to challenge himself in doing the three point shoot. He jumped and threw the ball in a marvelous form and to everybody's surprise the ball went in. A long whistle blown by the referee ended the game and his team gained their victory. Both team players stood face to face and bowed to each other as their token of gratitude for the pleasant game.

"Hikaru san, do you mind to pass me that eraser?" Fuu asked.


"Hikaru san, are you listening?"

Another silence

"Ouch!" Hikaru screamed out when Fuu pinched her left cheek.

"That's your reward for ignoring me." Fuu continued as she took the eraser by herself.

"Sorry Fuu I didn't mean to do it. I was just …" Hikaru rubbed her cheek as she tried to make an excuse.

"Amazed by Lantis, wasn't you?"

"Well… I don't think so." She averted her look from Fuu to prevent her from seeing her blushing face.

"Hikaru, I have been your friends for years. You can't fool me." Fuu claimed as she fixed her glasses.

"Yes, mam. I admit that I was amazed by Lantis Kyle, the ace of our basketball team." Hikaru replied blatantly.

"Good!, I appreciate your honesty and my advice is you should not hide your feeling any longer since time cannot be turned back." Fuu patted her friend's shoulder.

"But how if… he doesn't love me in return?. I mean he is the prince charming who has his own fan club here in our university." Hikaru pointed at group of cheerleaders cheering on Lantis from the audience seat. The leader of the fan group is a green haired girl with nice body proportion and cute face. Her name is Primera.

"Fuu, can you pass me my towel please," asked Felio all of sudden.

"Sure, here you go." She smiled at him as she passed a black towel with an initial F on it.

"Thanks. Anyway what time shall we meet on Friday night?" Felio winked at Fuu.

"My part time job will be finished at 5 so I'll meet you at 6 at Shibuya Station." Fuu responded shyly as some pink spots appeared on both of her cheeks. Felio smiled brightly then left the place.

Hikaru admitted that she really envy her friend. Fuu had been going out with Felio for a year. It was Felio who started the relationship by confessing his love on the stage with guitar on his left hand and microphone on his right during the school festival. They conducted their date every week except during the examination period because, Fuu preferred to study in order to keep her good grades for the scholarship.

"Hikaru, we need to do the preparation for the prefecture competition in Nagasaki next week." Fuu explained as she cleaned up things.

"Oh!, I almost forgot about that." Hikaru took out a small memo pad checked her To Do list.

"I'll be handling the rental car reservation so would you please handle the drink supply?"

"Sure!, leave it to me." Hikaru raised a thumb with glee.

"Don't forget to bring back the receipt when you buy the drinks. I need it for the final calculation." Fuu continued.

"Got it."

"One more thing, Hikaru."

"Yes, my queen?" She asked playfully.

"I think Lantis san is not a kind of guy who judges a girl by her appearance." Fuu smiled before she walked away leaving the confused Hikaru.

Lantis gave a huge bit on his baked salmon filled rice ball and stared secretly on Hikaru who was practicing with her violin at the campus garden.

"Cute girl, isn't she?" Felio smirked at his friend.

"Who are you talking about?" Lantis responded blankly.

"The girl you were looking at."

"I'm looking at nobody." The raven haired boy denied briefly.

"You can't lie to me, Lantis. I can read minds." Felio bragged. Lantis chose to eat the rest of his rice ball rather than giving a reply to his talkative fellow.

"So, when are you going to tell her that you love her?" Felio asked.

"What makes you think that I love her?" Lantis asked back calmly before he took a sip of his ice green tea.

"Don't fool around with me, man. I heard from master Clef that you were asking Hikaru about the way to express love during her visit to Cephiro." Felio snorted impatiently.

"I don't want to be a substitute of Eagle."

"Goddammit, Lantis!. Nothing is more useless than to compare yourself with a dead man." Felio nearly yelled. Lantis ignored his friend for the second time that day and stared blankly at Hikaru who was still working with her violin.

"If you succeed a three point shoot at the prefecture competition in Nagasaki, promise me that you will make a love confession to Hikaru." Felio demanded seriously.

"It's none of your business, Felio." Lantis wiped his hands with wet tissues and crumple it up before tossing it to the nearest trashcan.

"Listen to me, superstud!" Felio grabbed the front part of Lantis black shirt as he glared at him.

"I'm sick of seeing both of you jib at each other so, why don't you just take the bet and we'll see the result after the game." Felio concluded before he released Lantis and walked away from the spot.

Lantis tied his shoes and took a deep breath to be prepared for the competition. Felio was checking the starting members and made sure that everyone brought their uniform to the changing room. Although Lantis was the ace of the team he was not chosen as the captain because, he was not good at explaining things due to his personality. Instead, Felio was chosen and he had proved that he's worthy for the position. He even spared his time after the practice for consultation of each member. It's an easy job for him since his major in the university was psychology and he had been thinking of such activity as some sort of internship.

"OK guys, do your best!. Let's win the competition so that the manager will give us permission to explore the night life of Nagasaki right after the game." Felio said out loud.

"Aye captain!"

"I can't hear you! Say it louder!"

"Aye captain!" All members except Lantis shouted in a chorus and stormed out of the changing room.

"Lantis, make sure that you keep your promise." Felio patted his friend's shoulder.


"Are you listening to me?"

"You have my words." The raven haired ace finally spoke in a low voice. Felio gave him a smile of satisfaction before standing beside the other members on a straight line facing the opponent team. They bowed to each other and the competition started after the referee blew his whistle.

To Be Continued