Hello there! Here's my contribution to the growing merlin archive. It's just drabble without any sort of plot based on what Colin let slip on the Secrets of Merlin show. I don't own anything, if I did Merlin would have a girl friend a whole lot sooner. Please review and enjoy, :D FelizNavidad

"And what happens if you can't get back through?" Merlin asked worriedly.

Lyra merely looked adoringly at him. "Well if you keep this, there's going to be a large whole in the floor from all your pacing."she said jokingly.

Merlin wasn't amused and glared back at her. "You could die, you don't know how magic works!" he said angrily, stopping pacing and turning around to face her directly.

"Really, then why don't you tell me how it works?" Lyra asked raising and eyebrow at him.

Merlin faltered, "Its not like I know how it does."

She snorted, "Yea you do."

Merlin looked back up. "Know I don't." he said trying to talk her out, no, she didn't know about his gift.

"Yes, I know you do."

Merlin couldn't take it, why did she bring arguments when either one of them was in mortal peril.

"How do you even know that?" he asked seriously.

"Well, because you're Merlin." He watched as the smile slid from her face and sat dejectedly on his bed. "I don't really know how else to put that."

Merlin breathed in and never let his gaze falter from his friend, or was she something more then that to him. The Dragon said he needed her to do his duty to protect Arthur, but what did that really mean? The thing always spoke in riddles; he could never get anything out of it. He didn't want to stand here in silence in the last few minutes and voiced his question.

"What does that even mean?" he asked and Lyra smiled softly at him.

A knock sounded from the door and Arthurs voice came from the other side. "Lyra, Merlin, Its time to go!"

Lyra got up and stood in front of Merlin, who was now staring desperately at the floor.

"That means, I know you can do whatever destiny tells you to." She said and Merlin nodded.

"Future insight?" he asked smiling slightly.

"Future insight." She said nodding with a smile mirroring his.

Arthur rudely knocked on the door again. "We don't have much time! We have to go!"

He finally looked at her face and saw how sad it was, she didn't want to do this either. Merlin meant to pull her into a hug before they had to go, however finally the realization hit him hard as he realized he might never see her again. That's why instead he began kissing her full on in the mouth and Arthur was wondering what the hell was taking them so long. Running his hands over her back trying to somehow to hold on to her forever, he felt like he could never stop and response he got from Lyra erased all doubts that she didn't feel the same way. "You better be back after this." he mumbled against her lips. Lyra smiled through the kiss before she pulled away to stare at his face."If there's more where that came from I'll make sure to." Merlin grimaced and planted on last kiss on her lips. They both then headed towards the door, hoping they would come out all right.