Hey, I'm Saz and this is my first ever Scrubs fic! I have done some writing elsewhere, but I've never done Scrubs so please bear with me. Also, this is my first 'first person' fic, and at first I wrote it as third person, so if it doesn't sound right, or if there is still some third person in there which I missed, then please forgive me.

I was jolted awake by the shrill and demanding cry of my alarm clock. Opening a sore eye, I groaned before switching the alarm off with more force than usual, and dragging my legs out of the bed so I was sitting up, head in his hands. I didn't know what was up with me recently, but I had been feeling constantly ill and tired for a few weeks, no matter how long I slept for. At first I shrugged it off, thinking it was a simple bug going around, but lately I noticed I was feeling worse and had been sick once or twice in past couple of days.

Thinking about sick, it suddenly felt like that sitting up had disturbed the dull nagging sickness in my stomach, and had enraged it in to a huge churning pain ready to blow. Leaping to my feet, I raced to the bathroom, not wanting to disgrace myself by spewing everywhere, but I just made the desire to barf even worse. I had just reached the sink, my pale fingers clutching the edge tightly, when I threw up my entire stomach content before washing it down the drain and wiping my mouth tiredly. When would this stupid bug leave him alone?

Trudging back in to the sitting room, I noticed Carla for the first time. She was in the kitchen, obviously in the middle of making breakfast, though now she was staring at me intently, her forehead creased with worry. So far I had managed to avoid showing my illness in front of Carla, knowing her mother instincts and her tendencies to treat people strictly with tough love.

"Bambi," Carla said, worry thick in her voice. She glanced once at the cooking breakfast, making sure nothing was burning, before marching over to me with her no-nonsense face on. "You don't look so good. Sit," Carla ordered as she placed a hand on my forehead. Not having the power to refuse her, I followed Carla's wishes and flopped down on to the couch, too exhausted to argue. I heard her tutting to herself as she studied me and I knew that Carla was in her nurse mode. "You're hot, Bambi," Carla said with disapproval when she took her hand away.

Instead of expressing any concern for myself, I just looked up at the nurse with a cheesy smile, "Well, thank you, Carla. And may I say you're not bad looking yourself." This remark made Carla tut some more and place her hands on her hips, although a faint smile touched her lips. However, before she could say anything, Turk stumbled out of the bedroom.

"Dude, you were not just hitting on my woman!" Turk said, his eyes and mouth wide open. I was about to defend my actions when Turk's face suddenly lit up and his head whipped around excitedly, "I smell bacon!" Turk announced in glee before skipping off to the kitchen area and scooping the now cooked bacon out of the pan.

Carla just watched the whole scene with a disbelieving face, and when Turk plopped down on the sofa next to me, she muttered, "Idiot," before turning her attention back to me. "I think you should stay home today, Bambi. You really don't look well." Carla said strictly, more of a command rather than a request.

For the first time that morning, Turk looked at me properly after hearing his wife's concerned voice. His eyebrows knitted together with worry as he inspected his best friend, "Carla's right, Vanilla Bear. You look paler than usual." Turk glanced down at his plate and speared a piece of bacon before holding it under my nose. "Maybe you should eat something," Turk suggested.

However, as soon as the bacon was thrust under my nose, its smell just started my stomach churning again and without another word I leapt to my feet and stumbled toward the bathroom where I basically collapsed at the toilet and was sick. Although, because I had earlier thrown up most of my stomach contents, it was more heaving and choking than actually being sick.

"Poor, Bambi," I heard from the doorway, and I turned my heavy head to see Carla stood there with Turk's arm wrapped around her body. Both were looking at me with worried faces. The way I was sitting on the floor made them look much taller than usual and I suddenly found myself drifting off in to a daydream.

I was sitting on the floor wearing only a nappy and a baby bonnet. I looked up at Turk and Carla who was cooing over me with parent eyes. I waved my arms fussily, as though expecting to be picked up, and when neither moved immediately, I spat out the dummy which was in my mouth and my lower lip started to tremble.

I snapped out of the weird daydream and realized Turk and Carla were looking at me in the exact same way they did in my daydream. Why was I imagining myself as a baby? My self esteem must be low. Shaking my head at myself, I heaved myself off the floor, only to be grabbed by Carla and Turk forcefully, but carefully, who then led me back to my bedroom.

"I know what you're like, Bambi, but I refuse to argue with you. You are not going in to work today and you are going to lie here in bed and get better." Carla said as the couple lowered me on to my bed. I was about to argue back but then I just shrugged and lay back with a sigh. I am a doctor, and the reason I go in to work is to help people. I couldn't really do that while I was ill and if I did go to work I would risk getting my patients sick. Plus, there was no arguing with Carla. I learned that years ago.

"Alright, alright," I mumbled sleepily, my eyes already closing without permission. It seemed that my body simply surrendered to the softness of the bed and even if I wanted to get up, I knew it would be next to impossible. "But if the hospital is busy you'll phone, right?"

Turk rolled his eyes at this. "Okay, dude," Turk said smiling, "Only if you promise not to watch Marley and Me without me." Now it was Carla's turn to roll her eyes. Seeing me fighting to remain awake, Carla smiled softly and leaned in to kiss my forehead, murmuring a loving farewell. Turk's goodbye was less sentimental in the fact that he basically slapped me on the back, making me start coughing.

I soon settled down however, and the last conscious awareness I had was of Carla hitting Turk's arm, not so gently, and the couple squabbling in whispers as they made their way out of my room. I couldn't even remember them actually leaving the room, but I was okay with that as peaceful and heavy sleep engulfed me.

Okay, maybe the ending was a bit rushed. For that I apologise. Anyhoo, whoever can guess JD's illness first gets... well nothing. But it is still fun to guess!