(I was reading some old chapters and kicked myself at some of the mistakes I made. So I decided to go back and reedit every single chapter for grammer, spelling, and even adding scenes and dialogued that I didn't get around to adding.)

St. John Allerdyce lay back in his seat, trying to catch a little shuteye before they arrived. It's funny how things worked out. After he learned how to use his powers, he was met by a woman named Mystique. She offered him a place in something called the Brotherhood. John turned her down flat, he didn't need anybody. Though angry, Mystique said that the offer stood and gave him an address to go to when he was ready. The address was somewhere in America and John felt quite fine in Australia. But after 27 warrants out on him for arson and parking tickets, the sixteen year old John felt new scenery would be beneficial.

When he got to America, he took another plane to JFK airport and actually met up with a few others who were mutants as well. Benedict Kine (16) and Christopher Terrance (17) were their names. John watched the two of them use their powers to steal various items in the airport and approached them. After showing what he could do, the two decided to tag along with him. Terrance had stolen a convertible and changed the license plate and VIN number. He did it so well he could drive it to a police station and not worry about it. They arrived to the address a little in the afternoon. To their surprise, the place was a dump.

"This is it? Are you sure this is the right address?" Kine asked.

"Positive, this is it. Blimy, I've seen coyotes with burrows better then this." answered John.

Terrance shrugged, "Well, let's get this over with." The three of them got out and walked to the front door.

John banged on the door. "Yo Mystique its John Allerdyce. I've had a change of heart and I've brought some friends with me. They've got powers too." he yelled out, making sure anyone inside could hear him. To his disappointment, he didn't hear anyone inside and nobody came to the door.

"Maybe they're not home." shrugged Terrance.

"Then they won't mind us making ourselves comfortable." said Kine who kicked the door open. The door swung open and the three walked inside. As they expected, no one was home. Deciding to get comfortable, the three started moving around the house.

Terrance started watching television, Kine made a snack out of what little food was in the refrigerator and Pyro was taking a shower. After an hour, all of them were sitting in front of the television watching old Seinfeld re-runs. The three of them were laughing at George's answering machine song when they heard the front door opening.

"Will you let it go already Toad? We're sorry, okay?" said an annoyed Lance.

"You guys left me out in the cold man. How am I supposed to forget that." replied Toad, who was still angry about the whole Asteroid M incident.

"Will you drop it alre…" Pietro started to say before the four Brotherhood members walked into the living room and say the three guests sitting on the couch.

"What the…Who are you?" demanded Lance.

"St. John Allerdyce at your service mates." Pyro said, introducing himself. "I'm here to take up Mystique on her offer." he continued. That's when he noticed the confused faces. "Uhh, is this a bad time?"

"What exactly did Mystique offer you?" asked Toad.

"You know, membership into the Brotherhood. We mutants have to stick together." John said.

Pietro was the first to speak up, recognizing the opportunity. "What exactly is your power?" he asked.

Smiling, John pulled out his lighter and snapped a flame out of it. The small spark grew into a fireball that twirled around the room then coming to rest hovering above John's hand. He closed his hand then re-opened it, revealing the flame was gone. "Cool." said Fred.

"Pyro's the name and fire is my game. As you can see, I control fire and I can't be burned or hurt by it. The downside is that I can't create it." John said.

"What about them?" asked Lance, pointing to Kine and Terrance.

Kine smiled and glanced over at Freddy. Suddenly, Fred's hands shot up into the air. "Hey, what's happening?" said Fred as he started to spin himself around like a ballerina.

"I control people's bodies but I can't control what they say. The name's Benedict Kine or I prefer Pusher." said Kine.

"I'm Christopher Terrance and I create psychic static, which gives everyone around bad headaches plus the inability to speak coherently. Also, it completely disables anyone from using telepathy. I can also sense if someone's using telepathy near me. If you want something else to call me, just use Static." said Terrance.

The Brotherhood was already excited about their newest prospects. They already imagined ideas of how they could use them when there was another knock on the door. "Wow this place is getting more traffic in five minutes then in the last year." said Toad who hopped to the door. He opened it to a young blond girl about sixteen years old.

"Is Mystique here?" she asked, nervous. Toad had to shake his head to stop looking at her.

"Well, this is her residence so you've come to the right place. Can I help you?" asked Toad.

"Yeah, I need a place to stay and Mystique said I could come here if I ever needed to." the girl replied. Toad opened the door all the way to let her in.

"Please come in. All mutants are accepted, except for X-Geeks." said Toad.

"Huh?" she asked confused.

"Uhh, nothing. My name is Todd Tolensky but everyone calls me Toad. What's your name?" asked Toad.

"Lorna Dale." the girl answered.

"Guys, we've got another mutant." Toad as he escorted Dale into the living room.

"Wow four new people in under ten minutes. I doubt the X-Geeks could recruit that fast." Pietro said to himself.

"Well if you're going to stay with us, we'll need to see your powers." Lance said to Dale. She lifted up hands and then the television was lifted into the air, the light bulbs started to flicker, in fact everything metallic flew into the air including Pietro for wearing a metal watch.

"Hey put me down!" Maximoff yelled out.

The four original members were in complete shock. Dale lowered everything back to their original place. "Can I stay?" she asked. They all just nodded, still stunned. "Thanks. I'm starving." Lorna said before heading towards the kitchen.

"Yo she's got Magneto's power." said Toad.

"That's impossible. What are the odds someone is born with the exact same powers?" asked Lance.

"Maybe she and magnet butt are related?" wondered Toad.

"That's impossible. He only had one daughter and…" Pietro said before quickly biting his tongue.

"What was that?" said Lance.

"Uhh…nothing." Pietro too quickly.

"Whatever. All I know is that we're gonna rock the X-Men the next time we see them." said Lance.

Fred, Pietro, and Toad all moaned. "Enough with the rock puns already." said Fred.