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Sarah Vale moaned as she regained unconsciousness. In what remained of their room Five Jamies, Ray, Roberto, and Sam were all starting to wake up from whatever just happened a moment ago. Everything was fine and then the whole thing shook like an earthquake, knocking everyone around the room.

"I'm pretty sure that wasn't part of the experience." groaned Ray. "It was kinda fun though." said Jamie as he retracted all his copies. "Speak for yourself mister copy machine." mumbled Sam.

Storm burst into the room. "Is everyone alright?" she asked. "I'll let you know when my head stops spinning." groaned Roberto. Everyone got to their feet. "What happened? Did Bobby make another iceberg in front of the ship?" asked Sarah. "Not this time. C'mon we need to find the others." ordered Storm.

They followed her over to Tabitha and Amara's room where the two female members emerged. "What happened? Did Scott lose his glasses again?" asked Tabitha. "We don't know. We were just on our way to the brig once we found you two." said Storm.

"Well on the bright side I feel a lot better." smiled Amara. "Oh now she feels better." groaned Roberto. The team continued through the chaos of the corridors as passengers and crewmembers panicked and ran around in complete anarchy. They eventually got to the outer decks and noticed the ship was no longer in the ocean. The cruise ship had beached itself on some kind of island.

"Was the captain drunk or something? When he said anchor at St. Sebastian Island, I didn't think he meant that literally." remarked Tabitha. "This isn't St. Sebastian. I don't recognize it from any of the Caribbean tour books I read." said Amara.

"Well let's go find…" said Jamie before Scott, Jean, Bobby, Kurt, and Kitty came walking up to them. "…never mind."

"Is everyone alright?" asked Storm. "We're fine. Most of the crew is running around in panic so let ourselves out." said Jean. "For good behavior." smirked Bobby. "You and good behavior don't belong in the same sentence." said Kitty rolling her eyes.

"Hey what's that guy doing?" asked Ray, directing everyone's attention to a man climbing down the side of the ship. He leaped off and landed on the island, a hundred foot drop at least and yet landed on his feet with no sign of injury. He took off into the jungle, disappearing.

"Okay he certainly wasn't human." said Jamie. "Jean, Kurt, Bobby, Kitty, you're me. We'll go after him. Storm stay here with the others and see if you can help the passengers." ordered Scott.

Toad practically punched the call button at the Xavier Institute gates. The building wasn't completely rebuilt but they were making good progress. "Come on guys open up! I know you don't like me but you've got to help!" Toad shouted. When he got no reply, he pulled out his cell phone and started calling the emergency black phones that Pietro gave everyone. Untraceable disposable cell phones everyone could use in case of emergencies and then get rid of. Right now he was calling Kine.

Benedict was back on the road with his father when his black phone went off. He didn't have time for this. Quickly he pulled it out and answered it. "This better be important because you just made this phone unsecured." groaned Benedict.

"Kine! Where are you? They got everyone! They need help!" shouted Toad so loud that Benedict had to hold the phone away from his ear. "Who is that?" asked Benjamin. "Toad calm down and start talking sense." demanded Benedict.

"They attacked and captured everyone. They got Pietro, Fred, John, Chris, even cupcake." said Toad. "Hold on. Who is they?" asked Benedict.

Pietro, Wanda, Chris, John, and Fred all woke up in their living room bound in specialized restraints. Pietro had both his arm and legs shackled while Wanda had restraints that restricted her arms and fingers. Chris was shackled and had a helmet on his head blocking his psy static. John had some kind of suit on that sprayed him with gas anytime he tried to create fire. Fred found himself floating over an anti-gravity platform.

"Good morning lady and gentlemen. I'm sure this is all somewhat confusing for you but I'm afraid we're pressed for time." said Doctor Octopus. "Where Benjamin Kine?" demanded Shocker.

"Benjamin Kine? Don't you mean Benedict Kine?" asked Pietro. "Benjamin is Ben's father. Kind of a touchy subject with him." said Chris. "Am I the only member of the Brotherhood members without daddy issues?" mumbled Fred.

"I don't have daddy issues. Granted my dad had this odd fascination with sniffing paint but he was a regular guy," protested John. "Like I said. I'm the only one without daddy issues," moaned Fred.

"Quit stalling. Where is he?" said Sandman. "Okay look this is all some huge misunderstandin-gggggaahh." said Pietro before Rhino grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up. "Don't you lie to me." snapped Rhino.

"Leave him alone." shouted Wanda. Rhino tossed Pietro aside and grabbed Wanda. "You watch your mouth girlie or I'll show you that the horns on my costume aren't props." threatened Rhino. "Rhino put the lady down." said Octopus. Rhino grunted and set Wanda back down.

"That's better. Now seeing your confusion among the subject of Benjamin Kine, I assumed you have no idea where he is or took part in his escape. That's alright though. We know Benedict Kine did and we want to know where he is. Tell us and we'll let you go." said Octopus.

All of the Brotherhood members busted up laughing. The Sinister Six all exchanged confused looks. "That's what the bad guys always say before they kill you." said John. "Yeah. That's like evil doing 101." said Fred. "Come to think of it, they do have a point." said Sandman.

"Shut up." snapped Octopus. One of his tentacles grabbed Wanda by the neck and lifted her up. "Fortunately a psychological analysis of every one of you does show how protective you are of another so I will make this simple." The tentacle started crushing Wanda's neck as she gasped for air. "Where is he?"

"Leave her alone!" shouted Chris. John tried to start a fire but ended up getting gassed. "When I get down from here I'm going to kill you." threatened Fred. "Alright alright I'll tell you what you want to know just stop." shouted Pietro. The tentacle released Wanda who dropped to the ground coughing and gasping.

"Please continue." smiled Octopus.

"So let me get this straight. A bunch of super powered thugs break into the mansion and take your friends prisoner?" asked Benjamin Kine to Toad once he and Benedict met up.

"Ben who is guy?" asked Toad. "Benjamin Kine, accounting extraordinaire and the best handler of finance…" said Benjamin. "Shut up dad. We think we might now who they are. My old man's former employer recently got a super villain freaks together to fight their common enemy Spiderman." interrupted Benedict.

"Spiderman? You mean that guy who shoots webs from his hands and dresses in pajamas?" asked Toad. "Not to mention the one guys who has beaten all of those thugs." said Benjamin. "Yeah but not all at once." pointed Benedict.

"How do you know all this?" asked Toad. "I know everything about every major crime syndicate on the Eastern Seaboard. Now the big cheese in this case is the Kingpin. Very few know he exists and those that do keep their mouths shut." said Benedict.

"So what do we do?" asked Toad. "We get help that's what. And since the Xavier Institute is empty, there's only one other name I can think of that can help us." said Benedict. "Wait a minute? You're going to ask for Spiderman's help?" said Toad.

"Oh I'm not gonna ask." said Benedict.

Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty and Bobby were all walking through the jungle of whatever island they were on and it gave them the creeps. "That presence that was inside Captain Belzin's mind, I can feel it all around us and yet I don't see anything." said Jean. "Stay sharp. I don't like this." said Scott.

"Is it just me or is anybody creeped out by how quiet it is?" asked Kurt. "Yeah I haven't seen a single bird or bug of any kind. Nothing but trees." agreed Kitty. "I'm just glad there's no smoke monster." quipped Bobby.

"Well you certainly don't come across that every day." remarked Kurt as they entered a clearing where a massive submarine was beached onto the island. "How did this thing end up here?" asked Jean "Probably the same reason our ship running aground." commented Scott.

"Uhh guys. Look at the insignia up there." said Kitty pointing to lettering on the walls of the vessel. USS Annapolis. "Wait a minute. Isn't that the name of the sub that nutjob was the captain of?" asked Bobby. "I have a very bad feeling about this." Kitty said.

Then out of nowhere their mysterious target came crashing down catching everyone off guard. He knocked Jean into the sub and did a tornado kick that hit Bobby and Kurt in one move. Scott fired an optic blast but the attacker rolled under it and leg tripped Cyclops. He moved gracefully with leaps, handstands, and backflips with unnatural agility.

Kitty tried to hit him but he easily blocked and avoided every one of her attacks. Bobby got back to his feet and shot an ice beam at the man who jumped out of the way and it hit Kitty instead. "Bobby!" she screamed as she phased out shivering and teeth chattering. Bobby then froze the ground beneath the attacked but he simply leaped onto branches above him and did a gymnastic flip around them to propel himself right towards Bobby. Iceman put up an ice shield but the man punched right through and still hit Bobby.

Kurt tried to teleport above him and ambush the guy but he easily caught Nightcrawler and hurled him into Scott who was just getting back to his feet. Before the man could do anymore he suddenly himself floating in the air and hurled into the sub, knocking the wind out of him. Jean used her powers to keep him still.

"Man that guys makes Jet Li and Jackie Chan look like amateurs." groaned Kurt as everyone got to their feet. "Who are you?" demanded Jean. "You're wasting your time mutant. The real threat is all around you and you don't even realize it." said the man.

"A guy who talks mysteriously. You're Jacob aren't you." accused Bobby. Everyone threw him a confused look. "Another Lost reference." he shrugged.

"We will all be dead soon. I suggest you make peace with yourselves." said the man. "What are you talking about?" demanded Scott. "It doesn't matter surface dwellers. You cannot stop it and if you knew the truth you wouldn't try." answered the attacker. "Seriously could you please stop with the cryptic dialogue." groaned Kitty.

Suddenly the ground began to shake. "Lance?" asked Scott. "Petra?" asked Jean. Everyone then started sinking into the ground. "Hey what's happening?" shouted Booby. Jean used her telekinesis to pull everyone out and levitate them on top of the submarine.

"What is going on?" asked Kitty. On the ground, things began forming out of the sand and dirt into Velociraptor shaped creatures. They all started climbing up the sub, hissing as hundreds more took form below.

"Are you going to start Jurassic Park references now?" Kurt asked Bobby. Scott blasted all of the creatures, crumbling them into dirt. Then the sub they were on started shaking and sinking. "Kurt teleport us back to the ship now!" shouted Scott. Everyone gathered into a circle which Nightcrawler teleported away before the sub was completely submerged.

They all reappeared on the top deck of the cruise ship and sent several passengers running away screaming at the sight. "Are we getting attacked by Petra again?" groaned Bobby. "If you are referring to the mutant Petra then no. Your enemy is not a who but what." answered the man. "Alright enough with the cryptic talking. Who are you and what is attacking us?" demanded Kitty.

"My name is Namor, Prince of Atlantis and you are all being hunted by Krakoa. It is the very island that this ship is beached upon. My people have known about this monster for millennia but did not possess the means of destroying it. I do not know where it comes but I do know it slumbers for millions of years until it awakens and consumes anything it finds. Some of my own people have been telekinetically linked to its mind in the past and learned that it desires to consume the most evolved living beings it can find. And that's why it's after you." Namor explained.

"This…island wants to eat us?" gulped Kurt. "Now I'm starting to wish we were just dealing with a smoke monster." said Bobby. "How do we stop this thing?" demanded Scott. "I've tapered with that underwater vessel to trigger a nuclear explosion. The blast will kill all of us but it will weaken the monster. Enough for my fleet nearby to destroy it." said Namor.

"What kind of stupid plan is that? You'll kill everyone on this ship!" shouted Jean. "And save billions of lives in the process. Once Krakoa is finished with you, it will move onto your cities and mine. Billions of both our peoples will die if that happens." said Namor.

"Couldn't you have found a way without nuking us?" shouted Scott. "Uhh guys. Those things are back," gulped Bobby, pointing to the bottom of the ship were hundreds of the same creatures as before started climbing up the side.

Benedict, his father, and Toad all stood outside a closed jewelry store. "What is this place closed down? It's the middle of the day." said Benjamin. "The owner decided to get married to a twelve year old in Thailand." said Toad. The two Kines threw him a look. "At least that's what I read on the Internet." Toad defended him. "There's a reliable source." mumbled Benedict.

Benjamin picked up a brick and threw it through the window. Benedict tossed an envelope inside containing at least a thousand dollars for the owner's trouble. Now the three of them just stood around and waited. "Are you sure this'll get his attention?" asked Toad. "What do you suggest? Building a giant spider signal? Calling his hotline?" groaned Benedict.

Suddenly webbing hit all three of them and they were yanked towards the rooftop. Spiderman held them in the air, holding onto the webbing tendrils. "Sorry I don't have either of those but the giant spider signal does sound a little cool. Anyways you three are the coolest jewel thieves ever. You actually wait for me to come and catch you." said Spiderman.

Benedict sent a neural signal that forced Spiderman to pull all three of them up onto the rooftop. "Hey! What's going on?" shouted Spiderman, unable to fight back. Everyone pulled the wedding off their clothes. "This is like that scene on Animal Planet. The one with the wasp who paralyzes tarantulas and lays eggs on them that eventually hatch and eat the spider alive." said Toad.

"That's disgusting Toad." groaned Benedict. "Oh this is so not fair." mumbled Spiderman unable to move thanks to Pusher. "Well we got him now what?" asked Benjamin. "We stick to the script. He helps us pound the Kingpin's six stooges and we rescue everybody." said Toad.

"Wait a minute are you talking about the Sinister Six?" asked Spiderman. The three ignore as they argue. "Why would he help us? I'm a wanted fugitive and the pajama bug man here isn't exactly known for letting people like me go." said Benjamin. "Hey! Spiders are arachnids. Why does nobody ever know that?" mumbled Spiderman. Benjamin and Toad argued back and forth while Benedict got a headache.

"Shut up!" shouted Benedict. Everybody sent silent. "Alright here's the deal mister red and blue tights. A couple of your enemies that work for the Kingpin had captured our friends and we need help to get them back. Since you have a history with these guys, we'd figure you'd be the only real shot we have at beating them." explained Benedict.

"You guys smashed a window and feigned a jewelry robbery all to ask for my help?" frowned Spiderman. "We're kinda pressed for time." said Toad. "A little advice then fellas. If you're going to ask for help don't hold them hostage. Stockholm syndrome takes a long time to work." said Spiderman.

Benedict released Spiderman from his control. "Wow that was extremely unpleasant." he commented. Benedict's phone rang and it could only mean one thing. "It's them." he said before answering and putting it on speaker.

"Benedict Kine I presume? My name is Doctor Otto Octavius." said the voice on the other line. "Yeah I know who you are." grunted Benedict. "Then you know what I want. We're all civilized people here. Give me your father and I'll give you your friends." said Octopus. "I've got a counter offer. You let my friends go and then you leave and never show your faces to us again. You do that and I'll let you walk away but if you don't I'm coming home and you won't be walking out of there. I'm on my way right now and you better not be there when I arrive." warned Benedict. He hung up the phone and tossed it to the ground.

"What did you just do?" shouted Toad. "I've got to agree with stinky here. You're just going to walk right in there?" asked Spiderman. "No but you are." Benedict told Spiderman.

Xavier, Emma, Beast, Logan, and Jesse were halfway to the last known location of the cruise ship in the Velocity.

"Any word yet from anyone?" asked Logan at the helm. "No. I've been trying to raise them telekinetically but so far I'm being blocked by something." said Xavier. "Me too. Whatever it is, it's powerful." said Emma. "Oh that sounds very bad." groaned Jesse.

Suddenly the power began to flicker on the control board. "We're losing power." shouted Beast. "I told you not to bring me." said Jesse. "It's not you. Some kind of EM interference coming that's messing with our power just enough so we have to land. Somebody wants us grounded." said Logan. He was forced land the Velocity on the ground before they lost complete power.

Outside a metal ball that had trailing them took off into the sky. "Magnus." Xavier whispered.

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