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Sakura didn't expect serving people was this hard.

All she had to do was ask, say okay, and then deliver what the customers wanted. Just because she didn't have any money to pay for rent and just because she had to beg her god-mother Tsunade, to get her this job doesn't mean she deserves serving these stupid stuck up people.

Her best friend, Ino, the "sweet" actress as many people know her, for she had done many commercials for candy stores had tried to help her childhood best friend with her money problems, but instead, she got herself caught up on a cute boy and 'stuff' happen. After those 'stuff' they broke up. You know one of those one-week type of relationships. Except its getting farther than first base.

A slap was heard throughout the café. "Pervert!" A lady that look no more than twenty-five in a black tube-top dress screamed at Jiraiya, an old friend from 'Mama', the nickname that she calls her god-mother. Sakura bet he touched her butt. Twenty-bucks says he did.

"She so wants me," Jiraiya was in a dazed of some sort. His hand was propped up on the counter top while drooling on it. Tsunade ran up to the lady and apologize for the behavior of the perverted pig. Good thing the lady was kind enough to understand and began ordering.

Now back to where Sakura was. She was standing in front of a couple girls in a booth. They were taking so much time in taking their order, she was tempted to scream at the them to hurry the hell up and leave. But she didn't and still had that fake grin on her face.

"Um. Hello? Forehead girl, are you listening?" asked a girl, with reddish-orange, uneven hair, with black rimmed glasses. She was wearing a top that reached above her naval, and short shorts, that can be considered underwear. Even though it was the middle of April. It was still pretty chilly outside. Oh no she didn't. Sakura's eye began twitching at the nickname. Instead of lashing at the red-head. She just nodded and making her smile wider than before, that it began hurting her face.

"Okay, like I was saying three low-fat mocha latte, three rice cakes, and that's about it, thank you. Oh and please stop with your smiling its freaking me out." The red-head said putting the menu down. Sakura just stopped with her grinning ignoring the fact that she was insulted a couple minutes ago and when she was about to walk away, Ino came in, looking mighty and looked surprised when she saw the red-head. Then she beamed at the group. She was wearing a tight purple turtle-neck with a leathered belt wrap around her waist loosely. With regular jeans and black-leathered high healed boots that was covering the whole part of her knees and jeans.

"Karin, long time no see," Ino joined in and hugged Karin kissing both her cheeks. Sakura just ignored them, knowing that Ino was just pretending to be her friend since Karin was the first one to know about the latest gossips and news. Sakura went behind the counter top to grab their orders. She saw a couple kids looking at the snow-colored bend glass display counter looking at all the sweets. She had a small smile on her face when she saw a little girl, with a white flowery dress and a pacifier in her mouth bend over. She was adorable and look more than two or three years old. One of the boys pushed her when she was trying to look at the sweets. Her eyes began tearing up, Sakura glared at the boy and walked over to the little girl and picked her up trying to calm her down.

"Aw, its okay sweetheart, do you want a lollipop or a cookie?" The little girl stopped tearing up, and muffled behind the pacifier the word cookie to the nice lady. Sakura walked over to where she could get in behind the counter. She grabbed a chocolate-chipped cookie from the small counter display on top of the bleached-colored worktop and gave the little girl the cookie. She walked back out to set her down on the ground. The little girl hugged Sakura's knees and ran to her mother. Or so it seemed.

"Forehead! Where's our order?" Karin's voice rang through her ears. Then she ran to where Jiraiya was and asked if he could get the order for her. He was back in a second with the orders in place on the red trey. She picked it up carefully to not spill the mocha. She made it five steps and finally reached the table.

"I'm sorry about that, just got caught up." Ino was gone. She was probably in the staff "lounge." Even though it was a tiny room with little furniture. That was bought by Ino's second last boyfriend. Sakura was beginning to wonder if her friend was a gold digger.

The small room consisted of a plasma TV hanged on the wall, a small bronze fridge, and a long black leathered couch.

While putting the order down she got a look of Karin's companions they exactly look like Karin. They were like clones. With clothes and style of hair except one's a brunette and the other is a blond. How weird. I bet they have no personality. Sakura thought.

"Yeah, yeah whatever as long as I get my mocha and rice cake, I'm in heaven." Sakura almost laughed. Wasn't everything heaven for her? She remembered in high school she heard Karin say that every time she saw the student teacher's butt it was like she was in heaven. In the end the student teacher was transferred to a new school to teach since Karin said he sexually harassed her. When the situation was the other way around, he didn't even want to hook up with her. Poor guy.





Sakura wiped the table where a bunch of teenagers were. I bet they were doing this on purpose since she already cleaned the table a couple times with lemon pledge.

There were still a couple customers there, and the seats from the single tables were stack upside down. The little girl from earlier was still there with her mother. The girl got out of her mother's lap and ran up to Sakura. She didn't have her pacifier anymore.

"Sank you, lady," Sakura look down at the three year-old she was so cute. Sakura bend down to her eye level, and grinned at her. Suddenly the girl took her hand and pulled her towards the girl's mother.

The mother was thin, tall and had blonde hair. It was up in a pony tail but the ponytail like Ino's. "Dwei-Dwei," the little girl said, the mother turn around to face the little girl holding a young woman's hand. The lady looked like Ino. Except their bangs was on the opposite side covering their left eye.

"Anya, what did I tell you about talking to strangers?" The mother had a deep masculine voice. Unless it was a man. Sakura's eyes went wide when she realize she had mistaken the man for a woman.

"Y-you y-you're not a woman?!" Sakura yelled, when she realized what she had said out loud, she put her hands up to her mouth to shush herself and her face turned tomato-red.

"Gomenasai!" Sakura bowed to young man. Her eyes went to look at the man to see him frown. "Gomenasai, I didn't mean to offend you, it's just that you look-" she was interrupted when the little girl started giggling.

"Dwei-Dwei isn't my mommy! Funny lady!" Anya was clapping and still giggling. Deidara looked at Sakura and saw she was still bowing.

"Hai-hai, its okay," he said waving the comment off from earlier. "I'm not her mother, I'm just her babysitter." Sakura, look relieved that Deidara forgave her. If Tsunade-mama heard her insult another customer she was going to be fired. It was her last chance to prove she had self-control, since last time she jumped the customer for getting on her last nerves.

"Dwei-Dwei, funny lady isn't a stranger, she gave me cookie," Anya said tugging on Deidara's jean. Deidara looked at the young lady. She was short and had no sense of fashion, she wore black slacks, a white polo shirt that reached to her elbows and a black vest that didn't close up. It was like a waiters uniform except her apron that was around her waist was pink and frilly with the word SugarBabes on the front with a chibi chef holding a cupcake.

Deidara looked at her face and saw that there wasn't anything that could be compared to models or anything. She wasn't beautiful and she wasn't ugly either. She was just plain and average. He saw that her short bubble-gum locks were short and into a tight ponytail. Her bangs covered her eyes. But he could still see the bright emerald orbs behind those tresses. He was instantly captivated even though he just took a small glimpse of it.

"You're just a perfect masterpiece," his words just ran out of his mouth, before he could stop them. She was just the perfect figure to sculpt. Sakura tilted her head confused. What does he mean? She was probably a young teenager, ranging from fifteen to sixteen. He was curious, was he right, is she fifteen?

He grabbed her hand a gave it a chaste kiss, "Deidara," she had a small blush on her face. His words took a while to register until he dropped her hand. So she just gave the smartest answer she had.

"Uh?" Deidara grinned and held a hand out. "My names Deidara, yeah." Oh. "Sakura," she finally answered and shook his hand. "I'm sorry to ask but how old are you, un?" He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.

"I'm nineteen," she smiled. At least she made a new friend. The only closest friends she ever had were probably her co-workers, meaning Jiraiya and Tsunade. Even though they were older than the way they look. Sakura wanted to find out how they keep their face so young. All she got was "It's a secret," from Tsunade and Jiraiya, "Never ask Tsunade you don't want to be vicious looking as her," Jiraiya had a black eye the next day.

Deidara looked surprised, when she said she was nineteen. She was so tiny and young looking. Maybe its because of her height. He probably thought I was thirteen or something. Stupid gene for making me so short. While Sakura was rambling about how short she was, Deidara had a grin on his face, So she's legal. Thank god! Phew! I was about to become a pedo if she said she was fifteen.

"Twenty-two," Sakura jumped up in surprise when Deidara's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. So he was only three years older than her, so why was he still babysitting? Shouldn't he have a real job by now.

"Dwei-Dwei," they both looked down to see Anya's hands up in the air wanting to be pick up. So Deidara picked her up and smiled at Sakura. He was about to say something when Ino ran up to them and stop and started looking back and forth from Sakura to Deidara.

"Deidara?" Ino said.

"Ino?" Deidara said.





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