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Is our Itachi Uchiha no longer available?

Who is this unknown pink haired girl that kissed him?

Is she a mysterious lover perhaps?

At approximately 9am yesterday, famous director Deidara (Best known movie: Art is Banging & Pop Goes the Weasel) was seen shooting a scene in Sugarbabes, a popular delicacy shop, near Jiraiya's video store at 21st street. Deidara was rumored to be having a sequel to Pop goes the Weasel being made this year, but the rumor hasn't been confirmed yet though. No one was allowed to go in except the staff as it was guarded by two heavily built men at the front doors.

A salmon haired girl rounded the corner and chatted with them and after a few minutes she was allowed to go in. It was first suspected that she was one of the staff seeing as how she pulled out an I.D. Not until we saw what occurred inside through the large window. The girl seems to be having a normal conversation with both the famous men, which we thought was normal seeing how she worked there.

But! The thing that gave us an antsy feeling was seeing Deidara put an arm around her shoulders and kept the conversation going. To this point we were suspicious. Was this girl with the handsome director? We never even heard of him going steady with anyone. That assumption changed when we see Itachi chuckling and walked towards her slowly in what you normally see in a movie. As expected with all the movie clichés, he leant down and kisses her sensually.

We were given a surprised once we see Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke yelling at the guards to let them in and barging through the door and screaming at the other Uchiha. From then on the kiss ended but a fight occurred with the four gentlemen as the girl held three fingers to her lips, shocked at what just happen. She then proceeded to walk robotically to a room in the back.

We waited as long as we needed to, to get a bit of information on her, and trying to catch her once she was out of the shop. But we never spotted her at all, even with the shop closing.

Deidara Iwa- Award winning director

Itachi Uchiha- Award winning actor/model

Sasuke Uchiha- Rising top actor

Naruto Uzumaki- Million dollar CEO of Ramen Industry

What we want to know;

How are these well known men connected to our mystery pink haired vixen?

Any information on this girl, immediately contact us!

- IC4U. (Info magazine on the latest gossip)

Sakura groaned hitting her head with the magazine. IC4U was a famous gossip magazine where if you're mentioned in it, it'll follow you till the end of time, and she was on the front cover kissing Itachi. Now and possibly forever she will be known all around as the "Pink haired Vixen." Ino, who was speeding towards her house (all the while almost hitting pedestrians), nearly knocked down her door from banging on it so hard. She held the magazine up to Sakura's face when she finally got to her house and that's how Sakura practically figure out about all this controversy. One thing in her mind though, was her imaginary self punching the living crap out of Itachi.

"I hate him! With every freaking bone in my body, I hate him!" She yelled out.

Ino, who was lazily lying on the couch, after getting all the necessary details of what happened at the shop, was flipping through the channels until she suddenly shot up seeing what was playing on the television. She waved to Sakura for her to come over, not being able to say anything, eyes glued to the screen. When Sakura looked at the television her eyes were the size of dinner plates. Even on the freaking news they were talking about what happen, seeing as how it was caught on video and was being replayed more than once. Feeling stressed out, Sakura proceeded to fall face first on the couch next to Ino's feet.

Ino, trying to be a comforting friend, patted her back, "Come on, forehead, this isn't the worst thing that ever happen to you has it? I mean remember when Kiba accidentally threw the bag of Akamaru's poo at you in six grade? That had to be the most horrifying thing that has ever happen to you, right?" Ino smiled when she heard a giggle and a mumble. Sakura remembered punching the crap out of Kiba and made him eat dirt in exchange for throwing the bag at her.

"NO, Ino-pig. Even though that was a very nasty memory, I still got my revenge on Kiba, but this… THIS has to be the worst thing that has ever happen to me! Even if I did get him back, I don't know what will happen to me after. Especially since his fan base is so vicious," Sakura groaned into the couch before straightening up and patting at her cheeks.

"I should sell your information to them then, but let's just get you're mind off of it then! Let's go to the mall and find something to wear for Saturday's Night Fevaaaaah!" Sakura sighed agreeing with Ino without hesitation. At least she's going to try to make this afternoon better than it already was.



"LET GO OF ME YOU PERV!" Slap. Kick. Blink. Realization.

"Naruto-kun?" Blue eyes stared up at her. "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, Naruto-kun! I didn't realize it was you. I thought it was someone else and I-I I'm so sorry!" Sakura bowed down and helped him get up and kept on bowing saying apologies. Naruto, who held his redden cheek, smiled down at her, blushing at what she was wearing.

Sakura, who went into the dressing room to try on the clothes that Ino picked out for her, was wearing a red glittery tube dress that reached up to her knees, with frills going across the top. During her ninety-degree bows, she never noticed Naruto blushing because of how she looked. Naruto, seeing how she may never stopped apologizing for assaulting him, grabbed a hold of her shoulders and straightened her up. Emerald orbs looked into his baby blue ones in curiosity. "Naruto-kun?" Blushing at the suffix at the end of his name and at the fact that she stopped calling him "Uzumaki-san" he cleared his throat.

"Ano, Sakura-chan. It's actually my fault. Seeing you in that dress made me kind of," gulp, "crazy? Uh. Yeah. Crazy." Sakura blushed at the implied compliment.

"What are you doing in the women's dressing room?" Suddenly Naruto was dragged out by the ear by a very irate Ino. "NARUTO UZUMAKI. ARE YOU INSANE?" He flinched as she yelled in his ear as he sat down on the chair outside, "OUT OF ALL THE THINGS YOU DO. YOU GO INTO THE WOMEN'S DRESSING ROOM?" Naruto in a panicked tried to calm her down when he saw people looking at him in disgusted fashion and whispering to each other.

Sakura, who dressed as quickly as possible after Naruto got dragged away, walked out of the dressing room patting Ino's shoulder trying to stop her from beating the crap out of the boy. "Ino! Stop making a scene… People are staring." After repeated hits to the boy's head, Ino stopped.

"Someone needs to teach this stupid boy a lesson. You better be glad it's me rather than someone else's husband."

"You're just pissy that no one ever bothered to steal a peek at you."

"WHAT WAS THAT? I'll have you know that men out there are dying to pay money just to see me half naked," Ino huffed and Naruto looked at her slyly.

"Ino, prostitutes are usually the ones to say that." This earned him another slap to the head.

Sakura questioned on why he was here causing him to straightened up and smile at her, "I was walking around the store trying to find clothes for tomorrow. But then I saw you and I didn't know if it was actually you. So I just kind of followed you to see if I wasn't hallucinating."

"Oh. I guess you wouldn't really notice someone else with pink hair walking around. Well you wouldn't really find anything here. A costume shop would probably be best. I kind of need an outfit too, so we'll probably be going to different stores. You're welcome to join us if you want to." Naruto blushed; he seems to be doing that quite a lot lately each time he was with the pink-haired girl.

"Oh no no no no! Definitely not!" Ino waved her hands in front of her- shaking her head. It was supposed to be her best friend day. The one day that she can actually shop around with Sakura just the two of them with no one else tagging along. They usually have this day every couple of months, but seeing as how Sakura has been preoccupied lately with work, Ino hasn't had this day since Sakura skipped the last two Best Friend Day just to go to work.



"Do I look like Elton John or what?" Naruto twisted around posing when facing the two girls. His outfit consisted of a purple robe that was secured by a slip tight belt, that reached down to his ankles, with a matching hat that had a white feather sticking from the side, that you would most likely see on a pimp in movies. His eyes were covered by perfectly circular glasses with beads surrounding the outside.

"…No. You look more like a guy asking for his money from ho's."

"Perfect! So, Ino…WHERE'S MY MONEY! OW. Kidding. Sheesh."

After endless begging from Naruto and making a deal with Ino about paying for the things they buy the whole day, Naruto ended up being allowed to come to their Best Friend Costume Hunting Day.

After searching for places to buy clothes for their psychedelic night out tomorrow, the trio ended up at Moe's Costume Ware. The place was filled with costumes hanging in the walls- from superhero to gory theme ones. The place was decorated with colorful painted mushrooms on the walls and the scent of pizza filled their noses. They've been searching for a costume place for an hour and ended up at Moe's, the only one with decent outfits on the racks and the walls.

"Come on, Nips. I was only kidding."

"Naruto. If you call me Nips one more time, I swear I would castrate the living man out of you!"


"Guys, shut it!" Sakura was in a small dressing room, the only one thing that's covering her was the red curtains, which Naruto was tempted to open if not for Ino's death glare each time he goes near it. "I found it!"

"Come out Sakura-chan. We want to see it."

"Sorry, Naruto-kun. But seeing as you're my date. I want to surprise you."

When they finished paying for their clothing, the trio decided to go to Sugarbabes. Even though Sakura spent most of her time working there, she has never felt tired just going there to hang out. It was just one of those things that relaxes her.

"We still need to go shopping. Your wardrobe is just eek, it needs some revamping. After getting food we still need to shop till we drop. Get some fabulous clothes and have you settle down with a nice guy. Trust me; I'm doing this for you."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Ino, I'm barely even twenty. Why do I need to "settle down" when I don't even want to get married yet? And besides, right now I'm still young and hip; I'm looking for a nice fun guy to have in my boring little life- someone to not settle down with."

"Your sarcasm kills me. And "hip" people don't say hip. Who even says that word anymore?" Both of them laughed and once reaching Sugarbabes, Naruto, who parked right beside them got out first and opened the door for Sakura. "Hey! Why not opened the door for me too?"

"You have hands!"

"Thank you, Naruto-kun. You're very… surprising." Naruto reddened and scratched the back of his head.

"Hey Sakura!"

"Hello Tsunade-mama. Not so busy day is it? I expected more people to start coming in ever since the movie shoot."

"I know I know. Me too, but a slow day is a slow day. What's with the Uzumaki following you?"

"What's up, baa-chan?"

"Why you little-"

"Tsunade-mama!" Tsunade sighed and walked behind the counter as Sakura followed her to make her specialty, Sakura's Supertacular 'I want candy' hot fudge deluxe or Double S Deluxe, which is simpler to Sakura seeing as she really didn't name it, Ino did when both of them experimented on sugar treats one day.

She piled different flavors of chocolate on a big circular bowl and poured hot fudge around it with sprinkles, she poured her "secret" liquid powder that she concocted and to top it off put slices of orange and lemons around the bowl sticking it into the ice cream. And finally a cherry on top.

She put it in front of Naruto and Ino and grabbed a chair and the trio sat silently eating the product with mouthfuls. Thirty minutes later, Naruto sat back patting his stomach, "Wow Sakura-chan. Whatever is in that powder thing is delicious. Now what?" She nodded thanks and grabbed the bowl to clean it. After putting the dirty dishes into the dish washer she went to the back to throw away trash.

"Well like I said before. Sakura and I still need to go shopping for clothes. I'm trying to reinvent her wardrobe so she could find a good man that's going to take care of her," Ino looked at her nails, they were chipped from having gone through the whole day shopping, if she can convince Naruto to give her money to go to the salon then everything would be perfect…

"Who needs a good man when she has me?"

"And that's what I expected from you. She needs a little spice in her love life and you need competition."

"Are you turning your best friend's a chance at love into a game?"

"Why Naruto. I never knew you were so smart." Smirk.



"Inooooo. I'm tired. And I'm not even wearing heels! How are you still standing?" Sakura slumped forward carrying her bags full of clothes. It was already five in the afternoon meaning they've been shopping for nearly four hours. Naruto who stayed behind them was carrying most of Sakura's bags deeming it as a "gentlemanly" thing to do. Sakura politely refused at first but since she told Ino she didn't have enough money to buy the expensive brands, Ino said it was taking care of and Naruto was paying for everything, making her into refusing to buy anything anymore. Naruto instantly bought everything that Ino liked for Sakura, showing her that he didn't mind, which resulted in a ruckus.

Twelve bags and a leopard print underwear later, the three of them started walking towards the parking lot towards Ino's van. "Sugartits, I don't see why you have such a crappy van when you've enough money to buy at least a sports car." Sakura looked at Naruto, knowing he had a point. It was a crappy van. The shabby purple paint was chipping and every time she turns the engine on, it makes a small cough causing black smoke to come out the back.

"Naruto, what did I tell you about nicknaming me after breast related things? And besides as long as Roger is still kicking and could take me anywhere. I am not wasting money to buy an expensive car. I have men to do that for me." Sakura sweat dropped. She was right; her best friend was a gold digger.

Both Sakura and Naruto dropped everything in the back of Ino's van and before Sakura had a chance to say thanks, he grabbed her by the wrist and walked steadily towards his car. Sakura would've tripped when they stopped if not for Naruto's hand wrapped around her wrist.

"Uh. Naruto-kun? Um… I wanted to tell you that I had a really nice time with you today. It's the most fun I've had since well… forever actually! I can't wait for tomorrow. I want to get to know you more."

Naruto couldn't take it anymore, he leant down and gave her an innocent pecked on the lips, but it was enough to make Sakura red. She's so cute. "I had a really good time with you too, Sakura-chan. But seeing as Ino has other plans, I planned to woo you first." And with that he got in his car and drove off leaving a very confuse Sakura standing there. Woo me? What's Ino up to? What!

Sakura ran back towards Ino's van getting in quickly and almost choking herself trying to put on the seatbelt so fast. If Ino has a plan. Then I'm involved. Dammit! I'm going to kill you, Pig! She put a smile on her face, "Hey Ino. Naruto told me something interesting…"

Ino raised her eyebrow, "And what did he tell you?"

"He said that you have a plan and that he's going to woo me first. Now I don't really know what that means but do you?" Ino flinched and almost lost control of the wheel. Damn that Naruto, never keeping his mouth shut.

"Well, ha-ha. You see, I don't know what that means either. Come on, Sak. At least you have a man now!" Sakura blushed touching her lips, forgetting what her devious friend was up to.

"I don't know what you mean, pig."

"No one ever knows what I mean, forehead."





"What's going on here, my dear little nephew?"




"Hmmm… How curious."



Day of Karaoke


Right now SugarBabes was packed with obnoxious pre-teens and thirteen year olds laughing loudly. They know what's going to happen tonight. Possibly more would try sneaking in later since you had to be fifteen or older to get into the Karaoke. It was like a nightclub since mostly adults would come. They see it as an excuse to be childish and get down and dirty.

Sakura sighed, it was already noon and the shop would close early to start preparing for the night. She just has three more hours to get through.

As she felt a presence hovering over her, she asked the question that she usually does, "Welcome to Sugarbabes! How may I help you?" She looked up and her eyes met another pair a shade almost darker than hers, surrounded by dark rims possibly from lack of sleep.

"Can I get black coffee please? Don't put anything in it." He said quietly as he ran a hand through his blood red mane. She noticed a tattoo written in kanji for 'love' on the left part of his forehead just a few inches above his left eye. But the most mesmerizing thing was his jade orbs.

"Uh sure." She quickly got it and gave it to him not wanting to upset him judging by his look he was in a hurry. "Um. Here you go, that'd be $2.50 please." As he handed her the money she couldn't help but blurt out, "You should come to the Karaoke tonight!" He turned to look at her, "I mean… um… If you want to.' She coughed into her fist and smiled at him as he nodded a goodbye to her. She hit the top of her head with her fist, Stupid stupid stupid. Sakura almost groaned loudly as she saw another teenager screeched loudly spilling their soda on the ground. Ugh. Adfkja;dfj.

She grabbed a towel and walked towards the table, cleaning it until she felt someone touched her butt. Her eye twitched as she felt the hand move up and down, she turn towards the grinning boy to her left and was about to yell at him if not for another hand grabbing his wrist. "Hey hey hey! That's not a polite thing to do, un." As he smiled down at the shaking boy, Deidara's fingers tightened around his wrist making the boy winced.

"H-Hey! Lemme go, man!" As he did that, the boy whispered a sorry to her and ran out the shop with his friends.

"Thank you, Deidara-san, but that wasn't really necessary."

"Oh well. Now they know not to mess with girls." As Deidara sat down and ordered a small cup of cappuccino, she asked him if he was going tonight to the karaoke. "Yeah. I got my costume done and everything. It's similar to Austin Power's, un." He winked at her. "Sooo. Do you have a date for tonight?" He expected a no, but her answer surprised him at first but it slowly changed into anger.

"Yes actually." Seeing her blushed infuriated him even more since he wasn't the one making her red like that.

"Who?" he growled out causing Sakura to jump up in surprised.


"Ramen boy!"



Night of Karaoke

It took a while until she got Deidara to calm down from his sudden anger. And it took her almost forever to have him go away so she could decorate. She sighed and rubbed her temples from the sudden headache she had.

On the opposite side of the counter table on where you order was red velvety curtains. Sakura pulled up the rope revealing a small stage with the stage lights being different colors. She set up the sound system and small TV getting it prepared.

There was a hidden disco ball in the middle of the ceiling and giant lava lamps were set up on each corner. The small hallway near the stage were the bathrooms and the walls were covered up with different colored polka dots. She had to cover the giant window with curtains since people would be curious and trying to find a way to see how the shop was being set up.

Hearing the bell on top of the door ring she knew who it might be. "KAKASHI!" She ran up to the man and hugged his torso. His smile was covered up by a grey scarf as his eye crinkled, one eye covered up with his shaggy silver hair.

"Woah woah woah. Sakura, you're so cute. I've been dying to see you, but worked has just been killer!" He ruffled her hair as she pouted.

"When do you ever do your work?" He chuckled down at her. Kakashi Hatake, a friend of Tsunade-mama. A dearest friend of hers ever since she was about twelve. Tutoring her to be the top of her class. She sees a best friend, now that he's nearly twenty-seven he sees something more than that. Once she turned fifteen he took a job downtown and did physical work seeing as how he was a delivery man. They usually see each other once a month when Karaoke night happens and he's there helping her decorate.

"Anyways, what needs to be done?"

"We need to get rid of the smaller tables to bring out the much shorter ones and the bean bags need to be taken out from the back." As they started to pick up the dozens of tables and put them on the back to the storage, the place was clear and naked, they took out the smaller coffee tables and put in place the bean bag chairs. There were two egg chairs that hung to both sides of the stage. There were at least five silver chairs and rectangular tables, covered in polka dots, in the middle of the store.

They had stick on glow in the dark polka dots and it took almost two hours to put on the walls and ceilings. The floor was given an extra layer an inch or two, almost like a small stage floor, where once everything is dark the square tiles would light up different colors.

While in the back, Kakashi stared at something very hard, his eyebrows furrowing together. "Uh Sakura, why are there two overgrown bird cages?"



She's got her lipstick on
Here I come, da da dum
She's got her lipstick on
Hit and run, then I'm gone
Check my collar, collar, hey, hey, ey
Check my collar, collar, hey, hey, ey

Sakura carefully slide the lipstick down her lips and popping back the lid in place. She made her lips 'pop' out. As she wiped the corners of her lips she couldn't help but look at the color of the lipstick thinking about how it closely resembles the man with pretty eyes' hair.

As soon as she got home, she hit the showers and started getting ready. With as little make up she could muster she decided to put on a light red lipstick to make them noticeable yet fit her. Her hair was a victim of ultimate hair spray usage as she tried to make it bigger than it has ever been.

"I know a girl who's tough but sweet. She's so fine, she can't be beat." Just hearing that line she knew who it could possibly be.

"Hello?" "Forehead! Guess who's looking so hot tonight and is going to get all the boys crawling over to her?" She rolled her eyes. "How could I possibly ever know, Ino?" "Tsk. Tsk. Don't be hatin' just cause I have a hot bod while you're stuck with a dud." "Naruto is not a dud and besides he's-" Knock Knock "Hey Ino, I'll talk to you later. Peace." "All right sweet cheeks, I won't save any hot studs I may come in contact with. Peace and forever be alone." What a sweet friend she has.

Knock Knock.

"Coming!" When she opened the door she wasn't surprised to see Naruto with the "pimp" costume he had yesterday. But instead of it being purple it was orange. A bright orange she might add. "Wow! You look so… you look like the sun!" And he really did. She felt like she needed sunglasses to cover her eyes to prevent her from being blind.

"I must say, Sakura-chan… you look… ravishing," he wiggled his eyebrows at her and she playfully punched his shoulder. But there was some truth into that sentence. She did look really good. Her outfit was vibrant pink with a halter neck mini dress that reached to her upper thighs, making her have to wear safety shorts just in case, and showing off her creamy skin with a cutaway shoulder part and a black waistband. The pattern on the dress consisted of a circles and polka dots. Her hair was pulled back with a matching headband and her legs were covered white go-go boats that reached up to the bottom of her knees.

"So, Sakura-chan? Are you ready to shag the night out?" Sakura laughed and looped her arms around his.



Wolf whistle

"Wow Sakura. You looking fine tonight!" Ino was wearing a Mondrian Mod mini go-go dress with a key hole front with horizontal and vertical black lines, and yellow, blue, and red blocks on the white background. She wore the same boots as Sakura's and had white sunglasses on top of her blonde head, she wore white loop earrings and just looked "fabulous."

The place was packed with adults and the giant bird cages had half naked women, or go-go dancers, in them. The only outfit they had on were simple feathery underwear and Sakura cringe staring at them and from what she could see, one had nipple tassels. Jiraiya is going to die tomorrow.

The ceiling lights were out and the only lights provided were the flashing silver disco ball, lava lamps, and the stage lights and the lights near the disco ball kept moving and rotating creating giant pink and green spotlights all around.

"Come on Sakura-chan, let's dance!" And with that being said, Naruto dragged her out on the shining dance floor. She swore to herself she never had this much fun in forever, dancing and laughing with Naruto was exhilarating. Not until ten minutes into the dance Tsunade called her over to serve people.

"I'm very sorry Naruto. But duty calls. I'll make it up to you, I'll try and hurry up with the serving okay?" She smiled apologetically at him.

"It's okay. I understand," he gave her a thumbs up and she kissed his cheeks, heading back towards to the counter. He blushed and tried to find a table to sit and watched her carefully, until he saw someone familiar.

"Hey, Sakura. Who was that?" Kakashi asked as he sat on the counter dressed all normal-like.

"My date," her answer was so simple as she winked at him, that he couldn't help but flinched. He knew who that brat was but he wasn't going to lose to that ramen-maniac.

She went behind the counter and took off her boots to put on the pink roller blades, something that the crew had discussed when planning out the whole groovy karaoke night.

"Gaara? What are you doing here, man? I thought you'd be busy, you know, hiding?" Naruto who found his childhood friend sitting nonchalantly on a cushion seat, sipping strawberry smoothie on the far end of the shop was surprised to find him calm and in a rowdy place like this. He was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt giving him the appearance of a "dark" and mysterious young man.

"Hn. It's nice seeing you too, Naruto."

"So what exactly are you doing here? I mean, I thought you'd be busy hiding from your siblings. Last I heard Kankuro wanted you to marry that Matsuri girl."

"I'm not getting married."

"Well you're certainly hiding yourself quite well, no one even recognizes you here. I'm going to get a Shirley temple. Bee-are-Bee." He rolled his eyes at the blonde haired boy and once he got up he looked up to see the pink haired girl- that invited him to this boisterous event- rolling her way to the table in front of him.

"And here are your drinks that you ordered. May I get you anything else?"

"Yeah. How about joining us?" said a man in his mid forties wearing a white beater shirt, his sweat seeping through. His table consisted mostly of five guys and three girls.

"Sir, can you please keep your hands to yourself?" Twice in one day, twice, as she felt a hand on her butt. First a little boy, now a dirty old geezer? Did he go into the future or something.

"Well aren't you a spit-fire? Come on, join us for a drink." Rub. Rub. Twitch.

"No thank you, sir. I must get back to work," she took his wrist off her butt and tried to get away. Key word, tried. He grabbed her wrist and before she could fall into his sweat filled chest, another hand grabbed her other wrist.

"No means no, man. Let the little lady go." Little! Her eye twitch and before she could yell at her "savior" for calling her tiny, she saw a pair of blue eyes that she instantly recognizes. He smiled down her. Twice in one day she got saved by the same person. Twice.

"And who are you, her boyfriend?"

"As of matter of fact, I-" Before Deidara could finish his sentence the geezer punched him square in the nose. "What the fugg," Deidara felt blood trick down to his upper lip.

"You're not that tough," the man smirk as he looked at the shocked Sakura. "Come on, hun. Let's have some fun." Before he had a chance to touch Sakura, he was surprised by her sudden uppercut. As he fell back unconscious, towards his friends, a girl grabbed her by the hair and started yanking on it. She grabbed the girl's fingers and twisted them to the point they almost touched the back of her hands. When she managed to get out of her grip she felt another guy grabbed her wrists and held them above her head with one hand. The other preparing to hurt her, as she twisted and turned her wrist, she managed to get one hand out of his grasp and sent her fist flying straight into his gut. With enough adrenaline running through her system, she grabbed the man by the arm and flipped him over her and onto the illuminating floor. With just one moved a fight broke out and Deidara who stood up quickly fought with the remaining two guys and Naruto who was just heading back to Gaara's table and seen Sakura's last move jumped into the scene and started throwing punches. The three girls all ganged up on Sakura and succeeded into pushing her and with only Sakura wearing skates she rolled back and ended up falling towards the table behind her and into someone's lap.

When she looked up she saw the same pairs of jade orbs she seen earlier. He smirked down at her, "Hi."

"Uh… hi?"




"How troublesome. Why do I have to get up there?"

"Come on, Shika-kun. I know how much you like, Forehead. You need to woo her!"

"… By singing?"

"Yes. Trust me, I know, Forehead, and she's a hopeless romantic at heart even though she doesn't seem it. She wants a knight and shining armor and that's going to be you. She's going to flipped!"

"Ino… I can't sing."

"Yes you can. I've heard you sing in the shower before. And don't give me that look, it's not my fault you leave your door open and anyone can just waltz in."

". . ."



"But Baa-chaaaan. It's not our fault."

"Yeah, un. They initiated the first punched."

Sigh. "Sakura?"

"Yes, Tsunade-mama?

"Is this true?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"It's true. I saw the all thing seeing as how I was in front of them the whole time. And just asked anybody right now. It's not her fault." Gaara stood by Sakura the whole time from Tsunade kicked the drunkards out to apologizing to the whole shop via megaphone.

"You're having good luck staying out of trouble, Sakura."

"Does that mean…?"

"Yeah. You're not suspended."


"Yeah yeah." As Tsunade waved her off and Sakura thanking Gaara, she heard a familiar voice up the stage.

"Annnnnd now. Our very first singer~ Presenting a love confession to a very special girl, SHIKAMARU NARA!" As Ino got off the stage Shikamaru walked out surprising most of his friends especially Sakura, with his hair down and touching his shoulder blades, and wearing the most tight leather jeans she ever saw on a guy with a matching onyx colored leather jacket covering the fishnet shirt he was wearing underneath. His earrings glistening in the light causing the girls in the area swooning at his appearance. He took an image of a '80s rocker instead of a '70s groovy hippie.

"How troublesome. I don't really know how to start this. An annoying woman made me do this, but like she said, I'm singing this song to someone I like." Cue the girls swooning again. As the dance floor music turned off allowing people on stage to sing, a live band appeared behind Shikamaru and once the instruments hit off he sat down on the stool in front of the microphone and started snapping.

"I've got sunshine on a lonely day. When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May. I guess you'd say, 'What can make me feel this way?' My girl, my girl, my girl. Talking bout my girl My girl."

Even with his contradiction to what he's singing and what he's wearing, Shikamaru made every heart flutter. Even Sakura's.

She blushed at his voiced and every time he looked at her she swore her heart skipped a beat. Call her sappy as you may, but what Shikamaru's doing is the most romantic thing she has ever heard off. And as Ino looked to her friend she couldn't help but smirked at her accomplishment. Every pairs of eyes that saw Sakura blushed under the dim light glared at the brunette.

Let the games begin.


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