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Setting: Around ten or fifteen years after Buu. GT never happens, and neither does Uub. Trunks and Goten just graduated from high school. Bra was never conceived, because Vegeta left Bulma for Goku.

Genres: Action/adventure, romance, drama

Disclaimer: DBZ is not mine, and the idea for the collar comes from reading a fascinating book series called Sword of Truth.


Mine: Chapter One

The wild-haired saiyan yawned, stretching luxuriously on his bed and blinking his huge eyes contenedly. Glancing down beside him, he grinned, and leaned over to kiss his prince, who was already awake and staring up at the ceiling.

"G'morning!" Goku whispered cheerfully into the other's ear.

Vegeta grunted, his lips forming a small smile as he contemplated his mate.

"Sleep well?" His mate asked him in a loving tone.

"Hn...Fine, Kakarrot." It was actually true. Vegeta hadn't had any nightmares, as he usually did not when he slept safely in the taller saiyan's arms. It was one of the benefits of having Kakkarot as a mate. Just one of the benefits, he thought, allowing his smile to widen, and grabbing Kakkarot in a passionate kiss and running his hands all over his naked body.

"Mm.. Ve-get-aahh.."

Sounds of screaming pleasure were heard far away from the cottage in the large forest where they spent their nights.


They had been together for more than ten years now. Sometime after Buu, their friendship had deepened into a strong love for each other. Piccolo, Goten and Trunks were the first ones to accept them for who they were. It took awhile for their wives to understand, but they had eventually come around with open arms and best wishes for a happy future. Everyone else had followed suit, albeit a few did so grudgingly. Not everyone trusted Vegeta like Goku did.

Finding a place to live proved to be a problem at first, but eventually they decided to build a home deep in the forest. Vegeta hadn't liked it as much as his mate did, but over time, he grew attached to it. Not that he would ever admit it, of course.

After a morning spent in passionate lovemaking, the two decided to go to Goku's favorite waterfall to cleanse themselves and swim around. Later, they sparred. Vegeta had reached SS3 at last, but Goku's SS3 was still stronger.

They sparred every afternoon, and it usually culminated in more sex, more leisurely swimming, plenty of food to replenish their strength, sometimes a bit of speed-cleaning, and once in a while they would have visitors around dinnertime. Usually the visitors were Goten and Trunks, although sometimes Krillin or Piccolo would come by. Krillin's visits were always the shortest; he was uncomfortable around Vegeta, a fact which amused Vegeta and bothered Goku.

Life was perfect. Goku had never been happier, and he knew Vegeta felt the same. He could see it in his mate's eyes. That night, Goku lay down with his arms around Vegeta and a big smile on his face.

"Oh, Vegeta... I never ever want this to end." He sighed contentedly into his mate's hair, kissing his neck.

"Well, I for one have no intention of ending it." Vegeta smirked.

"Good. Me, neither! I love you so much, my prince."

Vegeta didn't answer, but it didn't bother Goku. Vegeta was often uncomfortable with displays of emotions and sappiness. Goku knew Vegeta loved him, and that was enough. It made the few times when he said it back that much more special.

Neither he nor Vegeta suspected that they were being watched, for the dark life forms watching them were Luiens: shape-shifting creatures who lived in deep underwater cities on their planet Illora. Luiens could adopt themselves to many different environments, since they could merely change their skin to add in gills, warm fur, whatever. They were fascinated by energies and magicks, and while they were not very powerful themselves, they had developed technologies that allowed them to be the rulers of their planet. That had made them power-hungry, though, and they wanted more! Their favorite technology by far was a golden collar which they would place on their victim's neck, rendering them powerless.

It was this that they intended to use on the greatest warrior in the universe, Goku.


Vegeta woke with a start in the middle of the night. Something wasn't right, although the source wasn't immediately obvious. He sat up and glanced down at his sleeping mate. Kakarrot was so beautiful in his nakedness. So free. Even in sleep, he had a smile on his face.

But something was still wrong. Not with Kakarrot, not with their cottage, but out in the forest somewhere. Vegeta didn't want to bother his mate, sleeping so peacefully, and so he stood and flew out the open window without a sound.

He looked around carefully, and felt the forest with his Ki. Nothing seemed amiss. So what was this feeling of unease?

He kept quiet for a few moments, flying through the forest, still trying to figure it out.

Vegeta eventually landed by their waterfall, and gazed into the clear water. In all his time on the planet earth, he had not noticed how nice just hanging out in nature was until Kakarrot had showed it to him. It was strange to think of the waterfall like the taller saiyan did, as a thing of beauty, but a lot had changed in recent years. He had changed. He briefly wondered if he was going soft.

Eventually Vegeta wondered if he was merely imagining something being amiss. He certainly couldn't feel anything problematic. Going back to sleep with his mate sounded ideal, and he turned around to do exactly that.

Kakarrot was right behind him, smiling strangely at him. "Hello, Vegeta."

"Kakarrot! I didn't feel you coming." Vegeta gasped, shocked. He recovered his cool quickly. "What are you doing out here?"

Kakarrot shrugged, his eyes fixed on the prince's. "Followed you..."He breathed, reaching out with his arms to pull Vegeta close to him. "I missed you." He smiled disarmingly, leaning in to kiss Vegeta passionately.

Vegeta responded immediately, opening his mouth to let Kakarrot's warm tongue enter.

"Mmm..." He ran his hands up and down Kakarrot's body, feeling himself start to get excited. No matter how many times he had sex with Kakarrot, it never got old. Kakarrot knew just what to do, and often varied his techniques so that Vegeta never quite knew what to expect. Sex with Kakarrot was always delicious... Pun intended.

Kakarrot pulled back for a moment, staring at Vegeta with that same strange smile. "You... are quite delectable, prince." He licked his lips.

Wait... Vegeta's senses warned him again, and he again had the strange feeling that something wasn't quite right in the forest. He immediately flared up his ki, looking once again without success for the source. And then his face blanched.

This man in front of him was NOT Kakarrrot. His Kakarrot was home in bed, still asleep. He could feel him there. Vegeta growled at once. He'd been tricked! "Who are you?! You're not my Kakarrot!"

The man who was not Kakarrot cocked his head oddly, and continued to smile at him. "Figured it out.. Or have you?" He blinked, his eyes changing to look like a snake's eyes. Yellow with tiny slits.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed. He felt nauseated...Someone, or something, had dared to trick him! "Answer me! Who are you?!!" He yelled, crouching into his battle stance and increasing his power into super saiyan.

The thing in front of him was changing, darting quickly from side to side and looking more and more like a snake-like creature with every passing second. And he couldn't sense it.. It's tongue flickered in and out of its mouth, and it hissed at Vegeta. "Did you forget, prince of all sssssssaiyansssssss? We ssssswore our vengeancccce, and we sssssshall have it!!"

Before Vegeta had time to ponder what this meant, or attack it, he felt something that might have been a bite in the back of his neck. It had not come from the creature in front of him, which meant there was another creature to fight. But he couldn't sense it, or the one in front of him...What was going on?! How were they hiding their Ki so well? He tried to turn to see, and everything became blurry.

He hit the ground without another word.

"Lightsssss out, dear princccce!" One of the creatures hissed triumphantly, eyes shining with amusement.


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