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Chapter 3


And with that, McGee slung his bag back over his shoulder, and walked towards the elevator, still not talking to Arya as she tagged along, still sad over the display she just witnessed.

If Jack thought he and Logan coming here was going to fix something, it looked like their job just got harder.

"Get a move on, Logan, we don't have all day. The plane leaves in an hour, which means I'm out of here in three minutes, whether you're in the car or not!" Jack called. He and Logan had booked two tickets almost the second they had hung up from that call with Arya, using the money they had made from their perspective jobs.

Logan Cale, formerly known as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, had gotten an anonymous job as an internet journalist, under the name Eyes Only he used his many contacts to expose corrupt politicians, being paid large amounts of money through an off shore account.

Gibbs, now known as Jack McNeil, went for a quieter job as an orthopedic surgeon in a local hospital, after revealing, much to both Arya's and Logan's shock, having completed his medical degree while he was in the Marine Forces. His confusion during Ducky's long, rambling explanations was for the older man himself. The doctor liked talking, so Gibbs had let him talk.

Both men lived a life they wouldn't have thought possible three years ago, back when Tony didn't know the shift bar from the space bar, and Gibbs stared blankly at Ducky during a particularly complicated explanation. They made money that NCIS agents only dreamed about.

All because, as a team, they had pissed off one too many people. Someone, somewhere, was gunning for their lives. That fateful day the three had been called into the office of Director Vance had changed their lives irrevocably. Before that, they were a team, closer knit than most, almost a family, which extended to both the lab and the morgue. Now that family had fallen apart, with Ducky and Abby in just as deep hiding somewhere else in the world, and McGee so changed that they hardly recognized him, and it was their plan to bring it back together. Slowly, at first, so the people who keeping them all in their respective corners of the world didn't notice until it was too late and they were all reunited and inseparable.

While waiting for the other man, Jack took a second to look around the home Logan owned. For someone who was so into technology, it was shockingly traditional looking. It was a one bedroom, one and a half bathroom deal. There were fireplaces in both the living room and bedroom, manual, not gas. The furniture all matched, and was a nice beige color. The mantle of the living room fireplace was covered in recent pictures of all three of them.

Logan finally stumbled his way down the stairs of his house, smiling sheepishly at his former boss, and carrying a large suitcase, his computer bag slung around his shoulder.

"Sorry, Jack, I was trying to decide which laptop to bring…" The younger man explained. Jack just sighed and rolled his eyes, before heading out to the car, Logan at his heels.

In all actuality, the men weren't even supposed to know the location of each other, or Arya, having been sent to different cities in different parts of the country. But as they all sat in the perspective witness protection offices, they each peeked at their files, learned the location and phone numbers of the others, and started gravitating slowly towards each other, moving homes frequently until they were together again.

They had slipped from between the fingers of their respective minders, out of the system and out of sight. The identities they used were created by Logan, who paid better attention to the small details than the mass produced identities they were handed by the Witness Protection Program.

Arya was only able to get back into NCIS because, like most federal agencies, NCIS and WPP didn't get along, so Director Vance, knowing the full story, let her back in to spite the other agency, even though the WPP didn't even know.

Unfortunately, because none of them had been back to the offices since they were sent to three years ago, they had no idea where Ducky and Abby really were, but Logan was working on that.

As the computer expert drove to the airport, which was only a few minutes from his home, Jack called Arya.

"Hello, Jack. Did you know Logan reset your ringtone too?" Was the first thing the former mossad agent asked.

"No, I didn't. Do I want to know what it is?" The man asked, glancing at the other occupant of the vehicle.

"Uh, I don't think you'd recognize it. Just tell that computer junkie I am not amused." Arya said, her voice, though distorted by the phone, was easily read as both embarrassed and irritated.

"I'll do that. Anyway, we're on our way to the airport. We'll be there in…" Jack glanced at his watch, "About six and a half hours, if there's no complications."

"Great, because we have our work cut out for us." Arya stated, looking over at her former teammate and current partner. He was ignoring the women standing by the water cooler staring at him, focusing solely on the paperwork on his desk. He paused to push a lock of hair that had fallen in his eyes behind his ear, causing a mass dreamy sigh.

"When haven't we had our work cut out for us, Arya? I'll call you when we touch down." Jack said, and didn't wait for an affirmative answer before hanging up.

He and Logan grabbed their belongings and entered the airport.

Arya snapped her phone shut just as McGee, who had been speaking curtly on his desk phone, hung up.

"Grab your gear, there's been a body discovered just outside Quantico." He ordered, slinging his own bag on his shoulder and holstering his gun, already walking towards the elevator.

Arya hurried after him, a slight déjà vu from her days before the team was targeted ringing true.

They stepped into the elevator together, and it went down almost two floors before McGee reached forward and snapped it off, and turned to his partner.

Suddenly, the cold hazel eyes she had become sadly familiar with melted, and Arya was finally looking into the eyes of a friend she had missed dearly.

"Ziva, you've got to call Gibbs and tell him and Tony to stay where he is. The gang who's targeting us is back in Washington, and we're in more danger than ever before." Tim said urgently.

Well, she certainly wasn't expecting that!

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