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Sakura's 21 years old. Its pretty much in are time but in Japan, but they have strip clubs, bars, all that fun stuff. There will be murder and lots of it in here, and some stuff you might recognize from our age so…..any questions just message me. Oh! Sadly, in this story, I'm limiting my lemon but there will be hints of it in all of my chapters.

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Sakura walked through the crowed streets of Konoha. She was in a fairly good mood. Her black boots clanged against the concrete streets, her shoulder length pink hair blown in the wind of the dark night. The full moon shined brightly on the crowed street, to show drunk men walking down the streets, to people who were trying to sell items, to prostitutes hanging on the street corners.

She walked up to a building that had neon lights and a bouncer at the entrance. "Hello Sakura-san," the bouncer unlatched the chain at the entrance to let her through. She smiled in response as she entered the building.

Sakura Haruno is her name, she's twenty-one years old, and a high paid waitress at a popular club in Konoha. The club Fantasia is a club for people with money and high reputation. Lucky for Sakura that she personally knew the owner of this club. He had it running good, with the huge bar, to the light-up stage and dance pad, to the dancers in the cages that hung above them all.

She climbed the marble stairs, watching people dance on the dance floor. Sakura took her time getting to her boss's office, she didn't care if she were late or not, he wasn't going to ruin her night.

The door opened to his office, Sakura smiled at her boss. "Hey, Kakashi-san."

Kakashi was looking out of a huge window that overlooked his club. He always like watching his costumers dance and drink. "Hello Sakura." He turned and sat at his desk, as Sakura walked over to the employees changing room.

Closing the door behind, she dug for her assigned uniform through the basket of clothes that the other waitresses used. Once she found it, she peeled off her clothes and slipped on her uniform. It was skintight, black, and showed her curves nicely. Kakashi always liked the color black, that was like his theme color.

Sakura looked like a gothic model after she put on all her makeup and accessories on. The uniform as I said was all black. She was assign to wear black pants [skinny jeans], black heels, and a midnight blue halter top.

She walked out and looked at Kakashi. He glanced at her and grin. "Good, you look hot. Now you have tables waiting for you. You know the routine." He motioned his hands for her to leave and so she did.


"Where do you think we should go?" Konan teased her lover, playing with his orange hair.

He shrugged in response, then glancing at his dark haired friend, that sat across the loving couple, emotionless.

"Shut the fuck up!!" Hidan yelled across the limo [oh yeah the Akatsuki is rich.], he pushed Deidara away from him. "I don't give a rat's ass about your stupid ass art!"

Sasori laughed. "I told you Dei! Told you straight up!!" Deidara glared and sat back in his seat, crossing his arms.

"How about we go to Fantasia to night?" Itachi suggested [he was sitting across from Pein and Konan, by Madara]. Madara shrugged. "Who cares."

Pein nodded and knocked on the window to the front part of the limo. The window rolled down and Pein told their future destination. "Yes, sir." he rolled the window back up.

Konan eyed Madara. "You know, you gotta find some love right? You just can't be single forever."

Madara rolled his eyes . "Since I'm a vampire I can do whatever I want forever."

He didn't like when other vampires, or even humans start to boss him around; telling him what to do. Even though Madara was a laidback vampire, he was also a popular, rich, successful vampire…or that's what he's know for thanks to his dead mother.

Pein sighed. "Come Konan-chan, don't start a fight when we're about to get into an awesome ass club."

She kissed him passionatly. "I know, I know."


Sakura was having a good night tonight. She was getting lots of tips and winks from the guys…and even from a girl. She couldn't help herself from laughing at the fact that she attracted a girl, to her it was nice.

She walked away from a table, scanning the newly written orders. "Hey Sai, here the orders." she handed the bartender the drink orders. He nodded.

"Wow its such a full house tonight!" Sakura looked at all the people dancing in the center. Sai looked up, putting the ordered drinks on a tray. "I know."

With a sigh, she took the drinks to the table. "Is there anything else that I can get ya tonight?"

The table was full of men, sober men at the least. "No…thanks though." She smiled. 'They're only nice because they're not drunk yet.' thoughts filled her mind. She walked away from the table, not caution of her surroundings. She then felt something crash against her.

Oh… whatever it was she loved the scent of it. It smelled like something you found find on a cold winter night, flowers that still bloomed under the snow [we all know that it isn't possible but use your imagination], her hands rested by her head. She continue to smell it until she heard a sigh. "Umm…?"

Sakura's eyes shot open and she jumped back. "Oh my god, I'm sorry!" she blushed. A man with dark black hair, with his bang covering his right eye [if I'm right], dead pale skin, with a dark brown eye staring blanking at her.

Her cheeks were blushing red! With a pointless smile she rushed away towards the bar. Reaching their, she let out a relieving sigh. "Oh, my god."

Sai laughed. "You sure were having fun digging your head into that guy's shirt."

Sakura glared at him. "Shut up."

Pein and Konan guided the rest of the Akatsuki to a VIP room. They didn't have trouble since Konan can hypnotize them with her vampiric powers.

"Jeez, this is a nice ass club!" Hidan plopped into a leather sofa, commenting everything that was in the VIP room, with Kakuzu nodding in agreement.

"Its suppose to be the best out of Konoha." Pein wrapped his arm around Konan's shoulders. "And it appears that have good waitresses too….What do you think Madara?"

Madara was pulled out of his thoughts. The scent of that pink haired waitress was overwhelming to him. "Um-what?"

Sasori chuckled with Deidara looking pointless. "Sasori what are you laughing at?"

"Madara….don't tell me you like that waitress?"

Madara tensed up and looked away, then after a moment he looked back into Sasori's eyes. "Please."

"Haha right." Sasori leaned back in his seat. Konan's eyes lit up as she played the scene of the pink haired waitress crashing into him in her head, "You two look so good together! You should consider her as her being your mate-"

"NO!" Madara glared, anger flowed through his body. Then he calmed his voice down, "Besides, I barely know her."

Everyone was silent, watching the powerful vampire look away silently. Konan stared at him, looking like she was planning something bad. "Pein can you give me a minute I have to go do something."

Pein let go of her and Konan walked out of the VIP room, leaving the room in a dead silence.

"Sakura! Here's your order." Sai gave the busy Sakura a tray of drinks and food. She muttered a thanks and went to the table that was full of hungry people. "Here you go. Anything else you like?"

They shook their heads and Sakura turned around. "What the hell?" another waitress was dancing on the bar, untying her long blonde hair and let it cover her naked shoulders. Sakura marched over to her. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Getting more tips, what does it look like forehead?" Ino said as she shake her hips to the music's rhythm.

Sai was watching her and shook his head. "I rather see Naruto dance on the bar than Ino." then he went back to clean a beer mug.

Sakura laughed. 'Well if Kakashi isn't gonna make her stop dancing then why should I?' she thought to herself.

She looked over her shoulder to see a blue haired woman behind her. "Oh hi…What do you need?"

Sakura was instantly jealous of this girl. She had flawless white skin, angled eyes with the right amount of make up on them, and her body curves was to die for. She wore a black unzip leather jacket and appearing under that was a top that cut off above her stomach to reveal her navel piercing, a washed out blue jean skirt hung tightly around her hips, as her boots came up knee high, making her look like a badass chick.

"Yeah I was wondering if we could get some drinks in the VIP room?" She asked.

Sakura smiled. "Sure. What kind?"

"Just bring three bottles of tequila." she grin as if she was hiding something bad away from her then walked away.

"T-Three bottles?" Sakura said to herself as Sai handed them to her. "What the hell man?"

"Hey she's probably with a large group or something." He crossed his arms. "But I wouldn't mind getting into her bed."

Sakura stared at him with a twitching eye. "Goodbye!" she carried the three bottles in her arms as she entered the VIP room. Wow it was a reckless crowd in this room. She seen that girl making out with a guy with orange hair and bunch of facial piercing. She laid the three bottles in front of the guy she ran into earlier. He eyed her hungrily, instantly making Sakura uncomfortable. "Give me a minute to get you some glasses." then she walked out of the room.

Madara shot up from his seat and glared daggers at Konan. "What the hell did you do?"

She broke the kiss and looked up at him. "What? We all know you wanna taste her, I'm just increasing the chance."

He continue to glare at her until the pink hair waitress came in with a tray of glasses. "Anything…else?" She stared the black haired man, sensing his aura that he was angry.

"No…Why won't you take a seat with us?" a redhead from behind grabbed her wrist and roughly yanking her down onto the sofa. Her body tensed up as she felt all eyes on her. She wondered her eyes around the dark room [the VIP room is painted black and it has black lights to make it look glow n' the dark].

She was now sitting between a silver hair man and the red head who made her sit down. "So…what's your name?" the redhead played with her pink locks.

"I-It's Sakura." she scooted away from him, nervous of her surroundings.

"Oh such a pretty name for such a pretty girl, Sakura." the redhead looked into her eyes, making her speechless and paralyzed. She couldn't speak or twitch a finger. The silver hair man moved her shoulder length hair aside "She smells so fucking good."

Madara rolled his eyes and try to ignore the scene that his so called 'friends' were making. Hidan brushed his lips against her neck, then licking her earlobe. "I can eat you right up…." His cold lips rested on her warm neck, making her shudder.

Sakura closed her eyes as she felt like the was predicting pain then….

"Sakura?! Kakashi fucking what's you!" Ino opened the door to see Sakura on the sofa, with the Hidan backing away instantly as he heard her entered. "What the hell?"

The redhead whispered something under his breath and Sakura jumped up from the sofa and rushed out of the VIP room, shutting the door behind.

"Forehead, what the hell were you doing in there?" Ino followed the tensed Sakura. She looked over her shoulder and said quietly. "I don't know…" then climbed up the stairs to Kakashi's office.

"Yes?" she walked in calmly.

"Oh yes, Sakura. Sit down." she took a seat in a leather chair that sat in front of his desk. He went on. " When other waitresses strip dance like a slut, I would think you would make her stop."


"No buts. I'm giving you a warning. I don't hire strippers, I only hire girls who DON'T strip in cages, just dance. I had to come down and get Ino down from the bars myself. You better not let this happen again, understand?"

"Yes Kakashi." Sakura sighed.

"Good. Now you're dismissed." Kakashi motioned her out, and she walked out of his office and continue you her work, not going near the VIP room with those people in there.

After the club closed and all the drunken costumers were out, Sakura changed back into her normal clothes and walked out of the club.

Rain was dropping heavily from the sky, and Sakura was walking through a dark alley, that was a shortcut to her apartment. She didn't mind getting wet or being in the dark, it actually always calmed her down from anything bad that happen in her life.

Half way down the alley she heard a bloodcurdling scream then a bone crushing sound following behind. Sakura stood still for a minute, spooked by the deathly sound. She then sped up her pace, walking through the shallow puddles. Then she felt something crash into her hard, bringing her to the ground.

"Urgh…" she grunted against the heavy load that was on top of her. The moon peeked down the alley,giving her the source of light. Sakura's eyes widen as what she seen that was on top of her, then a loud, shrieking scream flew out of her mouth as she pushed it off. It was one of the dancer's bodies. She was covered in blood and her eyes were shot open as if she seen something that hell would even fear, then Sakura caught a glimpse of a pair of puncture marks on her neck.

She then felt panic when the girl spoke. "Help…me." a hand laid on Sakura's shoe. Tears filled her eyes as she turned around and began to run from dear life. Reaching the end of the alley, she crashed into something again! Her eyes completely filled up with tears as she looked up to see that black haired guy that was in the VIP rooms[ Madara for you slow people]. "T-There's a girl--she's dead we gotta get help!"

He looked away from her shocked eyes and down the alley to see the redhead man grinning at him, lipping his words Here's your chance.

"Calm down…" he held the sobbing Sakura in his arms, she dug her face into his wet shirt. That's when Sakura fell sleepiness to over take her and everything blacked out.

Sasori walked up to Madara, eyeing the girl. "You're such a rough guy. Why be so gentle with such a beautiful flower?"

Madara glared at him before walking to his car, putting Sakura in the back seat, and driving off.

"Well, well, Madara has a heart." Sasori smirked evilly to himself.


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