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Liz was your normal fourteen year old. She had an older sister who was one year older than her. She when to a Jr./Sr. High School in central Alberta. She had lots of friends from almost every grade in the school. Some of her best friends were Maggie and Stacy. Maggie who was in most of her classes, and Stacy, a tenth grader, was always ready to talk about something Ouran Host Club related. Liz was happy with her life, she had seen almost every episode of OHSHC and Stacy was lending her some of the Mangas she had that that featured her favorite host, Mori. Liz always melted when she thought about how nice it would be to have Mori for a boyfriend. He was tall, handsome, silent, and very kind. Not to mention very handsome. She could never get over how HAWT he was. One day Stacy had told her that she had had an incredible dream where she met Kyoya (her favorite host) and they had fallen in love. Liz, of course was ecstatic! I was sooo cute that the two Megane characters where so perfect for each other. Stacy had admired Kyoya the most out of the Host Club, mainly because of his intelligence. But this story is not about Stacy or Kyoya, it's about Liz. Liz had gone home from school that day, all hyper from the news about the dream. She wished she could have a dream like that.......

Liz walked down the dirt road to her house once she got off the school bus. It was then that her large, brown, Native American eyes saw a small mouse scurrying towards her. Liz wasn't afraid of animals, but she did know better than to pick up wild ones, but this mouse kept coming closer. Soon, he was right on top of her shoe, and quickly started climbing up her old pair of jeans.

"Hey, get off!" She told the mouse. She swiped at it with her hand, but the mouse bit her! She looked down at the bite mark. It didn't break the skin, but it stung like heck. She looked for the mouse so she could kick it or something, but he had already ran away. I hope an owl eats you. Liz continued to her house so she could read the next chapter of Stacy's fanfic 'Where for arte thou, Kyoya?' or watch an episode of Host Club. Which ever suited her fancy. She got into her bed room and tossed her backpack aside. Suddenly, as she took a step towards her computer, she got really dizzy. She didn't want to take any chances so she laid down on her bed for a second. And then everything went dark. Liz couldn't see anything. It was like being in a coal mine during a blackout. There was nothing to see. She started to stumble and was soon crawling on her feet. Slowly, she felt herself begin to change. She felt her legs and arms getting shorter. Her ears, getting bigger. Fur began to gown on her back. A tail soon extended from her tail bone. The carpet that was once under her feet turned to grass; wet grass. Her room because walls of leaves. Liz had not a clue what was going on, so she ran. She ran as fast as her four little legs could carry her. But since she wasn't one who was used to running on fours, she quickly tripped and landed in a puddle. It was there that she finally saw her new reflection. Two small beady eyes stared back at her while two round ears flickered at the same time a pointed little nose twitched. Light brown fur covered her whole body, except for her new tail, that seemed to have a mind of its own. The facts fell on Liz like a ton of bricks. She was no longer human. She was a mouse. A mouse! How could she be a mouse?! She then remembered the mouse that had bitten her just ten minutes ago. He did this....He will pay. No one stops me from drooling over Mori's sexy anime ass!

Poor Liz did her best to get her bearings, but she had never remembered having a rose bush in her room, or even at her house. Where the hell am I? The young...mouse stumbled her way out of the bush, still trying to get the hang of coordinating all four feet at once. She finally made her way onto some cement sidewalks, which were much easier to walk on, when a bunch of guys, all wearing blue Kendo uniforms came trampling out. Liz jumped from place to place, trying to avoid the large feet that threatened to crush her. After what felt like a life time of avoiding feet, Liz saw one last person leave the large building. He had on the same uniform and carried a well used shinai* and a small bento box that smelled heavily of rice. The man looked towards Liz, knelt down and held out his hand. Liz's little, black eyes looked up at him and saw the face that was carved by God himself. The face of Takashi Morinozuka.

*Shinai-a bamboo practice stick used for Kendo.

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