Here you are. Chapter 12. I hope you all enjoy.

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Liz had asked Satoshi to leave her alone by the fountain for a few minutes while she thought. Sure she did like Satoshi, but she didn't love him. She only loved Mori. Mori was the only person she cared about, but maybe, Satoshi was going to be the closest thing she could have to Mori. Liz hugged her legs. What would it be like to kiss Mori? It would have to be better than Satoshi. He kissed like a dog.

"Liz." A deep voice said. Liz looked up, not expecting to see Mori come around the hedges of the rose bushes. Liz could feel her heart rate quicken as he came closer, and by the time he was sitting next to her, it felt like she was having a heart attack.

"W-what is it?" She asked, nervously, still sore from before.

Mori brought his hand behind Liz's head, his fingers weaving through her black hair, until they came to her skull. Pushing her head to his, Mori kissed her, looking for that spark....found it!

Liz was so happy and excited she could have screamed, but Mori's lips, pressed against hers, holding them closed. Liz had never felt her heart to be as full as it was now. Mori was kissing her, and that was all she could ask for.

Just as Liz became one with the world, everything seemed to pull away. Liz opened her eyes and she saw that she was moving through darkness. Where was she? And where was Mori?! She wanted to be with Mori! As Liz looked frantically around, trying to find her love.

"You're time is up." A voice said. Liz looked head and as the mouse that hid bitten her back before she had gone to Ouran.

"You! You bit me!"

"Yes." The mouse said. "And now, your time is up. Have a nice journey home, Mouse Princess." With that, there was a flash of blinding white light, and Liz fell unconscious.

Liz tried to open her eyes, but they were met by the bright glow from a ceiling light. Once her eyes had adjusted to the lighting she saw that she was back in her room. Her computer was still off, and she was lying on her bed. She sat up and looked around. Everything had been the way she had left it. Wait!? What it is it?! Liz grabbed her alarm clock and gawked at it. It was only 4:30. She had been asleep for only a half-hour. No way could that have all been a dream. She was gone for days. Wait, what day is it!? She looked at the date on the clock. It was the same day she had gotten bitten. So it was just a dream.....NO FAIR!!!! I wanna go back and kiss Mori s'more! Life stinks!!

And that......brings us to the end of our story. Liz went on to live and full life, Mori and everyone forgot about the encounter and I....I went on to be the greatest Fiction author of all times...(JK)