This chapter will help you understand the character "Luciana" in my story "How Long is Forever?".


I knew three things for sure. One, my siblings hated me at the moment. Second, I was pathetic. And third, I needed a drink. Badly. So I drove to my friend James house, knowing he was always up for a party.

It only took two honks and James slid into my car, grinning widely.

"I thought you swore off drinking." He teased.

"Old habits die hard." I replied dryly.

"Hey, do you mind if my sister Luc joins us? She's on break from Seattle Univ." James asked, gesturing to a dark shadow up on the house's porch.

"Sure. Just make sure she stays out of the way." I said, unlocking the door again, and a sexy voice answered me.

"Don't worry. I never get in the way of a good time." She purred, and a manicured hand stuck out of the backseat. "I'm Luciana."

Damn. She's fucking gorgeous.

Luciana had fiery red hair; set in loose curls that cascaded down her bare back. She had blue eyes so clear they looked like the ocean. And she had a killer body.

"Edward." I smirked, lightly shaking her hand.

"So are we going to have fun?" She asked throatily, blowing warm breath into my ear.

She had no idea.


"Morning." I opened my eyes and found myself lying in bed next to Luciana with a throbbing headache. She sat up and gently kissed me, her eyes closed.

"Hey." I mumbled, squinting in the sudden bright light. "Where the hell are we?" I asked, looking around the unfamiliar bedroom.

"My dorm room, silly." Luciana giggled, sucking tenderly on my bottom lip. "Don't you remember anything about last night?" I shook my head groggily. She pouted, slowly climbing on top of me and straddling me. "How about now?" She asked, pressing kisses all over my neck and chest.

Right…..I did remember. Getting freakishly drunk….letting Luciana drive us home……dropping James off at their place…..and Luciana driving me to her dorm room at the nearby university she attended. The rest was a blur, but I recall condom wrappers and crotchless underwear.

"I remember this." I teased, letting my hands run over her body.

"I thought so." She whispered, and rolled off of me. I groaned and reached for her, but Luciana wiggled away.

"Hands off!" She scolded, laughing. "Buy me breakfast first."

"Fine." I muttered, fumbling around for my missing clothes.

"Looking for these?" Luciana asked from the bed, picking up my boxers between her toes. I swiped them from her, making her laugh. "I'm going to take a shower." She stood up and stretched, revealing every inch of her body to me.

I watched as she sauntered into the bathroom, and then I thought about what I had just done.

Sex was becoming a coping mechanism for more; even more than cigarettes.

This story is going to be composed of short entries just explaining Edward's various…women.

Xoxo- Melodyella aka Mellie