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Bella's Point of View

6 Months Earlier

"Yo, Virgin!" Alice cried from across the lunch hall. I absolutely repelled that nickname. Even though I definitely lived up to it, it was the most embarrassing thing when someone actually reffered to me as such.

Heads would turn and I would glare angrily at whoever called me by that adorablenickname, getting them prepared for a helluva ride. I pulled my hoodie over my head and walked over to my best friend with shame, and she smiled at me.

"Jeeze, Alice. You really have to shout that across the room?" I demanded.

"What else would I call you? Bella?" she scoffed. "I don't think so." We went and sat at our regular table for four next to the window, and as I saw Jasper Whitlock passing by Alice blushed and stared at him with a lust filled expression.

"If you ever call me by that name again I swear I'll call you Mrs. Whitlock . So help me God, I will." I threatened.

"So be it." She knew I would never dare to do such a thing. She may only be 4 ft. 11, but man can she defend herself.

She cried out in excitement suddenly, and I stared at her with wide eyes.

"What are you so hyped about?" I laughed. She was always hyped, but this was completely new. She never started squealing for no reason at the lunch table with people staring at her, only when Jasper walked by and she would do so in silence.

"Virgin, have you been listening at all to what I've been speaking about for the past...hm, I don't know, month or so?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow. "My step-brothers are moving here today! How could you forget that?"

I skimmed through my memories, then recalled a conversation about them. They're names had both started with E's and their last names were Cullen, but everything else about them was blank. I knew she had probably said more, but that was all that had registered in my thoughts.

"Oh. The Cullen clan." I snickered, twisting an apple around in my hand. I heard someone approach our table, and assumed it was Rosalie.

Of course it was. Alice greeted her with her always optimistic enthusiasm, and Rose replied with her always monotone yet beautiful pitch. She was examining her reflection in a mirror when something amazing happened; Alice mentioned her brothers, and all of a sudden the mirror was out of her hands and she was leaning over the table, digging for any information Alice had to give.

"...Edward Cullen. Kind of an old fashioned name, don't you think?" Rosalie giggled, and they absorbed themselves in the conversation while I examined my bulge reflection. I looked plain as usual, and yet I felt piercing stares like daggers in the back of my neck. I wondered why boys were staring at me; it's not like I was a turn-on, exactly.

And why was I looking at my reflection in a fucking apple? I anyway couldn't see myself very good at all, so I took a fierce bite in to the red delicacy.

"So, Alice, when will they be coming to the school?" I asked, bored out of my mind. I couldn't wait for something to happen--finally--in this boring town. It was my own living hell, and I surely wouldn't make it if I didn't have my best friends.

I would have jumped in front of a train by now, or at the very least jumped on the train and gotten the hell out of here.

But I didn't have a choice. When highschool was done next year, I was free to go to college and live what I like to call a life of my own.

"Tomorrow, actually. So, we'll need to switch tables since we'll be 5 people at the table." she winked at me. "Maybe one of them will catch one of you smexy ladies eyes." We all started to laugh, then got up out of our chairs and headed on to our lessons. This was going to be a long day.

That night I couldn't sleep. I felt some unknown anticipation growing in my stomach. I tossed and turned around the bed, trying to get the uncomfortable yet satisfying feeling out of there.

"Come on, God damn it," I growled to myself. "Let me sleep." And to my very delight, a sudden fog of drowsiness crept up on me. I'm not sure what it was or if it was healthy, but it sure as hell did let me sleep so I didn't object.

On the morning, or three hours later might I say, I threw my clothes on quickly and stormed out the door.
"Where are you--" Charlie started asking, but I interrupted him.

"School." I said swiftly, then slammed the door shut. I jumped in to my rusty old pickup and drove as fast as it let me.

P.E was usually hell, but this time nothing could compare. The involuntary reaction that had attacked me recently when the news of something actually worth hearing about hit me, I was quite literally shaking.

Everything seemed to be going much slower. Well, this hour was like living through some type of torture. And the worst part was, we actually had to do stuff. Like, skip rope and climb jungle bars or some shit like that.

I always fell on either, so whichever option fit well. This particular lesson was football, and an accident was bound to happen. All those feet tangled together, all aiming for the same thing....

I shuddered at the very thought. Best to pretend I was playing and stand at the sidelines. But that trick was old, and the coach knew me well enough to see and understand when I was using it.

"Swan, get you're ass in there." he ordered, blowing his whistle. I groaned angrily yet silently so she didn't hear me; as much as I hated sports, I didn't want to seem like a spoiled bitch stomping her feet whenever Daddy didn't get her whatever she wished for.

I hated the him, although it was partly not his fault. I would have hated him because he taught this horrible demon spawn which took it's identity as a lesson for kids. But he was so...you know. Coachy. The sterotypes.

But, I tried, tangling my feet together, aiming at the same thing as everyone else...and there was the accident bound to happen. I tripped over someones leg, falling face flat on on the floor, being completely ignored. Again.

My face was aching, and as I pulled myself off the ground I felt someone's warm arms grab the back of mine, supporting me.

I turned around, only to see an unfamiliar and beautiful face with messy bronze sex hair. It looked perfect on him, and only made his appearance more devouring, especially since it seemed to be totally natural. His eyes were a piercing deep green, and they examined me with worry.

"Jesus Christ, are you okay?" he asked me, his palm reaching to my face and carressing it, and he blushed faintly when he realised what he was doing. When he pulled back there was a spot of red on it, and he examined it thoughtfully before turning his attention back to me. I understood now that he was expecting a reply.
"Yeah, yeah, it's just a bit of blood." I said dozily, bringing my own hand to my face and wiping off the fluid.

"We need to get you fixed up. You look like hell." he worried, putting his hand lightly on my back.
"Thanks." I spat, and he laughed. When we reached a bathroom he quickly blasted the cold water on to a paper towel, and dabbed lightly on my face.

"You know, I can do this myself. I'm not four after all, kid."
"I'm as old as you, possibly older. Why are you calling me 'kid'?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow as he took a new piece of paper. I shrugged at him.

"Scratch that. I should have called you a social retard, and since you're new here that makes you socially retarded, at least here. "

He took in my words thoughtfully, until a smug smile crossed his lips.
"I doubt it." When he was done he dried my face off and then we walked out, heading back to gym.

The lesson was almost over and I sat alone on a bench while he sat on his own across the room, shooting me playful grins. I watched as the other girls in the room ogled him and saw him roll his eyes.

I understood what he meant when I implied he was going to be "socially retarded" here--girls apparently seemed to love him. When Coach excused us from the lesson he waved to me as he walked in to the men's locker room.

Jessica, the most irritating creature on the surface of earth, apparently misunderstood and though he was waving to her. She bounced quickly up to him and tried to make conversation, but failed miserably by the look of sex-hair's expression. Annoyed and irritated.

I took a quick shower then started heading to the next building for my lesson. As I walked in to my double-period geography class, I felt a sudden wave of relief as I realised the urgency and excitement that had been rising had fallen and was erased completely.

I felt perfectly content, because sex-hair boy had replaced it with something entirely different.

He had filled me with a satisfying acquaintance which would one day tip over and become friendship.

He had filled me with a strange will to smile at his grinning face, or his whole body which glowed with an aura of happiness.

He had filled me with a sibling-like playfulness and urge to tease I had only felt with Alice and Rosalie before.

The problem was, he had also filled me with other things.

An urge to tease--not in a playful way.

An urge to tease which would end up with his pants strained and a delicate line of sweat across his forehead.
He had filled me with a million other things, too, which I had never felt before.

Sexual feelings.

Sexual repression.

Sexual frustration.

Sexual lust.

Unadultred lust.

Unadultred feelings.

An odd wanting to have a bed near.

An odd wanting to have a couch near.

An odd wanting to have a table steady enough near.

And, fuck it--and odd wanting to have anything that worked to have wild and rough sex on.

I laughed bitterly in my mind at myself. I felt incredibly guilty at the same time I swam in a pool of naughty feelings, since although I wanted all these things I had never asked for before--especially not from a stranger who I had met for a couple of minutes while he wiped blood off my face--I had no feelings for him emotionally.

I liked him. He was nice. But I didn't want him to be mine. I wanted to use him for hours, then walk out like nothing had happened before.
Friends with benefits.

The lesson carried on dully until the bell finally rang and I was released from hell to get to lunch. I looked around the room, remembering Alice saying that we would have to switch tables today.

"Yo! Virgin!" she cried from across the lunch hall. Bless her soul. I heard muffled laughter come from everywhere around the room and felt the stares. I straightened my back, and decided to do something I would probably regret later.

"Coming, Mrs. Whitlock!" I called back, and her face reddened and she giggled nervously. When I sat down with my tray she glared at me.
"Dead." she promised, but automatically lightened up. "Are you excited?" I nodded.

"Sure. Honestly I couldn't sleep last night wondering how you're brothers are." She smiled eagerly, then clapped her hands together. I heard the chair next to me being pulled, and assumed it was Rosalie. Again. It was.

"What are you clapping about?" Rosalie asked Alice, pulling out her lipgloss and mirror. I suddenly saw Alice gape and blush, so I turned around to see what was going on. I myself was forced to gape at the sight.

I saw Jasper Whitlock standing at the entrance, laughing and conversing with a brawny teenage boy next to him. He had short, dark hair and green eyes, and he looked pretty tall. Six foot five, I would imagine.

But that wasn't what made me probably look like a complete moron. Behind them both was standing a boy with--damp after showering--copper hair, his eyes searching the room for something. Alice started waving frantically at them to come here, and I smacked her hand down.

"And just what the fuck do you think you're doing?" I hissed.

"I'm calling my brothers over here. Do you have a problem with that?"


I felt like a retard now. Two boys coincidentally joined the school the day that Alice's brothers were to come.
My friend slash wannabe fuck friend was her step brother. Not good.

"Eh. No." I muttered as she glowered at me.

"You'd better not. J-a-z-z is with them, Virgin." she reminded me, watching me warily.

"Who's Virgin?" a familiar voice asked, clearly amused. I looked up to see sex-hair grinning at me. All three boys took a seat, and Alice was looking completely natural. Odd,
since Jasper was sitting right in front of her.

"I hope you don't mind Jazzy boy here sitting with us." the dark haired boy said, smiling at us. "He's a cool dude, so it'll be alright."

"Pleasure to uh...to meet you." Jasper smiled shyly as he took Alice hand, and their fingers entwined longer than necessary.

I kicked gently on sex-hair's chair to get his attention, and his head shot up to me. I cleared my throat slightly, signaling that he was up.

"Alice, why don't you introduce us?" he asked, and I smiled thankfully at him. But Alice on the other hand was shooting death glares at sex-hair, but he was completely oblivious to them.

"Em n' Ed, these are my best friends Rose," Alice said impolitely, not bothering to wait while her brother's shook hands with her friend. "And Bella, aka Virgin." She narrowed her eyes at me and grinned evilly, and I understood now that this was all part of her plan.

"Virgin and Rose, these are my brothers, Edward and Emmett." she introduced, motioning who was who with her hands. Edward was grinning at me, surely thinking of the reasons behind my sweet pet name.

"Yeah, well, Virgin and I met each other at gym today. Alas, the scrapes on thou face." he laughed. "So, why don't you tell me, Alice. Why ever did you nickname sweetest Bella here for Virgin?" He was batting his lashes, and at that moment I understood he was just as evil as her. She played along, grinning wide.

"Well, Edward, Virgin here has not yet had sexual intercourse, doesn't drink, smoke, gamble and is very innocent. Alas, thou nickname." They both giggled, and I wondered how Alice could be so comfortable talking about sex around her brothers and Jasper.

Evidently, she had forgotten that he was here, and when she heard his laugh she blushed slightly.

"I see." Edward mumbled thoughtfully, and then went deep in to thought. "Hm, you're 18, aren't you? You should definitely get working on that."

Everyone at the table laughed, but I felt the heat creeping up on my face. I honestly wasn't one to blush, but my mind was playing tricks on me; I had heard a hidden message behind his light words.

Rosalie was staring dreamily at Edward, and was glad that for once it wasn't her reflection.

He was giving her some attention back, and I flinched when I saw Rosalie's arm traveling under the table to his lap and his sudden stiffening.

"Eh, Rosalie? Not to be mean or anything, but if you plan on touching someone's crotch at lunch, it'd always be best if you did it discreetly. You know, so people don't lose their appetite." I laughed, and Emmett's milk started pouring out of his nose.

Alice stared at me in wide-eyed shock, then started laughing frantically.

"My...thoughts...exactly!" she cried out in between her stifled laughter. Rose and Edward were both blushing furiously, but eventually they joined in on the laughter. I quite literally saw the romantic sparks flying between them and was very happy that my best friend was finally finding someone she thought was prettier than herself.

Soon enough though, Edward turned to me and Rose started talking to Emmett, Alice and Jasper.

"Nice getting felt up on you're first day?" I whispered to him seriously. I would kill to get felt up right now, and who gives a fuck if it's Rosalie? Anything to relieve the horrible feeling growing inside.

Shit. I was going lesbian now because of him. He just laughed at me, thinking I was joking.

"Definitely." he chuckled. "It's quite a nice welcoming." I rolled my eyes at him, but inside I was battling not to attack him and take him there.
"And especially from a beautiful girl like Rose." I agreed.

"Yeah, she's something alright. Usually girls would love to touch my crotch, but I've never been so hyped about it. But sometimes it's different." he said, and I swore that this time there was a hidden meaning behind it.

"No need to go all Kanye on me." I laughed. "And why the hell would you not want a girl to touch you're crotch?" He was 18, for God's sake.

Wasn't that what his world revolved around?

"I'm used to it." he shrugged. "Did you see that girl at P.E, Jessica?" I nodded. "I get that all the time and I sure as hell don't want that touching me there. That's my sacred place." he laughed. I giggled with him, embarrassed and wondering why I was talking about this around a total stranger.

"Rosalie is a good girl. Take care of her, or you won't have a sacred place. I'll chop it off." I threatened.

"Eh, excuse me but I don't take threats kindly. Especially not directed towards my dick." he said too loudly, and everyone turned to us, wondering what the hell that could have meant.

"Edward!" Alice screeched. "Please!"

The following three weeks or so were pretty vanilla. Lot's of love, which I couldn't stand, because for every day I saw it I would become more and more sexually frustrated, and I had achieved orgasm once when I masturbated on accident when I was 9.

This was hell, and I think God must be very bored for wanting to fuck with my life like this.

Rosalie had asked Edward out on a date that first week, and he had said yes. On their second date, Jasper and Alice doubled up with them.

I had befriended Emmett pretty good, and Edward even better.

We had started to bond on our biology lessons when we didn't give a damn about what the teacher was lecturing about, so sometimes we'd have a few good rounds of thumb war, foot fights and so on. Sometimes we'd just talk about random crap, too. It was nice.

Jasper was still a bit distant since Alice wouldn't leave him alone for more than two minutes. It was hard to cram in two life stories in as many minutes, but we tried.

It was a strange conversation.

Already on the second week, they were officially an item and Alice wouldn't leave him even two minutes any more.

The third week, Rosalie had asked Edward to go steady and surprise, surprise, they were suddenly steady goers.

They didn't spend nearly as much time as Jasper and Alice would; I think that they were more for the label than the love. They still liked each other, of course, and gave little pecks when they saw each other, but there wasn't too much emotion in their actions.

One day I came to our now regular table, sitting down and feeling miserable. I had my graded algebra paper in hand, groaning every time I dared to take a glance at it.
"Virgin, what's up?" Emmett asked. Lucky me, nobody at the table knew me as Bella.

Everyone was happy with calling me Virgin, and I had to roll with it. They'd only call me by my preferred name when something serious was going on, so...never.

"I got a D in algebra." I said glumly, and buried my face in my arms. "Shit. This is my third one of this semester. Charlie is going to be stoked."

Suddenly Emmett's face lit up.

"Hey, Edward. I've got an idea. Remember that time you tutored me in algebra? It's Virgin's turn." Emmett said evilly, and everyone glanced at me. "He's good, but he's rough."
Ugh. Hidden meaning again. I had been hearing way too many of those the past three weeks.

I looked at Edward to see if he was up for it, and he shrugged nonchalantly.

"If Virgin wants to, I'd be more than willing." he grinned.

Hidden message? No.

"Sure. If you can keep up with me." I said, flashing a daring smile.

"It's on." I saw Rosalie staring a little bit angrily at me, and obviously Edward did too.

"She's you're friend. She's my friend." he reassured, and it sounded as if he could read her mind. He took her hand and kissed it once, and she swooned over him. I rolled my eyes.
"No, I know. It's just that I'll miss you." she said sheepishly, kissing the corner of his mouth.

"I'll miss you, too." I looked around the table, and everybody-including me-was wearing a disgusted grimace. But, to keep they're minds off the scene, Jasper and Alice started kissing each other too.

I felt bad for myself and Emmett. We exchanged a knowing look, and brought our hands to the middle of the table to begin our thumb war.

After school I was to go over to Alice's house, only for the first time I was going to be seeing someone other than her. I was going over to Edward's house.

Emmett would be at his soccer practice until five and be home about a half an hour later, and Alice would be at her arts and craft until five as well. Edward's parents would be working until late, as I heard they always did.

A very busy family. It seemed as though Edward was the only one who's week wasn't filled with activities, but it's best that way. We could work undisturbed.

Right before I got in to my truck, Edward stopped me.

"Hey, Virgin," he greeted. "Be at the house at 15:30. I need to take a shower first." he said, smiling smugly.

"Right. 15:30." I agreed, getting in to my car. "See you then."

"I'll be in my room. Go upstairs, I'll unlock the front door."


I drove quickly to my house--well, as quick as possible with my Chevy--so that I myself would have time to shower. I hadn't been over at Alice's place in a while, so just in case it took longer than what I thought I started driving at 15:15. I sang along to "Shake It", which I had truly hated the first time I heard it, but once every radio station forced the lyrics and beat in to my head, I gave up and decided to like it.

When I pulled up in their driveway, the front door was unlocked, just as promised. I held all my folders in my arms as I went up the stairs, and checked my watch.


Wow. They lived closer than what I thought. So, I was 10 minutes early.

It wasn't like the end of the world. I walked through the corridor, wondering which room was his. I saw a messy room, with posters of baseball, football and every other sport on the walls of a messy room.

Edward was a neat freak, so this had to be Emmett's room.

When I finally reached the only door that could possibly be his, and tapped lightly on the door before pushing it open.

"Edward?" I called when I stepped in to the room, and dropped my folders to the ground at the sight unveiling before me.

Edward. Wet. Naked. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.

Scratch that. One word;


I stood there gaping at him, but he hadn't even noticed I had entered. He was looking in his closet, probably searching for clothes.

Fuck him, my pathetically virgin sex was screaming at me. Fuck him now!

It's not exactly up to you only, Bella, my more sensible side was telling me. But fuck, you aren't going to let that shit go are you?

Jesus Christ. Even my smart side was telling me to get layed. He turned around, and when he looked at me he covered himself up with his hands.

Unfortunately for him, he was to big to be shielded completely. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

"Fuck." I whispered aloud, my mouth not even bothering ask my mind for permission.

When he saw my reaction he seemed to grow slightly more confident.

My theory was proven when he took his hands off his crotch and pushed me up against the wall and crushed his lips on mine, starting to undress me.

"We have to get this out of the way. I've had enough. A one time thing, and then we're done." he assured me as I unbuttoned my jeans.

He locked the door quickly before I pushed him down on the floor. I sat down on his lap and pushed him inside me, not remembering how very virgin I was.

It stung a little bit and he seemed to remember as well, going very slow at first. When it became comfortable I looked him in the eye and nodded.

"Now." I commanded, and he thrust hard in to me. I moaned loudly, and he pulled almost all the way out and thrust harder again. I dug my nails in to his back, panting heavily as he continued sliding in and out of me, my climax building.

He sank his teeth in to my shoulder and his pace increased. He was coming closer. Suddenly he stood up, not stopping or slowing his tempo and pushed me up against the wall. It was so much easier to get deeper here, and he hit a spot I had no idea could be so sensual.

Finally I felt the pleasure coming closer and closer, and when it arrived I moaned and cried out his name until his and my own wave of orgasm had subsided completely.

He sighed contently as he set me down from the wall, only to have to pick me up again since my knees were so wobbly I still couldn't stand on them. He chuckled slightly, and I saw that he was shaking as well.

"Jesus," I breathed. "That should have either happened earlier or not happened at all. My first fuck and I came. On a wall."

He snickered and fell on to his bed as I started putting my clothes on. I looked at my watch again.


"Edward, put some clothes on, pretend to study and unlock the door!" I said, panicking.

He shot up from the bed and threw his clothes on, and I picked up the files I had dropped two hours ago.

How could that have been two hours? I got on the floor and on my stomach, and he scribbled a bunch of crap I should have learnt while with him. And in perfect timing the front door downstairs opened.

"Hello?" I heard Alice call.

"Up here, Alice." Edward shouted down at her, and her light footsteps started bouncing up the stairs. I jumped a little when she slammed the door open, and she looked down at us.

"What are you guys up to?" Alice asked.

Hidden message? I hoped not.

"Algerbra. Very fun." I said, rolling my eyes. "We were just finishing up."

"What happened to you're hair, Virgin? You've got sex-hair." she snickered, as if it were impossible that I had just gotten screwed by her step-brother.

That sounded very bad. I fumbled for an excuse.

"Edward would punish me whenever I got an answer wrong." I giggled, then listened to how that sounded even worse. Edward did too, and I watched as he pursed his lips in an attempt not to laugh.

"I punished her hard." he laughed, and I shot a glare at him as I started to get up.

"Not so hard." I shot back, and he was the one to glare at me now.

Alice was looking at us with a slightly terrified expression, but she could never come to the conclusion that I had just been fucked. Right?

"Virgin," Edward started. I saw him smile slightly as he said the nickname I definetly did not live up to anymore. "Same time tomorrow?" I nodded my head weakly at him.

Hidden message? Maybe.

"See you tomorrow, guys." I said, hugging Alice. When I started driving back to my house I was angry, happy and no longer sexually frustrated.


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