The loud crack brought both of them from a deep sleep.

'Hey, what's the matter?' the blonde asked his lover as the brunet shivered uncontrollably. He thought to lie but he couldn't. If had been Ron or Hermoine , Neville or Seamus, Snape or Dumbledore, anyone else he could have and would have easily but he couldn't lie to his lover. He could never lie to Draco Malfoy.

Harry started to shiver more violently as thunder rumbled through the sky again followed by incredibly bright lightning. Draco pulled Harry into his arms as tears sprung to the brunet's eyes. He hadn't ever told anyone. He could always blame this reaction on the nightmares which always seemed to be worse during thunderstorms anyway. Now he couldn't there had been no nightmares tonight they had been fewer and far between since the death of Voldemort and Draco's unveiling as it were. But try as he might Harry couldn't quite ease the pain and fear he felt during a thunderstorm.

Harry choked back a sob as he tried to speak. After a few tries he seemed to get his voice back, though it was hardly above a whisper. 'They remind me of the night…' he started.

Shit, Draco suddenly understood. 'Hey it's okay love, he can't hurt you anymore.' Draco drew Harry closer to himself, 'No one will hurt you ever again I swear.' He whispered into Harry's ear. Harry clung to Draco's arms that were around his chest and sobbed again though he tried not to. 'It's okay.' He whispered again and he pulled Harry into a sitting position and Harry buried himself in Draco's chest and sobbed.

'I love you.'