A Period of Pain

Ed and Al approached their childhood friend's house. Al, eager to see Winry and Pinako again, picked up the pace, while Ed trailed off behind. Of course, Al noticed this.

"C'mon, Brother" Al said excitedly. "We're almost there!"

"Yeah, I know" Ed grumbled. "There's no point in me being in a rush to get a concussion."

Al sighed, but perked up when they saw Den and Pinako on the porch.

"Hey, Granny Pinako!" Al shouted and waved. The old woman on the porch grinned.

"It's nice to see you again, Ed and Al. Back for the usual?"

"Hey, quit making it sound like we're in a bar." Ed joked. "But yeah, basically." He held up his shredded arm.

Pinako smirked…evilly. "You picked a bad day to come back with busted automail."

"What, did you run out of parts or something?" Ed asked in confusion. Pinako merely shook her head.

"EDWARD ELRIC!" a familiar voice screeched.

Ed flinched; he knew who that voice belonged to and the tone only intensified his fear. The door was literally knocked off its hinges as an extremely pissed Winry Rockbell came storming out. Ed expected a happy-to-see-him-but-angry-for messing-up-good-automail Winry; he had even braced himself for just angry Winry. But this Winry beat the hell out of all the other Winrys and stole the cake.

"DAMN IT ED! YOU DESTROYED MY AUTOMAIL AGAIN!" she screamed. Something deeper than anger was etched in the girl's face, voice and eyes.

"Winry, calm down!" Ed shouted. Demon Winry charged off the porch towards the blonde alchemist and, to Ed's horror, pulled out not a wrench, or a screwdriver, but a hammer.

"I'M ABOUT TO TEACH YOU A LESSON ABOUT MESSING UP MY AUTOMAIL!" she roared as she raised the hammer.

"NO! I WANT TO LIVE!" Ed screamed as he fled, pell-mell, back the way he came, with Winry hot on his heels.

"It's good to be back." Al mumbled as he watched his brother trying to escape the cold fury of his blonde mechanic.


Inside, everyone was sitting at the table (except Ed. He was lying on the couch, barely conscious and badly bruised). Pinako and Al were chatting as Winry washed dishes.

"So, have you boys made any progress?" the old woman asked after taking a long puff of her pipe.

"Yeah, but it's been kinda slow." Al answered.

"So…why is Ed's automail smashed up?" Winry snapped in a vicious voice. Al stared as Pinako sighed.

"Um, well…" Al started, hoping he wouldn't have to finish.

"Well what?! You aren't going to tell me are you?!" she spat. "You're just going to make up some half-baked excuse like 'it's nothing' or 'don't worry about it Winry'."

"Winry…" Al started, but to his horror, Winry started crying.

"YOU GUYS ARE SUCH ASSES! YOU TWO ARE JUST EGOTICTICAL BASTARDS WHO HAVE NO CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS WHEN THEY WORRY ABOUT YOU! I HATE YOU TWO!" she positively screamed, then stomped upstairs. No one said anything until they heard a door slamming.

"Um, Granny Pinako…what's wrong with Winry?" Al asked timidly. "I know she worries about us, but she's never this-"

"Psycho." Ed finished, finally conscious. "A better question is where's the real Winry."

Pinako chuckled lightly. "Well, as I was saying, you picked the wrong time to come with a busted arm…the wrong time of the month."

"What does that mean?" Ed asked.

"Nothing, really. Winry's just really moody right now. She should be better by tomorrow; until then, I wouldn't dare say anything about repairing your arm unless you want to switch to an automail head." Pinako mused.

"Yeah, well, I think I want to try to hang on to as many of my original body parts as possible." Ed muttered as he put ice on more of his bruises.


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